Friday, January 28, 2011

9 Miles With A Jogger Stroller In The Forest Is Stupid!

I woke up this morning feeling much better after my Ice Bath.  It sure was torture while I was doing it but I'm glad I did.  Thanks for all of your tips on making it more bearable.  I guess the swimsuit and sunglasses didn't help make it easier.  Next time I'll have a sweater and a hot drink.  But seriously, for those of you who keep your undies on or put swimsuit bottoms on with your sweater...why?  Do they keep your hoo hoo from freezing or is it for modesty?  I mean, the only reason I had my suit on was to be presentable for my blog video of course.

*  I am hurting!  Something is just not right with my body.  I have a chiropractor appoinment on Monday.  Hopefully an adjustment will help.  Tonight during my Fartlek Friday workout, I felt so funny.  My right and left leg seem so unbalanced.  My right leg seems to be doing all the work while my left leg feels like it is barely touching the ground  What?!  This is probably a big reason for why I'm hurting in odd places.  I need adjusted!
*  It was probably so stupid to run 9 miles with my 5 year old in a jogger stroller.  In the forest with big hills no less.  What was I thinking?  This could be why my body feels all screwed up.  Lesson learned.  
*  My husband is redoing our molding in our house tonight and painting  I should really get up and help but it is close to midnight and I just would rather sit here and blog while watching him.  He's pretty sexy working so hard.  I should take a picture.  But that wouldn't help my cause to sit on my duff.  
*  Yoga last night was great.  The instructor was wonderful.  However, she had a bad case of camel toe. 
*  The lady in front of me in Yoga had see through pants so I could see her buns every time she bent down.  And the other girl in front of me had really short shorts and she was showing everything.  She was hot though.  If I was a guy I would have had the best seat in the house.  
*  I pretty much fell asleep at the end of yoga...a sure sign that this mama is tired.  That's why I've decided to blog at 11:30 p.m instead of go to bed.  
*  Rolling hurts like a mofo (is that a word?)  I think I have bruises from rolling out my IT least it feels that way.  
*  My spin class was AWESOME.  My instructor was a 60ish year old man who thought he was Lance Armstrong.  He kicked my ass.  But he made me think I was cycling in the Tour de France in the warm sunshine.  Seriously, he was that good.  
*  I slipped some flax seeds in my oatmeal the other day.  At first my oldest daughter tried to pitch a fit.  
"What is this?  Is this Quiche?? (she calls Quinoa Quiche on know, they both start with Q and she hates both of them)"  I told her that they were special vitamins from God called Flax seeds that make your hair really shiny like a princess.  All my kids ate it up!  

*  This is what I use my college degree for these days.  We turn ordinary boxes like this:

 Into small towns. This is just one of our buildings or whatever it might be.  At this moment it is just junk on my living room floor but it was fun while it lasted.  

*  This is me right now:

When really, I should be helping my sweet hubby prep our windows for paining:

Happy Weekend,


  1. I laughed the entire way through this post! I love coming up with creative stories about food to get them to eat it! I have a whole series of pictures of my kids playing in boxes! My cats too! Haha!

    Get ajusted!

  2. Haha! Sitting at work, laughing at the visuals of your yoga class.

  3. It sounds to me like your body is sore from overtraining. It doesn't sound like you ever rest (unless real work like painting needs doing, of course).

  4. You seem like me in yoga!! And why do do te girls with the butts and boobs always end up next to me?? you can't he;p but sneak a peek... ;-)
    I hope your adjustment helps to make you feel better Amanda. I only used my jogging stroller 6-7 times...what can I say? I'm a wuss!! Kids are heavy!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I always fell asleep at the end of yoga. I think it should be a required part of the workout. And sorry about the shorts...I'll wear pants next time I'm in front of you at yoga. :) As if. Oh, I miss yoga! Maybe when club volleyball is over I can take a class again.

    I agree with Kovas. Get your adjustment, and maybe incorporate a little more rest into your rest days. Of course, maybe my great skill at resting is why I look like I do instead of like you do.

  6. A good spin instructor makes all the difference, yes? Same goes with music. If the music blows in a spin class, it just gets me in a sour mood.

