Saturday, April 30, 2016

London Marathon Cheater and Runner Dressed as a Giant Shoe

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"TOWIE star Arg's sister has her London Marathon time wiped as runner dressed as giant SHOE says she did duck under a barrier to slash the distance she ran 

  • Natasha Argent, the sister of TOWIE star James 'Arg' Argent, is accused of cheating during the London Marathon
  • Former Take Me Out star being investigated amid claims she ran extremely fast and no times lodged in middle of run
  • Fellow marathon runner Tom Winkler said a friend saw her duck under a barrier to run in opposite direction
  • According to official race statistics, she ran the second half of the race in 48 minutes - less than four minute miles"

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What??!  Ok, let's back up a bit.  I woke up extra early this morning for a Saturday.  I think it was a mix of the sun in my face, and knowing I have lots to get done today (so I'm wasting time writing on here for 30 minutes about something so very dumb. Makes sense, right?  Nope).  After drinking coffee with my husband, I let the random morning wonderings pass through my head while I mindlessly and quickly scrolled through a few Facebook posts.  I thought about how long I will run today, whether to have my friend coach me for Twin Cities Marathon, what to do about the tooth fairy that didn't come last night for my son (we came up with a perfect plan!), what time the soccer game was this morning, the games I will facilitate at my daughter's birthday brunch tomorrow.... 

And then there was an article posted by a fellow running blogger about a woman (apparently not very smart woman) who cheated in the London Marathon.  Something about seeing these headlines in between posts about world news, bombings, hungry children, wars... made me laugh.  No No, before you get your undies in a bunch and think I think it's ok or harmless to cheat in a marathon, I will say:  I do not think cheating is a laughing matter in itself.  Nor do I think doping or any other form of cheating is ok.  However, seeing a post with the above headline and details, along with such fired-up reactions of attack and shaming made me wonder what all the talk was about.  I clicked on the link and read the article.  Then it was even more funny to me.  

  • First off, I don't know who either one of these stars are... the Towie star Arg or his sister.  But then again, I don't  ever really follow mainstream celebratory news.  I'm sure many would make fun of me with how little I know about even the biggest stars in the tabloids right now.  
  • Secondly, from what I'm reading here, this woman cheated her way to a sub 4 hour marathon but I'm not sure she successfully took anything away from any other runner? Not that it makes cheating doesn't!  This is simply comical in how stupid her cheat was. 
  • I mean,  one of the witnesses for this cheat?  The main witness?  A RUNNER dressed as a GIANT SHOE?  Maybe it was because I hadn't finished my coffee yet.  Maybe it was because I had only days before read a very serious article about a hospital being bombed and the mothers who lost their children in the Pakistan bombing... but instead of feeling outrage, I only wanted to laugh at this part about the giant shoe being the main witness.  
  • It was so very obvious that this Natasha girl cheated, and it didn't take long for them to remedy the situation, take her big bling back, and and adjust the results accordingly.  Oh, and give her some news spotlight (just what she wanted).  
  • If it were me running this race and finishing behind Miss Cheating Natasha in the results, how would I feel?  Hmmm, I'm not so sure I would feel as angry as I would an overall "Are you kidding me??!" kind of reaction.  But that's me.  What someone else did that day doesn't take way from my accomplishments and hard run race.  Again, I know, we all feel differently about this.  I suppose if I was running against her for a podium or age group finish and I found out she cheated and took my spot, I'd  be a bit angry, yes.  Until I read about how stupid her cheat was.  Oh, and the giant shoe witness.  
  • Cheaters are stupid period.
  • Natasha, did you not think at all about how stupid this would look?  I mean, sub 4 min miles for your last half??  ha ha.  A 48 min time for your second half?  
  • I think Natasha isn't as stupid as she appears... I mean, I'm wasting my blog post for the day on her after all.  She's likely getting all the attention she wanted.  
  • Again, cheating isn't ok.  It's not good for our sport or any other sport.  It's not good in school or politics or business.  However, some cheating stories (like this) that, compared to other heavier news topics in our world, are really so stupid in their cheating, that instead of causing outrage and allowing myself to feel negative, I have to laugh a little.  
I know, I know, this is probably all what this girl wanted... to be talked about.  To have people sharing about her cheat.  To give her attention.  Fame. Put her name at the top of google search.  Probably a chance to be on some reality show.  Whatever way you can get your name known, I guess?  Well, being this stupid certainly gets you talked about.  But don't worry cheating London girl, there are more important matters in the world and with cheaters in our sport.  We won't remember you for long.  But the runner dressed as a giant shoe?  I might remember him.  



  1. slow do you actually have to be running to be outed by a dude dressed as a giant shoe?! I don't even think the cheating would help at that point.
    Side note: What's with everyone cheating these days? Finishing a marathon isn't impossibly hard. Just do the training and finish the thing, geez.