Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Having a weekend away in Napa with my girlfriends was a great way to celebrate the end of my days as a thirty-one year old.  I had time away from my crazy but wonderful life as a mother and had the perfect setting to reconnect with my girlfriends.  I had more wine than I usually have in two weeks, ate way different from my usual diet, and didn't exercise nearly as much as normal.  As most people with a running problem can relate, I came home feeling like I need a good solid workout to get my endorphins going and the sweat flowing!  In light of turning thirty-two, I thought I'd give my workout a little twist:

*  3.2 miles on the elliptical in just under 32 minutes
*  1.32 miles of running on the treadmill (the last .5 was at 8 minute mile pace which is a huge step in my recovery!  Seeing light at the end of the tunnel!)  Felt Incredible!
*  32 lunges
* 32 squats without weight
*  32 push ups (2 sets of 16)
* 3.2 minutes of stretching (okay, might have been a bit longer but that ruins the 32 theme)

Now in light of motherhood, running and life in general, here is a list of random things on my mind.

1.  Coming home to my husband and kids after a weekend away was absolutely wonderful!  I missed them so much and from the love they gave me, I know they missed me too.  Even though I feel crazy and unraveled many days, it is days like today that I remember how much I love motherhood and being a wife.

2.  This is one of the gifts my husband and kids had for me for my birthday and to welcome me home.

3.  And these:

4.  Here is another one of my birthday presents and  a book I'll be starting this week.  And here is the link to the official Born To Run fan site: http://borntorun.org/

5. I'm also starting this new book called When Did I Get Like This? by Amy Wilson.  I can already tell that it will be a book I will enjoy and can relate to as a mother with three kids under the age of six.  I also enjoy reading her blog.  She is real and makes me feel normal about my crazy mom moments. 

6.  The girls thought I could use some magic wands too.  I think these might come in handy this week when I'm needing down time.  They'll help to remind me to focus on the positives and be in the present with my children. 

7.  My appointment with my sports chiropractor today was awesome.  Dr. Forcum was so excited to see the progress I've made and how great my hamstring is looking compared to last time!  This makes my runner heart happy!

8.  Sticking your head out of a moving limo in beautiful Napa Valley is a MUST.  Really makes you feel like a kid again.  Or a dog.

9. Life is too short to always be second guessing myself.  I'm really hoping to work more on loving myself for all that I am and not trying so hard to please others.  Every year of life I get a little better at this.

10.  Life is so much better with daily exercise.  Everything is more enjoyable: food, drink, family, body image.  And if the exercise is running...Even Better for me!

11.  Note to self:  When getting together with a group of women for a girl trip, try not to talk the entire time and  let the quiet and more reserved girls have enough wait time to get a word in too! Getting a break from kids was exciting and I could not shut up! 

12  Fresh veggies and fruits are a must to have in my body every day!  I just feel blah without it and really hope to be better about making good food choices.  Vacation doesn't count.

13.  Since I'm speaking of fruit, and just so nobody thinks we take ourselves too seriously around here:

What is something you get better at with age? or What is something you hope to be better at in your next year of life?



  1. This post was great! I've stuck my head out of a moving limo only once and it was awesome!

    I hope you enjoy Born to Run, I sure did.

    Gosh, I hope I'm better at a lot of things in the years to come =).

  2. Sounds like the most perfect day ever. YAY for you. YAY for great hubby's!!

  3. Sounds like a GREAT weekend. Happy birthday! Lucky you!! I LOVE getting away for the weekend. Always come home totally refreshed and reminded of how much I really do love my, at times, seemingly mundane life!!! Love the 32 theme. I'm 35, that would just mean more work for me!! OK-totally laughing at number 11 because that's me all the way. Glad you're making progress with the hamstring! Now, something I get better at with age...Hmmmm-see #13-ha!! We don't take ourselves seriously around here either. Have a great day!

  4. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I loved that picture of you with your head out of the limo...ha ha!
    The welcome home presents and flowers are awesome!
    Oh, and I liked your "32" themed workout! Maybe I'll do something similar when I turn 35 this year! :)

  5. Happy 32! Love the sweet gifts! The age-related reps get a little more challenging as one cough, cough... I get on in years...just sayin.

  6. I love your 32 birthday theme! Only thing missing is 32 ice cream flavors....:P Mmmm...

    That's a lot of no weight squats and lunges!

    What gets better with age? Only thing I can think of (at the moment) are the qualifying standards- but I am sure there are many things. Oh yeah, Cheese (if refrigerated)!

    Happy Birthday! Love the pics :) and the sweet charm necklace.

  7. Happy Birthday to you! I would love to be in Napa right now! I ran in the Napa to Sonoma half marathon in July and I am missing wine country! Sounds like a fun trip:) Lovely flowers and necklace from the family!

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I <3 that necklace it is awesome! And this post...glad to be following...I would love to learn to love myself more for what I am and care less what people think. Love that!

  9. Yay!!! Thanks to everyone that helped me get to 32 blog friends/followers by my 32nd birthday and in 2 weeks of being a blogger! I'm so excited. That was my blog goal for turning 32~ Julie at Hotlegs runner was my 32nd! Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes and the lovely comments!

  10. I absolutely love the necklace!! Happy Happy birthday! Your workout looked really fun! Let us know how the books are and I absolutely love that picture:)
    The pasta your husband made you sounds delicious and I am so glad you still the condiments too!!

  11. Ummm, love your picture of fruit. ;)

    What I've gotten better at with age is not worrying about "petty" things that I used to get worked up about. I don't think it's age that has helped me with that, but having kids. There are just too many other important things in my life now that I don't have time for the drama.

    Love your birthday necklace!! Very pretty!

  12. ps. Need to read the book How Did I...
    Sounds fun and so accurate!! Will have to recommend that one to my Book Club.

  13. You're ONLY 32??? Well, God bless you!;-) really, you may think you're gettin' old but 32?! That's the bomb! embrace it baby!!!!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY = thanks for visiting my blog :)

  15. Happy Birthday! Nappa Valley is the place to be!

  16. Happy birthday: 32!!!! You won't believe but I was also 32 long time ago!!
    Nice post and beautiful pictures.

  17. Look at you! Again, I'm so proud of you! I meant to email you all day yesterday to wish you happy birthday, but I ran from meeting to meeting and was exhausted by the time I got home. It was movie night in mommy's bed just so I could get extra sleep with the little guys close. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Things I am getting better at with age ... cutting myself some slack and giving up on the fact that I HAVE to be superwomen ALL the time. Just most of it : )! So happy to see these ladies embracing you and realizing what a great gal you are!

    Lots of love to you!

  18. sounds like a super excellent birthday!! I loved Born to Run, really made me want to get out and run run run

  19. Happy birthday! 32 is a GREAT number to be. I like to think of things in terms of having had XX number of years to get as good (or as bad) as I am. I have become many things through the years but several important things would be more tolerant, slower to speak, more aware of myself outside the roles I fill for others, and more dedicated.
    Your get away sounded/looked wonderful and the return home had to have been heart warming. I love the magic wands! I could use those somedays!
    Thanks for joining in life's fun with me. I am agree to read up on Amanda too!

  20. Happy Birthday! Seems that we a) are both in Oregon, b) both go to Beaver games and c) both just turned 32! I switched over to my 32nd year on November 4th!

    I'm happy to have another PacNW runner to follow. Seems we are kind of few and far between!