Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life Balance, Deep Water Running, and Goals

There's a definite ART in balancing art in finding that perfect blend where we can embrace the "Where we are right now" with the striving for "where we want to be".  I'd like to have a healthy dose of both of these things without losing sight of either one.  

These were my thoughts I posted earlier this morning on facebook.  So much in me right now that feels just a little like I'm teetering with my balance in life.  I'm feeling kind of like I'm running back and forth on this life balance board and just when I get to the center and feel stable, I'm too far to one side again.  I don't think I'm alone in this feeling.  In fact, I'm beginning to think that this is just how life is...a constant balance game.  And I KNOW that this balance (that I talk about above) is harder for me when I'm NOT running. 

As many of you know, I haven't run since Hood to Coast at the end of August.  Really, it hasn't been too long.  And surprisingly, I don't feel like I miss running as much as I expected to.  I know that I won't truly know how much I miss running until I go on that first run where everything feels whole again.  I'll  be reminded of why I'm so in love with it and how it brings calm and balance to my life like nothing else can.   

In the meantime, I've been quite content with Deep Water Running.  I've actually come to love it.  So much that I'd like to have at least one day a week of my Boston training where I hit up the pool for a "recovery run".  It has been so easy and relaxing for me to just strap a belt on, get in the water and run...all while helping my body heal without putting pressure on my feet.  Water feels so healing.  And I've found a way where I can just put my iPod in my visor and listen to my music while chugging away.  For those of you wondering what deep water running looks like, here's a video my coach sent me (obviously NOT me.  I prefer wearing a swimsuit top.  You know, out of respect for the other pool users.  :)  )  

My workouts this week:

Sunday:  5 min warm-up; 6x2:30 hard (30 sec easy recovery);  5 min cool down

Monday: 5 min warm-up;  35 min steady

Tuesday: 5 min warm-up; 2 sets of 6x1:30 hard (30 sec easy recovery); (2 min easy btw sets);  5 min cool down

Wednesday: 5 min warm-up; 35 min steady

Thursday: 5 min warm-up; 1min hard - 1min easy 2min hard - 1 min easy 3min hard - 1 min easy 4min hard - 1 min easy 3min hard - 1 min easy 2min hard - 1 min easy 1min hard;  5 min cool down

Friday: 5 min warm-up; 5x5min hard (1 min easy recovery); 5 min cooldown
Saturday: rest

When will I run again and what steps am I taking to recover from Plantar Faciitis?
Our plan is to start running again (EASY) on Sunday.  However, my left foot has started to hurt again today.  Pesky Plantar Faciitis!  Grr.  Some constants in my life right now:
  • Always taping my left foot for support.  Thankful for KT Tape.  
  • Stretching whenever I think of it.  This means random calf stretches no matter where I'm at.  I'm sure people look at me funny when I just start stretching in the grocery store or while standing in line for preschool pick up.  Oh well.  
  • Rolling my foot with a golf ball. 
  • Massaging my foot
  • Icing
  • Always wearing ugly supportive shoes.  So much for my cute sundresses that I wore all summer...they don't look nearly as cute with supportive running shoes.  Good thing it is fall.  
  • Lots of pool running.  Then sauna and more stretching.  
  • Positive thinking.  

Goals for Today:
Off to the pool.  But first, going to list just a few goals off the top of my head so that I have a focus for today.
  1. Be PRESENT with my kids.  Going to try really hard to clear my head and fully focus on moments with my kids (without thinking of other things that have hold of my heart right now).
  2. Write a letter to my husband and show/tell him how much I love him.  Life has been busy for him, work, and loads of responsibility.  But yet, he still is a strength in all of our lives.  I need to remember to NEVER take him for granted.  
  3. Make a gratitude list of all the things that I treasure in life.  Can't say enough about the power of saying THANK YOU for the things working for us in life...the good things.  The Right things.  The gifts in life.  
  4. Say Thank you to MYSELF for the things that I'm doing right and try to put that before the mental list of all the things I feel like I'm failing at.  

Happy Wednesday!  And just two days left to win an Endorphin Warrior Bracelet.  

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  1. I've been dealing with some PF issues as well. I spend a lot of time with my golf ball and calf stretching. I'm glad you're enjoying the water running! I don't have access to a pool that is deep enough so I've never been able to try it.

  2. I always feel so refreshed when leaving the pool. I swam a lot this summer when I was dealing with my patellar tendonitis and it was such a great full body workout. I said I would keep it up even when I got healthy and of course, I haven't. Reading this reminded me I need to get back out there- even if it's just once every week or two.

    I hope your upcoming run goes well and that your PF issues go away!

  3. Pool running looks like a fantastic workout. I have never dealt with PF but hear it can be a challenge to get rid of... hope it's gone for good soon!
    I'm stealing two of your goals for my day- focusing on being present with my daughter, and writing my husband an appreciation note of some sort. Have a great day, Amanda!

  4. Have you read One Thousand Gifts? Really powerful book and she writes so beautifully. I really love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal - still meaning to start that...

    I think we learn so much during the waiting period of life. The times when we are forced to be patient and just Believe, or trust, or just walk in faith. I think injuries are periods of time that we can really grow - or we can give up and walk away (which isn't in your DNA). Praying for healing for your body and restoration for both your body and soul. Sounds like you are on your way for both.

