Monday, October 25, 2010

Gratitude and Goals

I had nothing but good intentions for today.  After getting away with a close friend last night, I came home determined to be a better me. My vision for the morning:
*  Wake up before the kids to get some quiet coffee time
*  Computer off and removed from the counter until quiet time/nap (now)
*  Fully engaged and present with my children
*  No yelling or raising my voice.  Instead, modeling calm and composed communication when things get crazy
*  Take the kids some place fun like the zoo or children's museum.

Reality of the morning:
*  Got to sleep in a bit but unfortunately woke up with the kids so my day started off with everyone needing me at once. Sleeping in until 7 wasn't worth it. 
*  I did make time to be creative and we made a Thankful Can to fill with our words of gratitude until Thanksgiving.  Pictures included below.
* Samuel whined the ENTIRE morning so he was lovely background music while I tried to remain present and focused on my quality creative time with the girls and get him involved too. 
* Called the doctor to make an appointment to get Samuel checked out.  Thinking his incessant whining and snotty nose might mean something more than just a cold and teething and plain annoying. 
Got an appointment at 11:10 (still remaining calm).  It was only 10 so we had a good hour!
*  At this point we are finishing up our Thankful Can and Samuel is still whining and nothing will make him stop.  I couldn't even put him down to put my bra on without him letting me know he expected better from me. My mood was  quickly going from passionately positive to positively pissy. 
*  After not being able find my keys, having the neighbor offer to loan me her van and take my girls, and then come over to knock on my door just as I was growling (okay, maybe more of a husky yell) at my kids to get in the house and get their shoes on, I was left flustered and embarrassed and feeling like I could definitely do better.
*  I ended up getting Samuel to the doctor to find out he has an ear infection and possible sinus infection.  Thank God there is an explanation for his mood and not just part of his personality. 

Now it is nap/quiet time and I have a moment to collect myself and recharge for the rest of the day. Despite the fact that my 5 year old is pissed off that I won't let her watch Barbie Breaks Up with Her Boyfriend movie, I'm feeling pretty good about my day in motherhood.  Overall, my goals were not completely unmet.  We can all do better.  Grateful for goals to help me do just that, be a better Me. 

Here are some snap shots of our Thankful Can.  A great start to our morning.  Even with Samuel's mood. 

            It started with our empty coffee can, a glue stick and Samuel's whining (poor thing).

                 Writing down things we are thankful for.  We hope to fill our can up by Thanksgiving. 

 Even Samuel wrote down some things he is thankful for.  Note the lovely teething drool down his chest. 

              A few moments of peace and love as E and N reflect on things they are thankful for.



  1. What a fantastic idea!!! I'm so glad to know someone else looses it every once in a while. What an inspiration you are :O). You are a fantastic mother and you give me so many good ideas! Look forward to reading more!

  2. Poor Samuel, we hope he feels better soon! Poor Elianna, I would not want to miss that movie either!:)

  3. Thank you. MissieB76, forgive me if this seems stupid of me, but do I know you in real life or are you a person that just found me on here in blog land? :) I was just thinking that I don't recognize the name MissieB76 and am still finding my way in this blog world so not sure of how to find out more info about you. anyway, thanks for your kind words! :)

    Jesse, thanks! That movie was awful!

  4. That first pic with Samuel looks so much like his daddy in the background.

    I so love that you are blogging!

    True motherhood at its best! Got to love days when things go to crap and you are able to deal with it anyway! Even if pissy moments try to interrupt! That's usually a sign to me that it is snack time for mommy! Thank God for my metabolism! I should be 300 pounds by now.

  5. just reading back over your blog..."passionately positive to positviely pissy"...that sounds like 90% of my days as a mom!! ahhh, good intentions.