Monday, November 1, 2010


This blog is becoming such a familiar place of comfort to come "home" to after a long day.  Funny how once I entered blog world and started thinking "blog", I see all kinds of things that inspire me to write.  Today I kept a list of things I wanted to put in my blog for today so be prepared for a hodgepodge of material here. 

First Self Kinesiology Tape Experience
Today was my first time buying Kinesio Tape and trying to tape my own hamstring.  I'm used to my awesome chiropractor doing it for me but now that I don't have to go to therapy as often, it is time for me to tape myself.  To help me get a visual, I used pictures that his assistant took of him taping me.  The pictures helped a little but let's just say my tape job isn't worthy of a picture to share with you.  When he tapes me, it usually lasts a week.  I can swim with it, shower, go on with my life without even noticing it.  Not the case with my tape job.  Maybe tape job # 2 will be better.  This stuff wasn't cheap so I need to learn quick so I don't waste it! 

How awkward!  Dr. Forcum makes it look sooo easy!

Okay, fine, here is shot of my first tape job.  Looks similar to what it should look like but definitely doesn't feel right.  Tomorrow I'll try again. 

Race Date Set and Confirmation Complete
I'm officially registered for the Hippie Chick Half Marathon on Mother's Day 2011!  Such a huge step for me in my return to running.  It will truly be a celebration of running, motherhood, and life.  A couple of my girlfriends are doing it too! 

Working Out With Kids Around 
Today was one of those great days that I was able to fit in a Jillian Michael's Workout and my kids were perfectly content to let me do it.  In fact, my 3 year old joined me and my 16 month old happily played at my feet while my 5 year old drew a picture of it all.  Check out her awesome picture.  I look so happy because I am! 

 The Follower Thing
 I have to say that this word "follower" just doesn't sit right with me.  It just seems like there could be a better word in the blog world for a person that reads your blogs regularly.  Any ideas?  Follower just reminds me too much of junior high school.  Despite my distaste for the word itself, having followers really is exciting!  I went to bed last night with 9 followers and woke up this morning with 14.  I feel really silly at how encouraged and excited I am at this follower thing.  But when it comes to blogging, it really is exciting to know that people are "on board" to read your blog and welcome you to the blogging community.  So, that is my small celebration in the blogging world for today!  I just need to remember that my kids hear everything I talk about and they pick up the lingo and use it too.  The other day, my husband and I were talking about someone (nothing to do with blogging) and my 5 yr old daughter shouts out from her room to interrupt our conversation that she overheard and says "Hey Mom, you really should be her follower because she's cool"!  Okay, that's just embarrassing.  Please don't say that in public honey. 

Running After Kids
I didn't get my mile run in today like I had planned.  By the time I did homework with my daughter, went to a school fundraiser dinner, got all the kids home and ready for bed, I was not only exhausted, but it was pouring rain outside. Driving to the gym at 8 p.m (in the rain) just to get on a treadmill for 11 minutes of rehab running sounded about as fun as ______________(you fill in the blank).  Does running after my 16 month old son in the restaurant and trying to make him sit politely at the table to eat his dinner as he threw french fries across the room count? Or does it count that I let the girls cover my table with glitter glue and sequins? 

I Love Dr. Suess
I think I'll end this blog with a quote by Dr. Suess that made me smile today.  My mom used it as her facebook status and as soon as I read it, I knew it would be one for my favorite quote collection. Here it is:
"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find
someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them
and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."  -- Dr. Suess 

Happy Monday,


  1. Thanks for the comment. (yes, it was my first post)

    So much love for "K tape" and "Dr Suess"... I can see we're going to be fast friends.

  2. I think the K Tape is hardcore! Hope it works!

    As for the follower thing, I call mine "The Lead Pack" - I think it has an bit of elitist to it.

  3. yeah i don't get the follower thing either. I just call them my virtual friends =).

    I think I'm still one of those running weirdos that doesn't mind the treadmill. I've actually done long runs on it before =).

  4. I actually love the treadmill! Trained for my first two marathons on a treadmill. I just didn't like the idea of driving to the treadmill in the rain after a loooong day with kids. :) I wish I had my own treadmill room.

  5. I'm running Hippie Chick too! Did you get up at midnight to sign up? (I did, what an unnecessary thing to do, oh well!) My husband calls my blog friends and followers my imaginary friends. Looking forward to following another Oregon runner!

  6. This post feels like it could have been written straight out of my own livingroom! =) My 23 month old decided to harass the people next to us in the resteraunt then found a way to travel UNDER the booths, all the way into someone else's spot! Everyone else thinks little guys are so adorable when they are little monsters!!! And my hubby and I did Jillians video tonight with both my 4 year old and our little guy right in the mix of us, getting us laughing and falling all over eachother. And now I'm gonna sip my glass of red wine, say "Cheers" and leave with this Dr. Suess quote "Oh, the places you'll go" =) You have a great blog.