Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Bring on 34", said the Ship.

Birthday card from my Mom@ChertheArt
It's been just about two years since I started this blog.
This space, just for me.
A place to express myself,
   dream big.
    the moments.
A place to dig deep in this
of MINE.
A place to be REAL.  Raw.
To give of myself as I come.

I've come to love this place, this space,
    in the cyber world.
Just for me
to share ME,
and connect with
You...and you...and you.

I started this blog when I was almost 32.
At 32, I wrote about randomness, love, life and...well...32! 

33 brought some deep thoughts...
A letter to my dad, who died when he was only
33. Weird to be that age.

33 has brought with it a
New Relationships that have touched me to my core.
A whirl of big events.
and Processing,
That has left me catching my breath a little bit.
A lot.
A year that has brought with it,
a feeling of constantly trying to catch up with myself.
Moments that have challenged me.
Some depression.  Some demons that have come back to be beat
    once and for ALL.
Certainly smiles and Joyful waves washing over this world of mine.
Letting go.
Moving past "friendships" that were never really good for me,
And letting in others that have blessed me so deeply.

Moment after moment that has left me


To SAIL my SHIP on to
New Horizons.
Taking with me the lessons of 33.
Lessons that are reminders of what's really important,

All that is spread out before me.
All that is ALREADY there,
    for ME.
All that has ALWAYS BEEN,
Waiting for ME.
    But Me,
Not always quite ready to see

But I'm READY.
Ready to Sail on....
to 34.
A ship, ready for new horizons.

"Bring on 34", said the Ship.

Interesting that I just now found out that my mom was inspired to paint the above painting while listening to her and my dad's favorite song, Sailing by Christopher Cross.  I was never a huge fan of the song but it DOES bring back so many memories of being a kid.  Whenever it came on, my mom would tell us that it was one of our dad's favorite songs.  And even if I didn't like the song so much for the music itself, it did bring a smile to my heart.  

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  1. Bring on 34 :) I hope this new year brings on all sorts of fun and strength your way!

  2. 34 is going to be a wonderful year for you! I love your reflective posts so much.

    1. Thanks so much Kate. So excited for 34. And to continue to see YOUR life unfold too!

  3. My wife had a very hard time while I was 35, the age her dad was when he died. She never told me until I turned 36.

    Bring on 34! Sail strong in your ship!

    1. Ah, such an odd thing when you or your spouse or someone dear to you is the age that someone as important as your dad was when he us a new perspective. She might not have known how hard of a time she was having until it was over. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Happy sailing through 34. Such an inspirational life you live, thoughts you think, and love in your heart. I'm so glad you decided to let some of the world in to see your beautiful spirit. YOU make my heart smile.

    1. Thank you T! I feel the same about you and your life and your beautiful spirit. So thankful for all stages and forms you've appeared in my life...real and virtual. xo

  5. each year of my 30s has been better and better.
    I've read your blog for a long time, now, and love to see your growth as a runner and a mom.
    I hope your birthday (and year!) is a happy one.

  6. 34 seems so long ago and yet not that distant. Your 34 will be full of thoughts and purpose and loving and giving. It's just who you are.And running - there will be running!

  7. Always love reading about your journey and can totally relate to how I felt 10 years ago and to some extent even today. Funny about the Christopher Cross song, if it's the one I'm thinking of, if was the first LP I won by calling in to a radio station in the late 70's or early 80's. About the same time I signed up for my first six cassettes through Columbia record club.

  8. LOVE:) Beautiful! Happy 34 my sweet friend! My oh my, I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for you! I'm beyond excited to chat about that with you;)

  9. Happy 34th! And may this year bring much happiness!

  10. Happy early birthday! I think it is kind of cool we almost share the same birthday. I think my sister in law is going to have her baby on your birthday. Or she could deliver tomorrow. Crazy! :-)

  11. May 34 bring lots of love, laughter and tons of magical moments! xo

  12. I'm a few months behind you. The age is kinda scary for me, though. So many things that I want and thought that I would have by this age...

    I do appreciate the wisdom and courage of the 30s more than the 20s. True- you don't HAVE to be everyone's friend. Some friendships are not good...


  13. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 34 club!

  14. Happy Birthday, Amanda! If the coming year brings you just a SLIVER of all the love, laugher and happiness you share with us, it will be a VERY GOOD year for you! I'm so excited for your move to NC and for your return to the Napa Valley Marathon. So many things to look forward to and I know you will face all the challenges and stress of moving and training for a marathon with a smile on your face.

    I have to say I learned a LOT about myself in my 30's and love the confidence it has given me to believe in myself.

    I am happy to have met you this year!

  15. Happy Birthday Amanda!!
    I hope 34 is a glorious year for you :)
    Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog because you are such a deep multifaceted individual. I'll try to comment more often :)

  16. My little sailing ship is 34 feet long!

    Happy 34 th birthday and here is to another 134!

    Sail on.

  17. Now I will have that song in my head for a while! ; ) funny how some songs immediately bring back a memory or feeling.

    Happy 34!! You are a few weeks ahead of me. I just registered for a race and when it sent me the confirmation it had 34 listed under age and I immediately thought it was a typo... No, just me getting older. Lol!!

  18. Happy, happy birthday, sweet and lovely Amanda! 34 will be so deeply fulfilling and rewarding for you, I am certain :) LOVE you!

  19. Happy Birthday Amanda!!! I had a good laugh at Mike's comment, thinking of all the cassette tape sign-ups and CD sign ups we used to do. I had forgotten about those.
    Your mom's painting is always so bright and cheerful. Beautiful!

  20. Beautiful post, Amanda. Hope this year is full of joy and surprises. Funny, I could say the exact same thing about the Christopher Cross song. :)

  21. happy belated birthday!!! sorry i am so behind... i know you have some exciting adventures and journeys ahead in 34! steer your ship and explore!