Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marathon Training Plans, Stickers, and Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday!  One of the things I look forward to the most about Wednesdays is that Wednesday night is "at home date night" for my husband and I.  It is simple but something we treasure.  We put the kids to bed before 8 and cozy up on the couch to watch Survivor and Modern Family.  We rarely watch television the rest of the week so we look forward to having this time where we just chill out and enjoy something together.

I'm finally getting some of these stickers sent out to those of you that said you wanted one.  Can you say "slacker"?!    

I still don't have addresses and some last names from:
Amanda (Miss Zippy)
Ericka (MCM Mama)
Laurie Higgins
Adrienne Langelier
Julie D--My fault..water spilled over your address

Marathon Training Plan
Mostly likely, I won't start my marathon training until January but I'm trying to choose my training plan now.  My husband is set on using Jack Daniels' Running Formula and I'm trying to decide between that and The Hudson plan from Train Faster.  I loved my Brain Training For Runners book by Matt Fitzgerald but I'm ready to try something new.  

This should arrive in the mail sometime this week! 

Art Contest Update
I can't wait to post all of the creative "art" samples you sent to me.  I'll post them and then let you and your friends vote for the one they are drawn to the most.  Hoping to get that up sometime this week.  One of the most recent entries was sent to me by Harmony from Keep On Keeping On:  

" is from my Thirsty Thursday post and how I want to view myself as Christ does!  I titled it FREEDOM, so thankful for the free gift of forgiveness and freedom from the "muddy junk" that distracts me from where I want to go...RUNNING the whole way!"

Funniest quote from an art entry this week came from Jenn when she was describing her rummaging through Barbie bins under her stairs.  She had hoped to find a Barbie sized bottle of wine for her little SUAR creation.  No such luck so she had to have Beth drinking coffee instead of booze.  "For the record Mattel, if you're going to give her double D's and a 12 inch waist, at least give her a bottle so Ken can take advantage of her....."

1.  Do you have a favorite marathon training plan?  
2.  What is your favorite day of the week?  
3.  Do you have a favorite t.v show?  


  1. I love your Wednesday night date idea!! Girl, I am stoked to follow your training for Boston. Have fun tonight and I can't wait for Modern Family:)

  2. Nope--I'm the slacker! So sorry. I will email you now.

    And Modern Family is the BEST!!!

  3. I got quite excited when I saw your Jack Daniel's training plan...I'd never heard of it before and Jack Daniels only means one thing to me...sounds more like the Recovery Plan than anything.

    For me, choosing a training plan really has to the most to do with looking at days that work best for my long runs. I used Chris Carmichael for my last event and I liked it. I'm a slower runner, though.

  4. Modern Family is one of just a few shows I love and watch regularly.

    I read the Run Faster book and got a lot out of it. After a lot of back and forth I ended up choosing the Bart Yasso "hardcore" marathon training plan from the back of his book over the plan in the back of Run Faster, but I got a lot out of the Run Faster book and really liked it and may use that plan in the future. Loving Bart's plan though right now :)

  5. family time is GREAT! enjoy survivor :) I am catching up ...

    My favorite marathon plan is the one that gets me to the start line uninjured. You know which way I would lean here...just not a big fan of hill training when you have plenty of them for all your runs. But one could do weights instead of hills :)

    OK. VERY excited to see what you will do. Either way you WILL rock your race :)

  6. That Barbie quote is HILARIOUS. We watch Survivor faithfully. CSI Las Vegas, too, which is weird bc that's "my" show even though I hate scary or gory things. Uhhh, that's both! My favorite show I rarely watch is The Amazing Race...I'd do it in a heartbeat!

    Fav day of the week?? Ummm, maybe Friday bc it holds all the possibilities of the weekend. You didn't ask, but least favorite? Definitely any day that includes bus duty!!

  7. My favorite day of the week varies... since my work schedule is different every week, I like whatever day I'm NOT working!

    Oh I so can't wait to get back into marathon training. Do you think I could do a late summer/early fall marathon after giving birth in March?? I'm craving getting back into some high-mileage running!

  8. Ahh! Sounds like the perfect night! I'm folding laundry and packing tonight and hoping to watch Modern Family while I'm doing it!

    We've discussed this before but I'll again stress that I think you should do whatever plan you think suits YOU the best and whatever one you think you can follow! Read the books and pick for yourself:) Run Faster is a great book with a wealth of information whether you choose to use a Hudson plan or not so good purchase there:)

    Enjoy Survivor. Haven't seen it since Elizabeth from The View was on it!!

  9. I just got the Run Faster book. I have been trying to decide if I should read that book first or Chi Running, but then I got my hands on the Hunger Games. That is a great series. Thanks for reminding me Survivor is TONIGHT I was thinking it was tomorrow!

