Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That. And a Video That Keeps Me Laughing.

Here's a video to go with the Motherhood part of Runnerhood.  Pretty funny...I think most moms can relate to one of these moms in some form.  I did post about running last night with my Redemption Push Ups Video...I guess that one probably has a bit to do with motherhood too.  

Running Related:
*  Thinking next week might be a good time to register for the The Newport Marathon on the Oregon coast.  It is a smaller marathon and they like to keep it that way so it fills up fast.  I think we will make a family vacation out of the deal and rent a beach house with the cousins and grandparents for a few days.  

*  Hoping for a long run this weekend.  Maybe with a new Garmin if Santa delivers.  ;)

*  Trying my mile repeats again in a couple weeks after I'm certain my hamstring is okay.  

*  I need to not just look at the cover of my new running books but to really read them!! Don't know where to start.  ???:  Fell asleep reading Advanced Marathoning and still don't know my lactate threshold or how to find it.....anyone?  Thinking Brain Training for Runners might be a good one to start with.  

Still looking in the mail every day for my secret running blog gift...excited! I'm sure anything I get will be is just so fun to get mail.  I'd be happy with a colorful envelope and some nice well written words.  

Merry Christmas (Almost!).  My kids seem to think it is already here since they keep waking up earlier and earlier.  uggh!  My husband and I are getting a sitter today to go finish up the Christmas shopping.  We just recently got our first non-family babysitter and she is awesome!  Too bad she is going to college next year...she's a dream!  The best kind.  Such a milestone in my mommy life to be using a teenager to babysit.  But I completely trust and love her and so do the kids.

Lots of questions today....hopefully one that you will answer!  I tried to think of motherhood/fatherhood and running equally.  

1. What about you....Do you have a trusted babysitter that you use?

2. Which one of these running books above would your read first?  The Lore of Running is obviously more of a resource to go to when needed so I won't be reading that cover to cover.  

3. Do you do mile repeats in your training program?  

4. What are your thoughts about the Hal Higdon marathon training plan?  This is the only one I've ever used (I've only done 2 marathons).  The process of choosing it was this:  google marathon training.  Choose the first one that came up.  I think Jeff Galloway came up but I didn't know how I felt about his walking breaks that he talks about so I went with Higdon.  Yup, that was my hard work in choosing a plan.  But this time I'd like to be more thoughtful in choosing.  

5. And one final question so you have lots to choose from.  How do you do Santa in your house? Do your kids believe in Santa?  If so, do you have one gift or all the gifts from Santa?  Do they write a letter or go visit or both?  This Santa stuff is all new to me since being a grown up.  I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness until I was 12 so I was never allowed to celebrate anything.  By the time I was 12, it was past the point of believing in all of that magical stuff.  But it has been fun to be a mother and experience all of these fun holidays with my children.  So exciting!  We usually have one big gift for each kid that is unwrapped under the tree from Santa.  The rest are from family.  We definitely do the Santa visit but Santa isn't the main focus of Christmas for us so if we didn't go visit Santa, it might go unnoticed by the kids.  



  1. Oh no - I am answering all of your questions with a question!

    What did you think of the Hal Higdon 1/2 plan? That's the one I'm following - although I will fully confess I have done NO cross-training. Just running. But then we can probably all agree that December gets hectic with all of the other stuff going on.

    I have no children and live alone, so I think that gets me off the hook for all of those family questions! ;)

    As for mile repeats and all those fancy things ... I haven't even thought of trying that. I feel like for now I'm just trying to build up mileage and break that 5 mile run threshold I'm stuck at. I've done 3 10ks, but they were each for a race, so there was no way I'd quit, even though I did have to walk a bit in each of them. Once I can master these longer distances then I'll try to graduate to all those things I don't yet understand!

  2. I have advanced marathoning.. I haven't really used it. I was constantly injured. I'm hoping because of my minimalist running now I can keep running pain free. We'll see.

    I've only been running 4 yrs and before I just got up at 5am to do a workout tape before the kids awoke. I never used a baby sitter.

    Ive never used mile repeats only 800s although I think the miles might be better.

    My kids have been told of the "Spirit" of Santa so when it doesn't get me into the lying trap :) They know who Saint Nicholas was and his story.

  3. That video is funny! I could never have a conversation that long with someone like that...
    I hope you get your long run in this weekend! I'm hoping to get one in too. Yay for getting a babysitter and really liking her!
    We don't have a babysitter, but I wish we did.

  4. OK I am TOTALLY sending you a music CD! I too posted that video on my fb page a few weeks back and it is hilarious!!! Maybe we have the same taste :)
    PS....your speedy!! I love that! I want to be fast

  5. I use HH for Half Marathon and I like it so far. The one thing I am not sure is that the longest run is shorter then 13 miles...we will see how that goes on race day

    the santa thing: I have 2 kids 4 and 6, they believe in Santa and they think the toys we get them come from Santa but they also know that grand parents and others who care about them give them presents, I dont want them to think everything come from Santa because I want them to be thankful to the people who think of them so it is kind of half and half...what is on their Santa list is for us to choose from. I want them to believe in the magic while they are little!

