Friday, April 29, 2011

Lofty Goals Grounded

I've never run over 60 miles a week.  In fact, I thrive on 40 to 55 miles a week.  As some of you know, I had a really hard week planned for running this week.  If I played my cards right and followed Matt Fitzgerald's third level plan for the Brain Training Plan for the week then I was on track for 70 miles this week.  My all-time high.  And then I planned to return to lower miles next week before my tune-up half marathon that I am training through.  

So, how would I take this big step in miles this week?  On a week that is especially stressful as it is.  Birthday parties, planning for a Writing Festival I'm presenting at, hosting dinners at my house, etc.  Oh, and being a mother to three kids 6 and under.  That's enough right there.  And thanks to those of you that brought this to my attention in my last post.  

I'm tired.  Really tired.  My body hurts.  Not sure why.  And I came home from my recovery run yesterday (cut to 4 miles) with light pain in my heel and foot and a lump the size of a small small bouncy ball in the back of my heel (bottom of ankle where the two meet).  Not sure what this is from but I have learned something over the last six months of reading running blogs.  The most important things I've learned:

  • Listen to your body
  • It is OKAY to take a day off
  • Taking multiple days off (even key workouts God forbid!) at the first signs of injury is the Smartest thing you can possibly do.  Even when it means not being able to meet your lofty goals to be superwoman!  
  • A day or two off isn't going to hurt me!  It will help me.
  • Taking a day or two off now will help me later.  
  • Trying to run through this pain while still running around with my head cut off trying to throw my daughter's birthday party, entertain guests, plan for upcoming events, and gearing up for a 22 miler on Sunday (which may or may not happen) is NOT Wise.  
  • Think lots of positive thoughts, love myself and others, and don't be a bitch fest.  
So, here's where I am at now.  I'm giving myself the day off.  No 12 mile run with 6 to 8 of them being Tempo at 7 min pace (or a bit under).  Nope.  I'm going to do a whole lot of nothing until this body of mine feels a bit better and my heel bump goes away.  LOVE LOVE LOVE and Peaceful thoughts for this girl.  I'm going to start with:
  • a gratitude list in my journal
  • turn on my favorite tunes...maybe some Nora Jones or Jack Johnson
  • Have another cup of coffee
  • Watch my kids do gymnastics.  Really watch without doing other things besides chasing after my almost 2 year old.  
  • Be fully present in my daughter's party today and make it all about her.
  • Have a quiet mind, gentle spirit, positive outlook and loving attitude (ha ha, this is funny just writing about it because I'm going to have to dig darn deep here!)  
  • Do the heel bump dance to make it go away. 
  • Maybe sit down on the couch at quiet time today and actually zone out to some fluff for once.  Practicing the art of RELAXATION is challenging for this HYPER girl who puts way too much pressure on herself.  I might even buy myself a gossip magazine like People or US weekly to really let my mind go.  I have not read one of those since my last beach trip....which was when??
Happy Friday!  

p.s. Already convincing myself that I feel better enough to at least attempt some light miles. :)  We shall see.  Be smart Amanda.  Be smart.  be smart...see, if I just keep saying this again and again maybe it will sink in.  


  1. Good for you to listen to your body and just rest. I think that is the hardest thing to do, but I'm sure your body and mind will thank you for it. Hope you enjoy the gymnastics and the birthday party and have a happy and peaceful day and weekend. :)

  2. You are very well educated. Well done.

    Happy Friday.

  3. I'm the worst at giving my body a day off. I will think I have convinced myself to lay low and then I'm in the car and pass someone running or I drive by the gym. And then it is all downhill from there. Good luck! And take a day off! ;)

  4. It's Friday and a great day to take the day off. Relax already!

  5. I just bought People StyleWatch and it had some totally cute swimsuits to peruse. Also enough skinny chicks to remind me to eat a cupcake every now and then!!
    I hope you feel better super fast.

  6. Yes, I like this. I tell you, I read som any tri blogs where people do so much more than I can (and I do a lot!), like 6-7 hours training per weekend day, etc. I am tempted sometimes to do that, but I know that even if I were single with no responsibilities, my body would not be ready for all of that. I don't even know if I could handle 70 miles/week now.

    Yes, take it easy, focus on your goals and your plans, and keep the eye on the prize (your health, long term running, your running and your family).

  7. Hope you are able to relax a little an take it easy, especially during rest time! I think you are just awesome and very wise to listen to your body. Hope the birthday turns out wonderful!

