Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random Sunday Morning Shouldn't Be Blogging Post

I really don't have long to write this blog at all.  In fact, I'm supposed to be back here getting ready for church so that I can help get the kids ready and not end up leaving it all to my husband and then complaining when we rush out of the house at 10:50 trying to make it to an 11:00 service that is 20 minutes away.  Yup, that's how we've been rolling lately.  And honestly, so much of it is because I've been really struggling with where my heart is when it comes to faith related stuff, but yet, I'm still trying to be conscious of how I raise my kids and what I want for that.  That's a blog for another day. Maybe never. And one that is quite personal.  So, moving on to some random bullets:

  • I'm officially registered in the 117th Boston Marathon.  I have no idea how we'll get there, where we will be living (maybe North Carolina), or if I'll really even run it but it is nice to be registered and have the option.  We might be traveling there with the whole family this year.  
  • My feet are feeling good today.  Let's keep them that way, right?  So still no running.  
  • I want to be more active with core work and strength training right now.  Note to self.  
  • I love deep water running.  In fact, I'll be doing it again today.  Love just strapping that belt on and hitting the pool...really does get my endorphins going.  Not like running running, but you know, I'll take what I can get.  
  • Excited to start another training cycle!  But I'm perfectly willing to be patient and do what it takes to get WHOLE now.  Body, mind, spirit WHOLE.
  • Operation Getting Whole is going smoothly.  I do believe that in order for AMANDA to perform her best, I will need to be physically, spiritually, and mentally balanced.  This is going to involve several things for me.  I'm working on it.  :) 
  • Sleep.  I am going to try harder to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.  I've bee slacking here lately and my body, mind, spirit are suffering for it.  
  • Shoes.  Considering some more supportive shoes.  I'm definitely not going to be running exclusively in my Pure Flows anymore.  I'm at least going to alternate.  I have some thinking to do on this.  But I think that the shoe thing, combined with other things of course, is what what has caused my feet issues.  
  • I went to bed last night just really excited to be 33.  I know that isn't 20ish young but I still feel like I have some of my best running days ahead.  This is a good feeling.  And an even better feeling to WANT better days ahead.  
  • Still considering moving to Asheville, NC.  Well, I'd like to say it is pretty for sure but I'm waiting to get some more definite plans in place before I shout that from the roof tops.  If you know anything about the school system/community for kids in Asheville, please e-mail me so I can pick your brain.  Big decisions for a mom.  
  • Prayer.  I'm going to make a conscious effort to carve out time for prayer and meditation.  Even if it is only 5 minutes every morning with NO distractions.  And the kind of prayer than involves LISTENING.  
  • And when the time comes to start officially training again, I am going to trust the plan my coach gives me and put my energy to taking care of this body, mind, spirit with diligence.  
  • Added after posting:  Really running late for church now....or almost there.  Closest blogging is always the best.  Makes me feel like a kid sneaking something.  But, really, a big goal of mine fro the next few months (always really) is to start journaling a list of gratitude daily.  I'll start now:  
Grateful for (only 6 even though I could write 100's):
  • Loving husband that is forever patient with me.  A best friend.  
  • Some of the most loving and supportive friends a girl could ask for.  Friends that are truly THERE and that SEE me and know me and love me for ME.  
  • Motherhood.  Having 3 beautiful, healthy, smart kids to be with every day.  A dream come true.  
  • A healing body
  • A personal relationship with God that has been the same all my life...not changing with religion.  A constant love that is personal.  
  • Seeing my daughter's first official soccer game yesterday...SO awesome seeing her as an athlete.  
My time is officially OVER.  Well, it was 10 minutes ago. And really was 20 minutes ago when I first wrote the 10 minutes ago. Good I'm getting out of the closet and going to pretend that I've been getting ready all along back here.  Ha!  Don't forget to check out the Endorphin Warrior giveaway.  Love my bracelet.  


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  1. The Carolinas are calling..hehehe Opps! Selfish post, I know! Wishing you all the my best!

    Frustrating how a bad shoe selection and cause you training time. UGH! I was wearing a pair of shoes for about 50 miles that I realized were too tight in the toe box cause my toes and foot was starting to ache. I believe the shoe was compressing the tendons and caused them to tighten up. I have had to get several massges on the foot and still sort working through it. Darn shoes!!

