Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mileage--Increasing, Adjusting, and Another Looking From a Different Angle

Life lately has been mostly:
1.  Parenting
2.  Running
3.  Enjoying my kids
4.  Running
5.  Spending quality time with my husband
6.  Running
7.  Talking with God--many times while running
8.  Attempting to connect with girlfriends and family as much as possible
9.  Running, e-mailing about running, dreaming about running, loving running, and reaching new milestones with running. 
10.  Fueling my body with lots and lots of carbs and good food!  Quinoa, brown rice, Ezekiel bread, eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter, bananas, oats...these are just some of my staples these days.  I also eat my fair share of chocolate, pizza and other goodies.  

I've never been so good at recording my mileage in any cohesive log.  Most of my years of logging my mileage have been through scribbles in a notebook or in my book margins.  And if I try to go back now and see what I did, I understand very little of my chicken scratch.  Most of the time I can at least make out what my weekly mileage totals were but even then, it is a guessing game.  This time, I've been a bit better at recording my mileage somewhere whether it be online, via e-mail with virtual training partners, or in my running journal.  

My mileage has consistently been increasing and my workouts have (very gradually) been getting harder.  And I'm feeling pretty good.  I have to say that as my body adjusts to the added mileage, I have been feeling little aches and pains here and there but it is just my body's way of taking it all in and keeping me from getting ahead of myself.  I've been very good at listening to my body and pulling back when I need to.  Even if it means skipping a workout or taking an unplanned day off.  I felt some pain in my feet last Sunday but after taking a day off on Monday and keeping it easy on Tuesday, they felt loads better. 

This is a sample of my training from last week and this week so far.  I wrote this down today so that I could take a look at my mileage from a new angle.  It probably makes your head spin but it works for me and that's what matters!  :) 

This is how I typically record my mileage...chicken scratch right on my plan in the book! Certainly not as rewarding to go back to look at.

Here's one of my favorite staples.  We found this stuff at Costco and it so great!  Cook it with some chicken broth or vegetable broth and you are good to go!  I'm eating it right now as I type and it is good without anything else.  It is also yummy with chicken, black beans and even over spinach.  
A New Angle
A friend mentioned her weekly mileage from last Wednesday to today and it got me wondering what my mileage would look like if I also counted from last Wednesday to today instead of just counted from my typical Saturday to Friday count up.  I was expecting maybe something like 65 or 67.  Nope, since last Wednesday I've run 85 miles!  This is huge for me.  A first for sure.  The fact that I'm feeling so strong right now after 85 miles in a week makes me so happy. But also cautious.  The rest of this week will be easy miles for sure.  Especially since I have a 10k I'm racing on Sunday.  I'm mostly racing it for fun and so that I can get another good gage of where I'm at.  It is easier for me to race all out for a baseline rather than trying it on my own.  I'm still hoping for a pretty high mileage week even though I'm racing but I'm loading this week up on the front so that I can take Saturday off and keep Friday light.  

Note:  This 85 miles is only a window of my training from Wednesday to Today. The 85 was due to the fact that I ended up heavy on the end of the week last week and I'm loading up the front end of the week this week. I don't consider this my highest weekly mileage since it isn't a typical training week.  For example, my typical/normal training week starts on a Saturday and goes to Friday.  It starts with my long run as day one.  My highest weekly mileage if considering a typical Saturday to Friday counting since I started base training would be 66 miles.  I guess the 85 miles was still run in a week so really I could count that.  ??  I don't know.  It doesn't really matter I guess but I typically don't run 85 miles in a week.  My goal is to keep it around 65-70 miles for now.  

Thankful for:

  • Having my husband home all week
  • A happy and healthy family
  • Girlfriends--the ones that I see often, the ones I've never met but love dearly, my running partners, and the far-away friends that are always there even if we don't see each other often.
  • A wonderful Christmas
  • My husband's heel pain is starting to get a little better and he is SLOWLY starting to run again...I miss having him to run with
  • My treadmill...this is a HUGE blessing!!  I've already used it so much.
  • Feeling so strong
  • Virtual running inspiration
  • Boston in 4 months!!  
  • Reminders to savor the moments I have with my kids.  God always seems to knock me on the head when I get too one-track-minded with my running.  He works on my heart daily "Hello Amanda!  There is more to life that running!!  Your children need you to be present and active.  What other areas of your life need attention??"  He's always pretty gentle with me but I'm thankful for these reminders.  I can easily get lost in this training stuff.  But then again, if you're going to do something seriously and really give your all and be your best, it is going to take a bit of focus...lots of focus.  And that's okay.  Not everyone is going to understand but as long as I'm balancing the most important things, some other things might just have to go to the wayside.  The people worth keeping around will accept this.  This is important to me.  
  • My sister-in-law and 8 month old nephew will be staying with us for 2 weeks!  I'm so excited.  This will be my first time meeting my nephew.  And my sister-in-law is from Thailand and we all end up learning thai and eating some really really delicious thai food that she insists (and I don't argue) on cooking daily.  
  • Water and soap to clean this sweaty gross running girl up!  Right now.  
Happy Tuesday!  As always, I love hearing from you even if I've been so lousy at responding and commenting lately.  
1.  Any fun race or training news to share??
2.  What are you most thankful for this week??
3.  I'd love to hear some funny parenting stories.  Anything crazy happen in your world lately?  Funny?  2 year old boy moments? (I could fill a book with 2 year old boy stories).



  1. 85 miles. WOW!!! I can't wait to see how your increased mileage base will affect your 10K race.

  2. Thanks Pam. But this isn't a typical week like from Saturday to Friday so I'm not claiming 85 miles as a my highest weekly training mileage. just a random window from another angle...last wed to today. My highest typical/normal week of mileage is 66. Does that make sense even?