  6. That video is PERFECT! Love it!

    My kids believe in Santa and Elves. My son went through a time last year where he was hearing from other kids that Santa doesn't exist but when he figured out you don't receive if you don't believe...he got his act together real quick ;-)
    I think they both do still believe and it's really fun to see their faces when they get notes and little gifts or chocolates from the elves. I think it makes the season more magical. It's tough giving them the rad gifts from Santa and not getting any of the credit sometimes :-(

    We just do one gift from Santa. The kids write a letter to Santa and give him 3 options of what they would really like and Santa really tries to come through. So just one gift from Mr. S and the rest are from Mama and Daddy.

  7. Love the video... too funny. I have yet to find a marathon training plan but figured I do about the same thing... google. Won't be doing galloway though, not a big fan of the walking breaks. I usually incorporate mile repeats, I think they're pretty beneficial.

    As for Santa, my kids all are believers. Santa does one present (unwrapped) under the tree & little treats in the stockings. We usually write a letter. I love playing Santa, it's a lot of fun.

  8. I have heard first hand that your blog gift was send on Saturday, priority mail - woohooo!! Keep checking that mailbox, girl!!

    Look at you and your plethora of running books - woow! You stud woman, you!!

    Love mile repeats - the XC coach has told me for years they are ideal for marathon training. Keep at 'em! And not suppose to be puking at the end fast, just fast enough to keep doing many in a row. The idea is to train the lactic acid to not build up and glycogen to store longer :).

    I checked out that marathon...looks awesome. I'm still in limbo what to do. Thinking perhaps Grandma's - but ugh, so not sure. I like larger marathons, cuz I'm just very needy - hehe! But I think you gotta go sign up - just do it, and then the guess work of which to do is done!!

    Have a VERY Merry Christmas, girl. Have been a true pleasure to get to know you ... will be in touch soon!!

  9. A baby seal just died-BAAAHHHH!! Great video! You're a tough chica with the pushup video too. She was bouncing around and everything!!

    1.) My daughter is almost 13. She is the BEST babysitter, problem is everyone in town also thinks so and they pay more than me......

    2.)Read Brain Training and then tell me if I should buy it!

    3.) Yes, I do mile repeats. I think they're great! Generally, I've only done 800 repeats or mile repeats for speed. I'm trying some new stuff this time around since I'm training for a faster race.

    4.) I think Hal Higdon is pretty good. I've never used one of his plans. My dad has.

    5.)Santa only fills the stockings in this house. I want credit for all the gifts-ha! My youngest is 7 and he still believes in Santa although he plays on a hockey team of 9 year olds and they have started to burst his bubble a bit. We don't really do the Santa visit but Joe and I go out and make reindeer and sleigh tracks on the deck on Christmas Eve and Max still gets excited about putting out cookies and milk!

    Have fun Christmas shopping and hope the long run goes well! Merry Christmas

  10. Oh my gosh--I love that video! According to blondie there, you are a bad mom using a sitter! But to answer your question, so am I. I've been using sitters since they were very young. It's been good for us all.

  11. I have heard good things about Newport Marathon. Run it than soak your legs in the cool pacific waters sounds like a plan.

  12. My favorite babysitter now has a one year old and I watch HER kid :) She was great though! My oldest is 12 1/2 so sometimes we leave them for a few hours.

    I have mile repeats coming up in a few weeks, I just finished all my 400's, then I do a few weeks of 800's and then miles.

    That video was funny! I'm so glad I don't know too many moms like that!

  13. I love that video. My husband made me one once, but he refused to let me post it.

    I am using HH half marathon training plan. But I quit doing the speed work because running five days a week is beating the heck out of me.

    I have a pretty steady source of sitters since I teach the eleventh grade. I have to switch every year or two though since they do go off to college.

  14. The Elkton Runner suggested Newport to me!! Have you run it before?!!

  15. We’ve never used a babysitter.

    I would read Brain Training for Runners first. I’ve actually read Lore of Running cover to cover. I’m a huge Tim Noakes fan. (obviously, I’m from SA!)

    I don’t do any repeats of any kind ever.

    I’ve never used any training program from anyone. Always just my own.

    We used to do Santa but not anymore as my son has outgrown the whole thing. It was great fun though!

  16. Great video and thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll answer two of them...because I have a 5 year old of my own that is giving me the stink eye for being on the computer.

    I did mile repeats while training for my half marathon last spring...I hate them...but understand their purpose....and will do them again during this marathon training session.

    My youngest believes in older two are 13 and 14 so the gigs up with them. All the presents are from Santa except one from mom and dad....raw deal..Santa gets ALL the thunder.