Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Buzz

My bloody Boston Shoes (They really were Boston shoes...Boston Addias)

I can feel it!  All the way over here on the west coast.  I can feel the energy, the buzz, the excitement of the Boston Marathon!  In fact, I just entered the runners that I will be officially tracking for the race tomorrow!  This will be my first year to really know someone running!  So much has changed for me since I started this blog in October.  An entirely new world of running has been opened to me and for the first time in my life, I'm following the sport of running instead of just running because I love to run!  I'm also spending way too much money on things I never seemed to need before like:
* running gear
*  books about running
*  entry fees to so many more races
*  Fuel for running
*  Protein powder and recovery products
* The list continues to Grow.....

But I'm also LEARNING SO MUCH!  This I love!  

Some Quickies:

*  All this Boston talk and energy floating around is surely contagious.  It is so joyful to see so many people (those running and those watching) coming together for a sport they are passionate about. 

*  All this talk about Boston has definitely got me wishing I was there as I had hoped before my injury but more importantly, it has me beyond excited to be there next year (hopefully!).  

*  I went on my longest run in 7 years (since Boston 2004). 21.3 miles yesterday with my new Garmin 405. Longest Training Run ever!  I've never run over 20 for a training run. I'm trying to figure out how to show you the elevation chart so you can see some of the serious hills I train on but that will have to wait.  This elevation gain also means that I get some good downhills too!  

* Love my Garmin 405 so far!

* I'm using lots of !!!! because I'm so excited about Boston and seeing how the people I care about do.

*  I've been thinking a ton about Boston 2004, my first and only Boston and realizing how much more it means to me now than it did then.  I already wrote a Boston Post where I recapped my experience but as I mentioned there, I didn't really even know what Boston was before I qualified and when I went, it was all new to me.  I was telling a friend tonight how I kind of went thinking that I would just enjoy Boston and see what happened.  I did just enough training to make sure I could run strong without hitting the wall...enough to get me through the marathon but I had no BIG plans or goals.  When I got there some ladies were saying how cool it is to requalify for Boston AT Boston.  That became my plan then and there.  Even though I qualified again, I never have been back.  I was too eager to have babies!  But now I'm ready to go back.  If anything, just to be in a place where the energy is so Amazing and so many people are together for a common passion.  And now that I know so many blog peeps, it would be that much more exciting to meet up with you!  

So happy to have been part of such a great event!  25 year old boobs (before 3 kids) are way perkier than 32 year old boobs (after 3 kids).  And this is without my beloved Handful Bra.

My husband got in the perfect place for a picture.  I want to say this is just after Heartbreak Hill but I could be wrong.

We were so young!  My husband had hair even.  25 years old!

*  My Nephew was born in Washington D.C this week and I got to watch him come into the world via Skype!  How cool is that?  I am so proud and never thought I could love a baby that wasn't mine THIS MUCH!  

Good Luck Boston Runners!  I can't wait to get my text messages letting me know how you do!  



  1. I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU LOVE YOUR GARMIN!!! Girl, you are amazing and I LOVE your Boston pics....those shoes with the medal, I LOVE IT!!! AMAZING job on your longest run sin are a rockstar and how about we go to Boston together next year?!?!

  2. Janae, I would be honored to be at Boston when you are!! This would make me so happy. You are so amazing...and especially inspirational with the way you have handled your injury with wisdom, patience, and grace. YOu have so much ahead of you girl! Love to you!!! Wish you were at Boston but glad that you are taking care of yourself and keeping your spirits bright!

  3. Oh such great memories! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. 21. 3 miles on hilly roads = awesomeness! Is your marathon in May?

    My shoes from Boston last year looked the same, blood everywhere. I developed a horrible blister at mile 3 that got infected and burst during the run. Fun times, grr!

    25 years old, oh, the times! I remember being 25 and taking it for granted, feeling like I would always be 25...

    I have my Tivo set to record Boston (have the day off) and am so excited for everyone!

  5. There's absolutely no energy quite like it anywhere - I always felt pretty special to be there amongst the best of the best (even if I was close to last of the best of the best :)). Hope you make it next year and meet a lot of your special bloggie buddies!

    Glad the 405 is working for ya!! I always have wear the watch face to the inside of my wrist so I have to lock the bezel all the time; it's soooo touchy!!

    Have a great week!

  6. Such awesome pictures, amanda! LOL about your pre-kid boob comments. Oh, handful would be out of business if it wasn't for us post-3 kids women!

    There is something too awesome about that shoe picture. Such a visual picture of the sport...true grit---through blood, sweat, and tears!

    Your second Boston will be a different experience but no less an accomplishment. I'm watching this morning online and have my phone right by me waiting for text updates!! :) Boston buzz is alive and well at my house! I'm considering it mental marathon training to get me pumped to get after it!! ;)

    Way to go on your 21.3!! awesome.

  7. oh my gosh you had me smiling a lot with this post! i can feel your energy and the energy of boston, too!!! great news about your 405 and your training run wooohooo! i did my longest run this weekend since baby g was born :o) oh and congrats on your new nephew - sooo cool that you got to watch him be born via skype!

  8. Sitting at my computer with a huge pot of coffee SO excited for all this!!! So fun to have so many friends running and cheering and sharing in the excitement of it all!!!