  5. Love your plan to have a balanced life. It's not easy. I hope your PF gets gone and you'll get back to normal, but I understand your loving the pool running. I felt the same way last winter. I felt like it saved my sanity and I've found that I even miss it a bit. Good luck!

  6. Yay for another pool runner! Most people who have tried pool running think it is so dull and really struggle with doing it. I am loving it, though, and also plan to pool run once a week as a recovery/cross-training day. I wear an elastic headband and clip my ipod nano on to it. The music definitely helps a lot! I think I will steal some of your workouts from above in order to mix things up a little.

    As for your other thoughts, I love your question about when are you selfish or destructive (to yourself or family) versus being true to yourself and living with passion. I've been struggling with this same thing recently in relation to a job offer for something that I would love to do. At the same time, I know I should be so thankful for the opportunities I already have in my life. Why do I need to look for more?!

  7. Beautiful post Amanda! I am so glad that there is a facility near you that offers pool running. I honestly don't think we have anything like that in my area. That is just great and it has got to be strengthening to know that you are healing yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in the high we get from running that we forget to take care of our bodies. You are listenning and that shows how intune you are with yourself. I could learn a lot from you!

    I could not agree more with you about the power of the two words "thank you". I find that we feel this so often and if we would just act on it and actually thank people instead of holding it in the world would be a better place. I'm going to work on this one this week as well. Thanks for your example!

  8. Huge kudos to you for embracing deep water running. I lasted for two sessions and said "bleep, bleep" and "eff this & eff that" and then I was done. I couldn't get the hang of it and thought it was boring. My coach even wrote his thesis for his PhD on the benefits of deep water running and I couldn't do it. Ha. I am hoping that your PF is getting better. It isn't a fun injury to have. Sending you happy thoughts chica. xxx

  9. Hey you! Good to hear what's up in Runninghood. I missed you!
    Yes, lots going on now for you, lots of decisions, but I truly think that whatever the outcome of those decisions will be, you will be OK; it will turn out to be the best decision:)
    So glad you like pool running. Those workouts look great! And glad the PF is doing better - hope the pain today was nothing. Chris used to roll his foot on a bottle of ice (fill 20 ounce bottle with water and freeze) when he had PF.
    And yes, life balance is hard, perhaps even unattainable if we think too much about it. In fact, we all have our own definition for balance. For me, finding my balance at times means keeping in only the things that are most important. XOXO

  10. I had PF 2 years ago. It's no fun. Since then, no more non-supportive shoes for me. My podiatrist told me most flip-flops are bad. Here in Florida, I wear them year 'round so I had to find an alternative, and one that didn't look like a 90 year old woman would wear. Dr. Weil makes supportive flip flops. They are expensive, but I got mine on sale at Dillard's. I had to do the pool running too but I didn't have a belt so it made it very hard.

  11. I struggle with PF. The boot, at night, really work. I know, there's nothing that says "unsexy" in bed more than a PF boot ...worse than flannels! But, it works. The foot rubz ball, or a tennis ball, help too. I too love list-making!

  12. I'm v impressed with your pool running - I bought the belt before realising I needed a deeper pool than the one I use ;(.
    Keep up the good spirit - I have to say that I am loving my swimming so much I intend to keep doing it even in marathon training.

  13. First, I totally feel the same way about pool running. It is very relaxing and soothing to me. I feel so loose, but still like I had a good workout when I get out.

    Next, a question - We seem to have many of the same type of physical issues. I just decided to start going to a chiropractor. My pain/ache started in my right hip/butt about a year and a half ago, and it has gotten progressively worse to where it has now creeped down into my foot. So, basically my whole right leg is a mess. Did you find this treatment helped?

  14. All that balancing - you'll have great core muscles eventually. Yeah, life's a lot like a balancing act. You're happily standing there one minute with all your balls in the air and then the next minute some fat kid comes past and pushes you and you have to regroup.

  15. Great to do list for yourself!! Hope you will be back running very soon!

  16. Sorry about your PF, but you are doing it all wrong! Don't listen to doctors, listen to your body. I run in sandals 90% of time on steep California trails here where I live and had a spell of PF early summer. Ironically because I wore shoes on and off for a change which I was not used too. I wear and wore sandals or barefoot all the time during PF, not supportive shoes. That's nuts, all it does is weaken your arches. Would you buttress a suspension bridge, no it would weaken it. Check out the or NW foot and ankle there in Portland that doc knows what he's talking about. Forget orthotics, strengthen your feet not support them!

  17. When I had PF a few years back, my chiropractor was the reason for my quick recovery. She adjusted my feet & ankles! To this day, she always checks on them and puts everything back in place. Also, I never took a step without supportive shoes (even to use the bathroom in the middle of the night)! Good luck!

  18. That PF is annoying! I got a cortisone shot before a marathon to be able to run it. It hasn't bothered me since but I wear supportive shoes all the time now. No cute gladiator sandals for me. Dr. Weil is a good brand of supportive sandals. I live in FL, so I can wear them year round. Bonus: They don't look like granny shoes.