Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beyond Thankful

Thankful for comebacks.  Thankful for Running legs that remember.  For two content and happy kids that sit patiently in their carriage, covered in their Tinkerbell blanket while the rain pelts down and the wind sneaks in to tickle their faces.  Thankful for being able to run so hard that I can barely breathe out the words to The Wheels On The Bus and be in tune with the little voices coming from under the blanket. Thankful for time. For a baby sleeping, music playing and a 3 year old artist creating a masterpiece next to me as I type.

Thankful for all of the loving, thoughtful and supportive comments of encouragement that I received after posting my blog Big Decision; Limitless Life about my decision to quit my job and be at home.  I have received so many genuine and warm e-mails, comments,  and messages from friends and family (in real life and blog land).  I'm thankful for knowing that I'm not alone. I have more people that love and believe in me than I ever realized.  I'm also thankful that I have the choice to stay at home.  I know this isn't a choice every mother has or even a choice that every mother wants to have.  I am thankful for mothers that respect other mothers for the choices they make for themselves.  It doesn't make someone a better mom because they stay home or work outside the home.  I'm thankful that we all have our own choices to make for what works best for our life and I'm thankful for people that respect others for their decisions even when it is different from their own! 

Oh, and I'm thankful for winning a free 30 minute massage from Back In Motion Sports Clinic here in Portland, Oregon!  Woo hoo! 

I know asking what you're thankful for isn't an original question to end my blog with but it really does bring me joy to hear what others are thankful for.  So, what are you thankful for today?

My little one here just drew what she is thankful for today and she included it in her Thankful Can that we are filling up with gratitude so we can read them all on Thanksgiving Day.  Today she drew:

*  Her foot because she is thankful for being able to walk
*  Her Daddy because she is thankful for parents.



  1. I'm thankful that my Little One is getting better and that his Bronchitis is responding to the treatments. I'm thankful for the 30 minute nap I received today as Colin slept. I'm thankful for my husband loading the dishwasher for me this morning as I made breakfast. And the number one thing I'm thankful for: Waking up next to the one I love :O)

  2. I am thankful that we were able to go on a vacation to see our families!

  3. I love this. you knew I would. Awesome.

    Tonight I get to teach eight 8-11 year olds for one hour. The topic "gratitude". I made each of them a gratitude journal. This should be a great experience for everyone. ;)

  4. I'm thankful that all of my children are healthy. And thankful that my husband got a call last night for an interview. I'm thankful for Blog-land to help give me a few moments to myself. =)

  5. I'm thankful for a healing in a difficult family relationship!! Gotta love comebacks...hope mine is coming soon!!!

  6. So thankful for answered prayers this week (big and small ones) and for no major health catastrophes! So so thankful that my husband can watch thi kids in the early morning so I can get out and find a piece of "me" while spending time thinking, praying and running.
    Thanks for your question!

  7. <3 this. I wish I could be home more!! Today I'm thankful for my monkeys and their turkey heaven:)

  8. you have me now as a devoted follower with the wheels on the bus singing while running with the kiddos! even though i am a devoted uw husky fan and alum! :) thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm glad you found my blog. I love this post. I just did one on being thankful too.