Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seeing the Pieces Come Together

I never was much of a puzzle fan.  I usually lost interest after sitting for too long and the task of a jigsaw puzzle just seemed like too much.  However, when I did do a jigsaw puzzle (like one of those really big ones that took forever), there was always such a sense of excitement, peace and satisfaction that came when I started to see the pieces come together...when I started to see "The BIG picture".  It always seemed like SO MUCH at first... tedious.  And then at the end when there is only a small part to finish to make it all come together, it started to move so quickly and wonderfully!  That's how I'm feeling today.

It's been two weeks since we've moved out of our home in Oregon.  I admit, there has been some stress involved with the last two weeks.  Some tears, uncertainty, a bit of fear, but overall, a big bag of excitement and confidence in the good things to come.  And then, with making the decision to stop training and let go of the certainty of even running Boston, came such a sense of freedom and peace.  After making that decision, other things just started falling into place quickly.  That's usually when I know that I've made the right choice!  Or chosen the right selection of puzzle pieces that then unlock an entirely new section of puzzle.

Now here we are on day 9 of being in Asheville, NC and day 16 of being out of our home in Oregon and the I can see the puzzle starting to take such a recognizable form.  It's a tangible excitement.  With each new piece, more and more stress and uncertainty fades away and a beautiful vision comes into view.

Today we will see a house that I'm thinking might be the one.  It's been a hard decision and a CRAZY rental market out here. If we had planned to be here longer (which we might not be able to leave after loving it so much), we'd just buy a house but renting is a good start.   You really have to be ON THE BALL when a house comes up that you love.  The good ones go FAST!  We now have two really great homes to choose from.  Having two great choices to decide between is a good "dilemma" to have.  One is in town and walking distance to everything in the small town and the other is a little further out in the country with a deck and incredible views.  Either way, we've decided on the small town we will live in that is only a short drive from vibrant downtown Asheville.  We are excited and in love.

I love the feeling that comes from seeing the big picture come into view.  Thankful for this new puzzle to put together.  It is energizing and I'm loving the challenge it brings.  

Some goals and "to-dos":  

  • Register kids for school
  • Sign on the house so its official
  • Continue to make wise food choices and get my iron levels up
  • Find a doctor in the area.... A sports doc AND a family practice doc
  • Continue to be active and find ways to workout that don't involve running
  • Be PRESENT with my kids.  Now that things are falling into place with finding a home, I have less reason to be on this computer and MORE reason to just relax and enjoy my time with them.  Engage with them, have present conversations with them without being distracted, etc. etc.  I DO NOT want my kids to just remember me as always being on my phone and computer like I have been lately with getting things settled here in Asheville.  And once I get in the habit of being my computer and phone for important reasons, it becomes a bad habit and I tend to be on there too much for reasons that ARE NOT IMPORTANT.  I need to work on this.  And I will.  As with anything we want to accomplish, it takes being CONSCIOUS about this. 
Thankful for:
  • The opportunity to travel and move to a new place
  • The Boston Marathon in less than two weeks!  Whether I run or not, my husband and I will enjoy a trip to one of my favorite cities that is filled with AMAZING energy on marathon weekend.  
  • Getting to see some of my dearest friends in Boston.
  • A mother-in-law who is eager and willing to be here with the kids...flying all the way from Oregon and using her vacation time from work.  
  • The freedom that has come from listening to my body and giving it REST
  • Sunshine, creeks, forests, blue sky 
  • The puzzle coming together as it always does if we keep putting pieces together even when it gets tricky and tedious.  It is always worth it at the end of each puzzle to see everything fall into place.  

Happy Tuesday,


  1. The being present is something that I have been working on a lot this year. It struck me how fast my boys are growing up and I want to enjoy these last few years that they are home.
    And - I really like puzzles - I'm working on a 3000 piece one right now!!
    Hope the house today pans out!!

  2. Have you thought about maybe doing pool running or something in the pool? I hear that is a good alternative for runners training, but are injured.

  3. I fell in love with that house that you linked to Facebook. I could just imagine bringing up kids there. It looks so wholesome and organic. And the views! Imagine having a glass of wine on that veranda after the kids have gone to bed. Or breakfast in the morning watching the sun come up. It certainly is a beautiful part of the world.

  4. So happy that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I saw your FB photo today with Waylon so I am assuming you got the house? That kitchen is spectacular!!!!

  5. The House Hunt- ARG! Nothing is more stressful that trying to find a place to live. I can imagine that when you have all the factors regarding children, that stress is multiplied. I'm really hoping that your body settles down and starts to cooperate. I think it would nice for you to at least run Boston for fun. I know it's something you've been looking forward to for awhile. However, I know how finicky our bodies can be. It will definitely make those future rocking awesome races more special. (And I KNOW those types of races are in your future!)

  6. I get running quotes from Runners World everyday. This one made me think of you.

    "I constantly remind myself that resting takes confidence. Anyone can train like a mad man but to embrace rest and to allow all the hard training to come out takes mental strength."

    - Ryan Hall -

    1. LOVE that quote!! Saving a copy of that one now!

  7. I like your comparison to a puzzle! We moved last year, and I'm still putting the pieces of my life back together.


  8. Great goals! Just re-reading your one about being present with your kids... I need to get off the computer! ;-)

  9. So happy to read this, Amanda!! I have been off the radar (and computer) the past two weeks due to a fabulous spring break trip in Mexico. As you know, a week-long trip with three kiddos requires extra time on the front end to plan all the packing and then days of laundry and cleaning up after you get home. But I'm finally back on track and catching up with everything I missed.

    Looks like you have a fabulous house and I know you are going to LOVE your time in North Carolina. Honestly, as much as I'm hoping you get back to Portland soon, I will be a little surprised if you are back here in 18 months!!

    I read your other post about really letting go (not just saying you are letting go) of your Boston goals and just seeing where your body is at when the time comes. Such a hard thing to do but, like most things in life, you usually know what the right decision is once you make it. Sounds like you are at peace.

    Can't wait to see you in Boston!!

  10. So incredibly happy for you and your family and glad to hear you are all adjusting well. Moving is such a big thing and you are just taking it in stride and embracing it. I love that about you!

  11. Hi Amanda - I am sympathizing with your recent move from Oregon to North Carolina. I am about to move from California to Colorado and have been reading all your posts about the move. I hope you like North Carolina -- my MIL lives in Raleigh and we always enjoy visiting.

  12. I am glad to hear that things are going well and things are going well. I remember how tough my move from Arizona to Ohio was, but also exciting too

  13. Just found your blog. You will LOVE nORTH cAROLINA. Each state has its own beauty :) I'm in VA so we'll be closer :)
    PS- Free Pro Compressions will cheer you up- enter my giveaway here