  8. Be smart . . . rest is your friend.

    The one thing I learned after training for my 3rd marathon (which was 7 months after the birth of my daughter) is that you can run 3 days a week and incorporate REST and still have a stellar run!

    My goal for that marathon was to finish w/o hurting my milk supply. Baby came first. I followed the FIRST training program which only had me running 3 times a week (a speed, a tempo & a long). I was hesitant/skeptical and didn't think it would work (my 2 previous marathons I ran training almost daily). Low and behold, I PR'd that marathon ... 7 months post baby!! I am a firm believer now in rest. I was never once injured during a run, over-tired (despite nursing round the clock) and burnt out. I ENJOYED my runs.

    Just food for thought . . . hope that heal bump isn't anything serious.

  9. I hope the heel bump and pain goes away swiftly! You are smart to take time off rather than risk aggravating an injury.

    I hope your daughter's birthday party is a blast for her and goes smoothly for you!

  10. i have such a hard time letting go of the mileage goals i set for myself especially when the number is a stretch. i feel overwhelmingly compelled just by the number itself.

    i'm going to just hope that you talked yourself into relaxing and healing :) but if you give in and go for some easy miles, i'll support you 100%, cause i totally understand the attachment to the numbers!

  11. Oh Amanda. How you even manage to run 40-55 miles per week is beyond me! And YES, you thrive on that. You've proven it time and time again that you perform WELL with that mileage. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right!! If I could run 42 minute tuneup 10K's on your mileage, I would stay RIGHT there!!!

    Your heel. No idea what that would be but be wise. Light miles are maybe "junk" miles and wasted ones when your body just needs rest.

    Hoping you're getting some quiet time in the midst of your party planning today! I'm going to shoot you an email tonight when I'm off my phone and on my computer. Lots of thoughts.

  12. You are learning well, Grasshopper. Or is Kung Fu before your time? lol

    Look at me! I took THREE WEEKS off and came back feeling awesome and running even a little faster than I had been. You have such a solid base and such a busy life... and now a heel bump. Give yourself some LOVE, girl :) I'll tell ya, feeling rested and relaxed is weird but sooooo nice :)

    Happy Birthday to your BIG girl! Enjoy the moment... revel in it. This time goes so fast <3

    love to you and your family!

  13. Breathe and at the very least take a day off.... You will be super bummed if it turns into something worse. The running Gods will not strike you down for skipping ONE run and enjoying a couple days to relax your mind!

  14. Amanda- you are a SMART cookie. So many good things you have learned. It's awesome that you are able to learn from others lessons so you don't have to learn the hard way. Experience is a most unkind teacher sometimes.

    I am thinking GOOD thoughts (sending up prayers) for you about the heel/ankle and am certain that some rest and ice and elevation will help loads with it!!! Even a week off shouldn't set you back, if you need it.

    Enjoy the birthday celebration and do try to get in a trip to Powell's for me and sit down with a high-quality mocha and a good book. :)

  15. relaxing and slowing down is hard. I have a hard with this when I am sick. I have a hard time now because it is taper week.

    hope the bday party is a success! I am sure it will be. Kids need less then we think to be happy.

  16. Amanda.....please take the day off. As somebody who kept running and then was out for about a month I am telling you to take the day.
    I hope that it is a great birthday party:) i love birthday's!

  17. A day off may do you wonders. I did this on Wednesday and feel a bit more together today and had an amazing 16 miler. You've got a full load and your priorities seem to be in order, so hang in there lady. And maybe treat yourself to an extra slice of birthday cake!

  18. Well if it makes you feel any better, I wish I would have done what you are doing. Its so hard to listen to our bodies...which is nuts because we all obviously all really care about our health! I think your awesome so keep doing what your doing (meaning the listening to your body part!);)Annette

  19. ha ha..i just saw the ps. I was walking with my husband and kids today..jeans on...and was like.." could we just see if I can run to that stop sign without pain"..."how about that white mail box"...

  20. It's so hard to play it smart when you just want to run! Be strong, girly!

    I hear you about the busy weeks. I had such a good month of running in March, and then in April I ran just half of the miles thanks to being hurt and craziness at work and busy-ness at home. Nothing like going into the marathon on Sunday with a loooooooong taper, right? :)

  21. Be smart! You learned some excellent lessons from your fellow bloggers. Rest and ice until you're feeling better! I hope you heal soon.

  22. I'm sorry that you needed to take some time off, but it sounds like it was the right choice for your body.

  23. hopefully the kids' distractions helped keep your mind from missing the running. rest is definitely best when you're ailing!

    and you're still awesome. you don't need 70 miles to tell you that :)