  2. Sounds good Amanda - you're on the right track mentally and physically and have the right attitude. Well done my lovely friend!

  3. You are doing such good, hard, necessary work :) It will all bring big rewards...stay the line :)

  4. You sounds really good here. I get what you are saying about religion/faith and running. Yes, lots of things to be grateful for. So happy your body is feeling good. Plenty of time to get it ready for Boston. Excited to see/cheer/pace you!

  5. It's great that your foot is feeling so good. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

    You sound so centred in this post - like you've really found peace. And that's even in the middle of deciding whether to uproot your lives and relocate. I'm guessing that it has a lot to do with focusing on being grateful.

  6. Life continues to thrive in Amanda world :). Good to get an update and hear all that's going on. Keep focused and stay strong, girl!

  7. You sound like you're in such a great place emotionally- and that's fantastic! And yay for Boston!


  8. So happy you also registered for Boston! At least you will have it as an option when April rolls around. But even happier to hear you are starting to feel good again. Keeping my fingers crossed that you heal quickly and come back stronger (body, mind and spirit) than before! xo

  9. Happy Sunday:) Love bullet posts!

    Sleep is truly so many ways! This is one of my biggest struggles. I was SO good, and then I was SO underestimated in terms of health and happiness.

    Very glad Operation Getting Whole is going smoothly! I believe you are exactly right here in knowing what YOU need to perform your best... what we all really need to perform our best actually! I also believe you are very right in recognizing that your very best running days may be ahead of you! Your very best days in general are ahead of you I think!! Again, super congrats on Boston! If it's meant to be, it will be! I'll be waiting for the shout from the rooftops on Asheville:)

    Gratitude. Very powerful for me when I really think of the things I am grateful for. You have SO much! Yay on E's game!!! I've been curious as to how that went!

    I rarely enter giveaways but I did just order one of those bracelets for Joe! I think he will love it!

    Hope your deep water run went super! Off to work on getting myself WHOLE here:)

  10. Operation Getting Whole is taking off! Pool running is about as close as I feel to actual running in a non-running workout. Good for YOU! I have to agree that you have YEARS of great running in your future.
    Interesting about the flows. I didn't realize that you were only running in that model. I get in trouble when I don't rotate, so I am switching between ghosts, flows and pure connects. The connects actually feel the best on my feet, though they are the most minimal. I am curious about what you will rotate with.?

    HAPPY you are in for Boston! Long car ride...or cheap flight :) Either way, it's there for you!!

  11. You are surely going to have an amazing, awe-inspiring, uplifting Boston this year. 2012 was just practice! Excited for you but wishing I was running it with you. I passed this year.

  12. I like your posts. "Closet Blogging" great term! Ha! I'm what I call a "recovering mormon" and I'm raising my kids without a Sunday religion. And I don't know if what I do regarding the faith based stuff is best, and I worry about it often. It's really a big weight we carry on our shoulders regarding religion with our kids. And I know you want to do the absolute best for your kids, and in religion. So, when you spell everything out in a blog post, with all of the answers, please let me know. I'll definitely enjoy that blog post :-) Yay for the thought of moving...must be exciting!

  13. Oh, I'm so glad you like deep water running! My sanity wouldn't have remained intact had I not discovered that during my recent injury. I'm back to running on land, but still jog in the pool a couple days a week. I find it THAT beneficial.
    Do you use an aqua belt or any equipment?

  14. Yay for Boston!!! Hopefully it will be much cooler for you this year!! I'm with you on the time lately...squeezing things in and ending up crazy running late!

  15. Congrats on Boston! I hope this year goes much better for you! I also hope your foot continues to heal and that you can get back to running sometime soon. I think it's great that you are being so patient about it. I know how hard that can be as a runner, but your body will thank you for it in the long run.

    Good luck as you continue to make your decision on whether or not to move. I really hope everything works out for the best.

  16. Nice to see another athlete not totally averse to water running! I'm impressed with your typing speed! Got any pointers?! LOL

    Congrats on the Boston entry and whatever comes from it.

  17. Were you really in the closet?! Haha! I may have to hide from my kids next time I blog. ;)