  10. We have a similiar in the house date night. Nothing like Modern Family to add some laughter to the house.

    My first marathon we used Hal Higdon. It was a nice beginner plan. I don't know what I will go with yet, but I am excited to read the books you mentioned.

    Happy Wednesday Amanda

  11. sending email now

    marathon....not yet...

    I love Sundays

    TV Modern Family and Parenthood.
    Reality: Amazing Race

    I LOVE that picture on your header!

  12. I forgot to say I am so sorry about being late to send my info

  13. I Love Modern Family too! Have fun choosing a race plan, that's my favorite part filling out a schedule and then re-arranging throughout :)
    Enjoy date night!

  14. i hope i was on the list! i can't remember ... (it has been years afterall) ;)

  15. Modern Family is one of the few shows Iven will watch with me. Most of the time he goes to bed early. Hmmm - maybe that's because I've got the remote and he doesn't like reality TV. Doesn't matter - makes it a low-pressure date night for me.

  16. What Jenn says...about the plan. My humble opinion -> it is NOT about the plan:)

    So, unrelated - you should chat with The Blue Eyed Runner. She had a recent post about getting into online pain publishing and I think she might be able to help hook you up with some leads:) Watching Modern Family and have just finished my Tivo-ed Survivor. Almost falling asleep

  17. In home date night is a great idea. It's more like in home parallel play at our house. Both of us on laptops while watching tv.

    Favorite day/night is Friday.

  18. I want one too :-/ I didn't know it was an option. How can I get one? :)

  19. I keep forgetting that I have that Run Faster book, because it is on my e-book reader, which is never charged lol.

    Is it too late to get in on those awesome stickers??

  20. It's been a little while since I visited your blog-- love your new banner.

    I've only trained for Halfs but I liked both Hal Higdon and a 3 run per week FIRST-type plan (Run less Run faster) and saw improvement in my times with both plans.

  21. Wednesday night is our date night too. Survivor is the only show I watch and I look forward to it all week.

    For my training plans I almost always use Smart Coach from RW online. I don't usually follow their suggested times, but I like the speedwork layouts and the long run progressions.

    I'm sorry, I thought I sent you my address. I'll get it right out to you. :)

  22. I don't have a favorite training plan, I'd like one.
    I emailed you my address, sorry. How was I expecting to get a sticker without it??
    We DVR too much tv, Survivor is one, the Good Wife, Resturant Impossible, Gossip Girl, Amazing Race, too much I know

  23. Any plan with hills is good with me.

    Favorite day - any day that is a long run day.

    tv - I dont watch enough to have a favorite.

  24. I love the long run progression of Hal Higdon's advanced plan & the speedwork. The tempo runs helped me run an even paced marathon (I only slowed 1:30 for the 2nd half of my marathon). I have the Jack Daniel's book and love his philosophy. I now implement a little bit of many plans into my basic framework of Hal's.

  25. OMGoodness, your header photo is awesome!! Who took that of you. I'll email over my address. I love the Run Less, Run Faster plans, although I always revise slightly... Favorite tv show is The Good Wife and Biggest Loser.

  26. I use a plan from Runner's World, which works for me and generally keeps me injury free, but it isn't high mileage and only 4x week for running. I think other comments are correct in that you have to find what works best for YOU.

    Favorite day? Friday - love my weekends.

    Favorite show - DO love Modern Family - also always watch The Biggest Loser.

  27. You look so much like Olivia Wilde! If you don't know who she is know that it's a compliment ;).

    Modern Family all the way....BEST SHOW on TV right now. Laugh out loud funny.

    Get Up & Go

  28. I REALLY like "at home" date night idea! With eating out getting $$$, this is a great option or if you live in a small town with few options, necessary!

    Fav TV: Modern Family, Biggest Loser, Real Housewives (I know, don't judge)...too many, considering canceling cable so i get back to my reading roots!

  29. Awesome date night idea :)

    I just make up a composite plan drawing from plans that look interesting. For my marathon plan, I am going with at least partially what worked when I ran one 14 years ago :P It entails a pretty standard long run progression and very basic speed stuff... i know I'll be tweaking it as I go along. It is a 32-week plan. I have also dovetailed in a 10K plan to peak around week 25. We'll see how it all goes... I am super curious :P

  30. I'm using the Marathon Level 1 plan from the Run Faster book right now. I LOVE it! I've definitely improve my speed!

  31. oops I am behind. Quick post: marathon trainig plan: Gonna try John's. I know it involves 5 and 10K speedworkouts with added mileage.
    favorite TV show: Biggest Loser and Modern Family. I love Phil!!!

  32. Thank you SO much for the sticker. I got it today and you totally inspired me. The note was so wonderful and it is already up on my running bulletin board. I really needed that today. So thank you. Can't wait to follow your Boston training.