Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running, Other Celebrations, And Shoe Advice

Good News!  I think my running legs are back!  I'm trying not to get ahead of myself but the look on my chiropractor's face at my last appointment was worth a million dollars to me.  I've been on a run every day this week and I. Feel. Great.  I got on the treadmill tonight and tried out an 8 min mile pace just to see how my legs would handle it.  I felt good but I've definitely lost a lot from not running for 4 months.  I ended up running 3.5 miles at just about an 8:40ish pace.  Ahhhh, I've missed you Dear Running!

Heart Beat UP
       Sweat on my brow
Feeling tired
                    Knowing I have it in me for one more,
Soul Smiling,
Heart Happy,
Feeling Fierce, Fiery, Fabulous!
I have returned.
Leaving all the worries of the day
       Behind me....

Other Celebrations and Noteworthy Blogging Material:

32 on 32:  I had 32 Followers/Blog Readers on my 32nd birthday.  Julie @ The Hotlegs Runner was my 32nd reader!  Thank you Julie!  I love learning and being inspired by so many of you!

*  I think I've actually acquired a taste for white wine!  Woah, is this what getting older does to me?

*  I'm thinking I need some new running shoes since my injury.  Running in my usual Nike Elite 4 from the Bowerman Nike Zoom series tonight and  my feet hurt.  Didn't feel right.  Not quite ready to take the barefoot running plunge so suggestions on shoes are welcome! 



  1. Hooray for the return of your running legs!

  2. I like your poem!
    Not sure I have great advice on shoes. I am an overpronator and wear Adidas Adistar salvations or the supernova sequences. Will be trying out the light-weight "tempo" model soon. Not ready to move away from stability. :) or cushion.
    Great run!

  3. It's so funny to read your post today and your poem because since Sunday, I've had NO desire to run. My legs still feel heavy and I'm just pooped. Your post made me realize that at least I can run if I want to and your adjectives describing your 3.5 miler made me want to get out there today. I won't though, I'm being strict with myself this week! Thanks for the nice post.

  4. Yay for 32 followers.

    I read your post about blog etiquette before you deleted it =). I think there are lots of ways to reach your readers. As for blog giveaways the sky is the limit there. I've done a few different giveaways. One of my favorites recently was done by Aimee at I Tri to Be Me...she is doing a giveaway of her favorite things. I thought that was a neat idea. When I do giveaways I love to ask one wacky question, like I gave away a pair of sunglasses and asked for a favorite movie scene where a character is wearing shades!

    As for shoes, I've tried several brands and have feet hate mizunos and nikes, they do okay in addidas but my running shoe love belongs to Saucony ProGrid Rides. However, I still have sensitive feet and get blisters---boo.

    Yay for running this week. I think you're already much to far recovered to run with me. 8:40 pace, I'm lucky if my speedwork is under a 9 min mile =). That being said, it'd still be fun to run together sometime, even if you do all the talking while I huff and puff =).

  5. I am so so glad your running legs are back!! Yipee, what a great feeling! I love my mizuno waveriders!! But if you are wanting to get into barefoot running I highly recommend it:)
    Have a great Thursday!

  6. HI! I found your blog through Amanda's. I'm also in Oregon...and also just finished treatment with a sports injury chiropractor. Wish we had more in common...such as...your speed :-)

  7. I am an Asics girl. I am wearing the 2150's right now. Glad your running legs are back!

  8. Just bought Saucony Kinvara's. They are amazing. And if you are just getting back into running it would be an awesome time to buy a pair like that. They aren't barefoot running, but still help promote better running form, and therefore, will help PREVENT injury. Plus, they look awesome! But I'd still suggest reading their reviews, both positive and negative before! Best of luck!

  9. Hey amanda, thanks for stopping by my blog!! Lots of similarities...I'm almost 32 with 3 kids, living in the NW. I won't hold it against you that you are a beaver fan though! :) YOu are super speedy! So glad you have been able to get back and run strong!! I can't wait. I really hope it doesn't take me 4 months, though! Look forward to following your blog!

  10. PS. I didn't mean that you being 'super speedy' is a similarity...far from it...but I can work towards it, right?! :)

  11. YAY for running! I just know how good that feels to finally be back at it! White wine is fine but I'm pretty much a cab girl here! Does white wine or red wine make you older?? I've worn Brooks Launch shoes for the last year-neutral and lightweight. I like them a lot. Also alternate with the Mizuno Waverider. So excited things are on the upswing for you! Can't wait to hear about your speedy legs gettin' some races under them!!!

  12. Wow, I have so many shoes to look into! Thanks all! jenn, I just have never liked white wine before so I'm wondering what is happening to me. :) I'm also a cab girl...well, most red wines really.

  13. Congrats on making a comeback!!!! :)

    I would suggest hitting up your local running store and asking for an analysis to see what shoe you should be in based on their professional opinion. Personally I'm an Asics girl, GT-2150 all the way! :)

    Happy Weekend!

    P.S. Forward motioned people just don't fit for Zumba, they are all about the sideways motions! :) LOL!

  14. It is great to hear that your running legs are back and the mojo is flowing! I love my Asics....I attempted to change once and went right back to them:)

    Happy weekend Amanda!