  7. What a hilarious post!! Loved it!!! I'm sorry that you're still in pain. The adjustment should help. Try to get a little bit of rest between now and then though. Your husband looks like he's doing just fine on his own... I mean, you wouldn't want to get in his way!! :)

  8. Wow that stool your husband is working on looks really sturdy... or not! Safety first people! ;)

  9. HAHA!! Keep their hoo hoo from freezing!! I'm commando in the ice!

    Yoga.. hmm that could have been disturbing.

    Love the box town!!

    BTW My left side is weirded out. My left foot can tend to freak and to twisty things, not sure why.

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one using my college degree for such ingenious creations! This seems to be a favorite activity in our house! Hopefully that chiro will get your legs straightened out! : )

  11. You claim to have taken the ice bath, but all I saw on the video was you chickening out and frantically telling your kid to turn off the camera. How do we really know that you did, in fact, take an ice bath?

    I guess you better go put the bikini back on and show us again. This time, being in the tub. Actually, can you make this a weekly installment?

  12. I've wondered the same thing about the bottoms in the ice bath. None for me!

  13. Cute! Your hubby is prepping in his slippers, love it!
    Try making some robots out of recycled stuff! We're doing that right now and it reminded me of your little box town, so fun!
    Duh...I think I missed something with your ice bath experience..

  14. I wear my tiny tri shorts in ice baths, I feel it helps protect my lady bits. I don't care if it really doesn't it's like having a safety blanket. I thought about posting pics of my ice bath but my pasty white legs would scar the blog world.

  15. These comments are so funny. Meg, yes, I'm mad at him...those are Ugg slippers...he should put on a cheap pair at least.
    Chris K, Maybe you're on to something...It could be called Freezing Friday or.....?
    Kovas, I rest all the time...don't you know that I'm a stay at home mom...I mean we just sit around in our jammies eating cake and drinking coffee all day. Oh, and watching t.v. That's a lot of rest.

  16. Love the flax seed idea. I can hear them them now to their friends, "my hair is shinier than yours. My mom gets us vitamins from God, does yours?" :-)

  17. You have a BUSY training schedule!! I do hope your body feels normal again--hopefully, the chiro appt. is effective.

    Maybe you should document your ice bath progression...maybe you will barely flinch in a month! ha!l
    Yoga sesh sounds wonderful minus the came toe and partial nudity!!

  18. Ahh, yoga sounds fantastic right now. I am kind of devastated that my FAVORITE instructor moved to France a month ago. It makes me never want to go back. I know, that is ridiculous, but she was THAT amazing. She serenaded us with her hauntingly beautiful voice and guitar in savasana and rubbed lavender oils on our temples. :tear: i need to find an equally amazing teacher.

    You look like me when Ang is cleaning. She gets bored when I enter blogland and usually starts to cleaning up. I feel like i must be getting off easy because she hasn't asked me to help and then an hour later we are arguing because she did all the cleaning while i sat on the computer. whooops.

    ugh, icebaths. i know they're SOOO good for you but they hurt soooo bad. my poor vagina. i feel like it shrivels up the minute i sit down. painful! no vagina should have to suffer that way.

  19. wow. did i make enough grammatical errors just now?! sorry about that.

  20. Yes Kate, My vagina was not happy. It went into hiding for the rest of the night. Poor Hubby. A cold, sore wife with a shriveled up frozen vagina. :)

  21. Bahahahahaha. Poor hubby. Runners are so attractive, aren't we? I am so glad Angela endures the same grossness I do. We both have the most unsightly feet and we both stink equally as putrid after a run. I have to watch her do snot rockets on a run and she has to listen to me complain about gas pains. Such a sexy bunch.

  22. I went to yoga last week and had to stop because of my hoo! you sound like you have had an okay week and got to do other stuff. i am going to try to spin on Wednesday and swim this week.

  23. I love a good nap at the end of yoga!

    I think you need to do what we hate to do and rest a few days. It sounds like your body is talking to you louder and louder. Take it from someone who didn't listen to that talk!

  24. Yoohoo? Is that the politically correct term-ha! Yoohoos, lady bits, shriveled up vaginas, and camel toe! I'm laughing at the comments as well as the post!

