Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tree, Holiday Cards, Art, Thanksgiving and Other Randomness

1.  Okay, so is it too early to put our Christmas Tree up?  We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but  I really have the itch to do it today!  My husband says absolutely not!  But I say Why Not?! 

2.  This Tree topic makes me excited to tell you about my first giveaway that I have in the works for Monday!  I'm so excited because I wanted it to be a giveaway that isn't just for runners but something that will reach the interests of all kinds of people!  I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most people either know of someone or they themselves have a use for some kind of announcement, invitation or Holiday Card! And what's better than getting a set of custom made cards, invitations, or announcements for free?! All you'll have to do is send in a picture that you want to use.  I have not ironed out the details yet but I'll have more to say about this giveaway soon! 

3.  Thank you for all your comments and feedback about the Cher Odum art I wrote about in The Beauty of Art, The Essence of a Runner.  She is definitely working on coming up with something new.  I know art is such a personal preference and what one person loves, another might take no interest in.  Such is the beauty of art!


4.  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill last night and reached another new level in my recovery!  Today I think I'm going to try to get in 6 at an easy pace. Good news is that I don't feel any pain in my hamstring!  I've been using my kinesio tape and stretching really good so this is helping.   Thinking of all you that are coming back from an injury...I know how hard it can be to not run!  Just keep focusing on the your goal and visualizing yourself running free and strong.  Visualizing and remaining focused on healing and strength help speed up the recovery process!

A shout out to several NW blogger runners who are running in the EWEB Run To Stay Warm .  Good luck ladies:   Elkton Runner, Little Fruit Fly, Laurie, and Kim!

5.  Holiday Traditions.  I'm so excited for Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.  I love getting out my nice table cloths, dishes, decorations and music and making it a really nice dinner.  I know for some it is a more relaxed day with football and eating on the couch all day but for me it more of a fancy occasion.  I usually have everyone write down what they are thankful for (with some twist) and then we include them in our gratitude album where we can look back to all the past years and see how far we've all come in life. Everyone is so good about humoring me.  They even agree to share their gratitude cards at the table before we eat.  And the only thing that would make it more festive is a decorated TREE!  ;)

What are your Thanksgiving Traditions?



  1. First, given our stores have been decked out since Halloween, I don't think the week before Thanksgiving is too early to put up the tree and all its trimmings. Second, I love your Thanksgiving tradition. Our only tradition is to go for a family hike the morning after Thanksgiving, rather than shop on Black Friday. I pick a place and keep it secret until we all jump into the car. We go out for a big brunch afterward. It's my way of ushering in the holiday rush by taking it easy one more day.

  2. Thanks for the good luck wishes at the EWEB Half. It was a blast and the weather was spectacular. Look for a race report tomorrow.
    And, we're putting our tree up tonight. You can never do that too early:)

  3. I think it's hilarious that you want to put up a tree already! All of the stores are already playing x-mas music, which I think it just crazy! It just seems like they're getting x-mas stuff out earlier and earlier every year!
    But..I also love to put up and decorate our tree. We like to get a live tree though, so if we did it now, it would be completely dead my x-mas!! :)

  4. We always wait to put up our tree until after my son's birthday on the 5th...if it wasn't for that, I would put up ours now too!!
    My mother in law does something similar as your gratitude cards except she uses the same table cloth every year and we all sign the table cloth with what we are thankful for that goes back more than 10 years. She has added to it the fabric on it. It is such a neat tradition.

  5. Thanks for the shout out! The race was great and as Kim said, the weather was spectacular!

    Good job with the treadmill, hope 6 goes/went well for you today.

    No real traditions here but I'm liking the idea of the gratitude album, might have to adopt that.

  6. wow! is that your tree? it's pretty! =)

    in our country, we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving Day so our tree is usually up by nov. 3 =)

  7. Thanks girls. Ha! Julie, no, our tree will be much smaller...that is just an image from google. :) We get a live one too but usually the day after Thanksgiving and it lasts until New Years. I figure a few days early won't matter. We will see. I've got lots of mixed opinions about this...most say Yes but a few think it is crazy. ;)

  8. I am really wanting to put up our tree this weekend but my hubby is insisting that we follow tradition....the saturday after Thanksgiving.

  9. I have put our tree up once before Thanksgiving. Normally it is up the first weekend in December. Your tree is very makes me want to put mine up and take out the rest of my Christmas decorations:)

  10. Yay! Thanks for the shout out! It was an awesome day for all at the race yesterday!

    I love your Thanksgiving plans. I really enjoy Thanksgiving so much because the whole family gets together and we just sit around casually talking, laughing, sharing stories from the past. It is just so nice to enjoy each other without the added stress of Christmas presents.

    But don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas! I vote for you to put up that tree!!

  11. Absolutely not too early to put up the holiday stuff. Pulling it all out is such a chore sometimes so I want to enjoy it as long as possible. My tree and home were decorated Saturday and our outside garden was lit up today! Enjoy!