    You MUST be there next year! Seeing you would surely be a big highlight of my trip:) Loved reading your Boston post again!

    Yes, those are perky 25 year old boobs!! Dang, I miss mine too. You still have the hot legs though:)

    Super Congrats on the 21.3! A blistering HM and a 21.3 in the same week!!! And on hills besides!! I thought of you many times on my run yesterday! Proud of you like a little mother hen and inpired BY you!!!


  9. Hi there!
    Look how cute you were at Boston. And girrrrllll, trust ME you are still hawt and rockin' at 32. thirty two ain't NOTHIN! You're a youngin!

    Take it from moi...a gal clinglin to her last year of her 30's!!!;-);-);-)

  10. WOW you are AWESOME for running boston at 25!!! and yes, I admit that while I am 25 my boobs post-one baby are nowhere near that perky.. :( thats the sacrifice for having babies right?? totally worth it. WOW I cant believe you ran SO far!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING and SO inspiring to me!!!! keep up with the good work, you;ll be back in boston in no time!

  11. Boston will never be a dream of mine, but it's great to see people so happy to have been in it, or working towards it.

    Just wait til you're in your 40's--you will look back fondly on the boobs you have now :)

    Although I will say mine are still perky, just not as perky as they were in my 30's!

  12. I can feel the excitement too! And great job on your training run! And your arms look totally amazing! You don't even look older either! I'm sure Boston will happen again for you!

  13. Great post!!

    I've been obsessively stalker, er, tracking runners all day. I'm bummed that it's pretty much all over. I think a couple are still out there, but for the most part my tracking is done. It was so much fun actually knowing runners at Boston this year. Puts a whole new spin on it!

    When you run it again I will totally stalk you, too!

  14. wow that is a LOMG run!!! 21.3 where did that number come from!!!
    I love your pictures! the one with the shoes could be on the cover of a running book!
    the boobs....God..imagine having 2 kids after 35 and then hitting 40 AND then loosing over 70 lbs..that makes for some damage to the boobs I can tell you this!!!
    that is why we have fancy bras to help !!!!

  15. A bloody shoe equals a great race effort! I have admiration for your long runs on trails, Chicago is flat as a pancake and the only "hills" I get are treadmill ones. I think that when I went to Boston in 2008 that I didn't really understand how amazing being there really was either. Hopefully I'll see you there next year! Nice pics!

  16. I’m 25. Do you think I’m young. :) I remember when I was 20 and I thought 25 was so old haha! Now I feel like anywhere between 25-35 is the same thing.. I don’t know, I have lots of friends who are 30-32 and have young kids like me and I feel like they are younger than they really are!!

    You are/were adorable/hot. :)

    Don’t even get me started on my boobs. Seriously.

  17. You will love your Garmin 405. Life-changing, I tell you.

    PLEASE come to Boston to run next year so I can meet you!!

  18. Well you should BQ so you can meet yours truly next year. That would probably be the proudest moment of your life; meeting The Manly Runner.

    Great job on the training run. I am 1,000% sure that you can BQ tomorrow if you wanted.

    Guess what? I signed up for a 5K. It's next month. I was gonna challenge Meg to a race, but she got injured today :-( Such a bummer. At least I spared getting chicked by Meg.

    BTW, sub 20:00 is not remotely possibly. I'm sure.

  19. You are a hawtie NOW and then! SERIOUSLY! I still can't believe you have 3 kiddos and such a rockin body! Teach me your ways!

    I love the shoes + medal pic and can see you crossing the Boston finish line in 2012. Yes.

    And, to meet Chris K--much bigger than the medal and jacket!

  20. Oh, Amanda!! What a day........I need to process it still, but I know you'll be back at Boston in 2012. You will have a whole new look at it as a mom and in your 30's.

    Bought the BEST sports bra EVER at the expo. It's by brooks and it was on sale for 30$- much like handful. I'll have to find the style number / description for you. I wore it today. It was comfy!

    Bloody shoes...I am gonna lose a toenail, even though I went up a half size in shoes. I swear it's the dang hills!

    You are gonna rock Newport!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the bloggy emails =D I have not been on the net because the signal is coming from down the road and very sketchy. (I'm in a house about 45 minutes S of Boston.) Jon stayed home with the boys- too much money for us all to come out and do a hotel. Thank you for cheering for me!

  21. Congrats on your nephew!!! Boston was so amazing! I love being there! It got me even more excited about running, which is awesome!! You will get back there. I know you can!!!! And when you do, I will be watching with all the other spectators cheering you on!!!

  22. I am loving your pictures! You still look really good! believe me I would kill to be 32 again:) your boobs really don't look good at 38 and 4 kids:)
    I can't wait for you to come to Boston next year. Fingers crossed that I will make it. hoping for a 3:45 at Chicago in October.
    P.S. your pic is right before you make the turn onto Heartbreak Hill, our Mimi lives near the sign.

  23. You're going to get into Boston next year...I just KNOW it. :)

  24. Good job on the long run. OWEEE! those bloddy shoes look painful!
    So you'll be running next year....I now know why people keep doing Boston. What a FANTASTIC experience. It beats all.

  25. Who just goes for a 21+ mile run? You are nuts :) I feel like my 26-yr boobs are already saggy.

  26. Congratulations on the long run! I'm happy that you like your new more running naked. Thanks for sharing your great memories from and pictures of Boston!