    Ah-sucks when you know something isn't right and you can't seem to pinpoint it. Hopefully the chiro can help out with that!

    Ha ha on the yoga experience too! Why would you wear short shorts to yoga...hmmm? Note to self-do not bring my husband to yoga....

    Mofo is definitely a word!

    I thought of you today at Trader Joe's. They were sampling Tom Yam soup and Joe and I both had like 4 little cups and then didn't buy any because it was frozen. I put flax in a lot of things.

    Love the box town! You are so creative! Hope your weekend is going well:)

  25. most of the tips were covered for the ice bath - I go commando on the bottom - sweatshirt, ear covers, gloves, and hot green tea. definitely get in the water first, and then put the ice. Currently, no ice is needed at my house. The water out of the tap is 48-52. If it's below 50 i add warm water to bring it up to around 52. buy a cheap aquarium thermometer to be sure to get the water to the right temp. (for me, around 52 and stay in for 10-15 min)

    Oh, I don't really recommend this, but I bring the Ipad, along to distract me.

    Hope the chiro fixes you FAST.

    oh, ewww on the yoga scenery. There are benefits to living in the conservative South and this one is a HUGE one.

  26. I am thinking you are right about the jogging stroller and the 5-year old and the forested hilly run being the pain-inducing combo. I am sorry you had to learn that lesson :( And I really hope you get adjusted soon. I would lay off the running (or anything that causes pain or feels out of whack) until you get evened out. Just my 2¢.

    LOL at your yoga stories! What kind of yoga are you doing? Once my husband had the unfortunate spot behind a guy in his regular white underpants in a Bikram class. By the midway point in the class, the dude's undies were so wet they were clear. And once I was behind a guy in very baggy basketball shorts that were just short enough that in certain poses I couldn't help but KNOW he wasn't wearing anything under them. Both big yucks!

    You and I seem to use our college degrees for the same purposes! lol

    I really, really hope you are feeling much, much better soon!

  27. Now, frozen girl bits are part of the equation and there's absolutely no reason to put the undies on...that region's gonna get frozen no matter what!

    Don't listen to KP, he told me I was overtrained when I was basically sitting on my fat ass eating donuts all day feelling sorry for myself, but do keep listening to the bod, good idea to get an adjustment (maybe you have one leg a teeny bit longer and it's screwing up your one side!?! Have him measure!).

    I can't believe Chris K hasn't moved to Portland and signing up for your yoga class! He'd probably put those two in his calendar though so there'd go your spot!

    Get loads of rest, girl...need you heathy and running well!!

  28. Sorry about your leg. That's no good. :(

    The rest of the post was pretty darned funny, though. Blogging at 11:30? Who does that??

    OK I wear the undies because: a) I have boys and they are in there dropping ice cubes on my freezing body..and b) I can't wear a down jacket and NOT wear something on the bottom. That's just weird!

    I am stealing your story about the seeds- but twisting it a bit.
    Hope you are feeling 100% soon !

  29. Your yoga class sounds fun. Camel toes front and centre, see-through tights and a serious wardrobe malfunction. It's worth it to go just for the entertainment - let alone the exercise.

  30. And now I'm craving God's Princess Pills. I love the flavor of the golden toasted ones from Trader Joe's.

  31. Back for more...
    I just read your comment on Jenn's 5k. Haha !!!

    Your friend is not a racer, I take it. lol.
    They (5ks) are INTENSE! I can't wait to see how you do in yours now =D

  32. Interesting views you get there in your yoga classes! Hopefully you will get repaired soon. I can't imagine rolling and ice baths are things you really want to do on a regular basis. Eek!!

  33. So do you go to yoga for the stretching or soft porn? Your comments are just as hilarious as this post. Hope you hoo hoo is defrosting ok and after an adjustment and rest you are back to your frisky self.

  34. UG...I know your pain about slipping "weird" things in the kid food. They don't notice the glass they left on the table for 4 days, but a tiny flax seed!!! Mom is obviously trying to kill me...

  35. I just found your blog and it is great! I am so impressed that you ran 9 miles with a jogging stroller. I have only gone 3 with the stroller and it wipes me out! Doesn't it feel like a total body work out to push those big things, while RUNNING nonetheless?