  3. love to read about your training experimentation! so fun to press our bodies to the limits and take what we learned one year and apply it to the next to step outside of our comfort zone. boston is going to rock your world, wish i could be there.

    haven't ever had sprouted rice, but i love quinoa and i usually eat it over spinach with some herbs and various other veggies. i'm on the look out for it when i hit the grocery store tomorrow.

    happy running my friend!

  4. So awesome, Amanda! Look at you bust out and GO! Looks like you're giving great attention to your top priorities :) Your writing sounds so energized and happy!

  5. Your blog is such an inspiration! I love reading about your running and hope to someday have a quarter of your stamina!
    Oh, I have two boys that I am sure I could feel volumes with of stories of their silliness!
    I am very grateful for my children! What fun they are!

  6. Wow- what mileage! My highest week ever was maybe 40, and that included a 22-mile long run. I hope to add on more miles post-baby now that I have a treadmill and a neighborhood.

    I have a funny 3-year-old boy story for you. Our son had gifts under the tree, and one had no name. He asked who it was for, and we told him it was for him. "No," he said, "I think it's for Baby Jesus." We just went with it. He got Jesus out of the creche to watch, opened the gift, and exclaimed, "Baby Jesus got legos!" It was adorable and funny. And we got it on video.
    Good luck with the training! Sounds like you're doing a great job of listening to your body and respecting the rest of your life while piling on the workouts!

  7. YOU ARE ROCKING IT...85 miles wahoo!!! I am so happy you have that treadmill to help you get your mileage in. I love how detailed you are with recording your running, I really need to copy you!

  8. I love your high mileage - it's obviously working for you. I think it might work for me, too, but I have to keep my miles in the 45 range for time's sake (I have been between 45 and 50 pretty much since Summer!). But I often wonder what my running would look like if I were at the 65 - 70 range. I'm just not ready to commit that many hours, though! I have too many other hobbies!
    Hope the hubby is back running with you soon.

  9. 85 miles is incredible! I think the most I've ever run in one week is around 50 miles. I think you're going to rock your 10K.

  10. wow, 85 miles in 7 days is impressive no matter how you slice it Amanda!

    Your food list reminded me how much I love cottage cheese but hardly ever buy it because no one else likes it. Do you count calories, carbs, and protein or go by hunger?

    Good luck in your 10k. I can't wait to read about it.

  11. You sound so good right now. Strong, focused, and yet not so focused on a number or something that you stop paying attention to how you're feeling. So happy to hear that. :)

    I have NO races on the horizon until February, but I've been able to get out on the trails a couple times to bike and run. Doing those on these 20-something degree mornings makes me feel hardcore. :)

    My semi-funny little boy moment from tonight was as we were all sitting (me, Jeff, my teenage boys, N's girlfriend, and my 8 year old son) watching the newest Planet of the Apes movie. J has seen the old ones and loved them, but I found this one to be kind of violent and scary. However, as I was cringing and a little worried about him being scared, he exclaimed, "This is the best movie ever!!" Boys are different than girls, for sure.

    When they were little, my big boys said some hilarious things. D walking out of the bathroom telling us how he really didn't like these balls in his penis (yeah, he was talking about his testicles and I guess a little confused with his prepositions...in, under, whatever. I freaked a little until I realized what he meant. Then I closed myself in the bathroom and laughed and laughed and laughed.)

    Another time, I think it was D again, little enough that I would still let him shower with me. He told me I had a "hair penis"...and that was the last time he saw me naked. lol

  12. There seems to be a recurring theme in the list of things that you've done. No wonder you reached 85 miles. It's just as well you run quickly or else you wouldn't have time to sleep. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and your New Year is full of adventure and fun.

  13. way to go Chica!!! uuuhhh...what are you racing sunday? is it the same one as the 5K i am doing?? hope so cause then I get to see you again!! xxx

  14. Okay..thats a cool idea...I just took a 7 day period from 2wks ago and I ran 77 miles in that 7 days....crazy!

  15. Did I send you my My Hudson plan, by chance? Mine had chicken scratch all over it, too...it looked just like that :).

    I am glad you are listening to the body and adapting to those little aches and pains. Keep them at bay...you know what to do.

    I'm soooo behind on blogs, so if you posted a Christmas one, I am sorry I missed it and will check back later this week (so busy at work!)...and it's almost midnight so must close shop and go to bed....but did your blog gift ever arrive? Or did I miss that post, too?


  16. goodness gracious thats alot of miles! youre awesome! i hope your 10K goes great! i hope your hubs foot keeps feeling better and that you enjoy your family time

  17. So very excited to read about your training. You are really doing SUPER and I can't wait to see what great things are in store in a few months and along the way. Wish I could come to Boston to celebrate!

    Glad Waylon's foot is healing. I didn't realize how much he had reduced his running. Does he know what caused it? Will he still do Eugene?

    Enjoy that visit with the new nephew and the bro/sis :) SO much to be thankful for this time of year.

  18. I use Daily Mile just because it's quick and easy and I have a thing for a statistics. It shows you all kinds of graphs and averages without having to do any math. It really rocks my world.

    You are killing it! I can't wait to see how you do in Boston. You are going to kick butt! Amanda, you are my running inspiration. I say it a lot and I'll keep saying it.

  19. I've kept excel spreadsheets over the years... The training plan versions always change but I have one basic one that logs mileage, time/pace, and total mileage for the year. I'm a stat nerd.

    You should publish said book and make some cash money! ;)

  20. I just love your running log. I'm sitting here stressing what I should put in mine and how to make it fancy but after seeing your log I've realized that it doesn't have to be neat and perfect. It just needs to be readable and work for me. I love this post. Thanks for sharing. From one mom to another. Thank you! You are an inspiration :)