Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympian Men Swimmers, Mosquitoes, Elevation, and Vacation Rambles

Gotta admit it, this family vacation is pretty darn awesome in every way but one of the evening highlights has surely been watching the Olympian Men Swimmers before we go to sleep.  Talk about going to bed with sweet dreams!  Who needs dessert when you can watch the after event interviews with Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps?  I had to laugh when I saw the picture below:

Okay, in all seriousness, I really am a woman that finds the intellectual mind MUCH sexier than the body when it comes to finding someone attractive as far as relationships go. But hey, I can enjoy the sights right?

Yup, those Olympic Men swimmers have some pretty AMAZINGLY SCULPTED bodies.   But I have this guy in the picture to celebrate life with every day.  I couldn't have asked for a better start to our nine year anniversary yesterday....Family, Sunshine, Good Coffee, Love, and a promise of a wonderful day together.

Happy 9 years, my love.  It has been the best 9 years of my life without a doubt!

One of the highlights of our anniversary morning was that we were able to head out on a run together while the kids stayed with the rest of family.  It was a little warmer than I would have liked and the 4,3000 ft. elevation compared to our usual sea level definitely seemed to have an impact on my lungs.  But maybe that is just because I haven't done much more than slow easy running since my July 4th marathon.   My workout was listed as:
6 miles.  2 miles easy; 3 miles in 22:15; 1 mile easy.

Yeah, nothing too hard.  Just a little bit of freshening up while still giving my body that month after a marathon to fully recover even if I feel fully recovered already.  I'm trying really hard to
listen and be patient.
The time will come to run faster.  And  honestly, I am going to have to WANT to be more serious with running if I'm going to get faster....the desire is perhaps the biggest part...desire, determination, and focus combined with trust, patience, and listening....this sounds like a good recipe for some PRs.

It was really hard for me to find that 7:25 pace for the 3 miles.  They ended up being a bit faster and I definitely needed to catch my breathing was way harder than it should have been for this pace. I'd like to blame this on the 4,000 plus ft in elevation gain but maybe it was just from being out of my best shape.

2 miles easy (but probably faster than easy should be right now)
7:09/7:10 (don't have my exact data in front of me).  Took a 30 second or less breather in middle of this one.  A sure sign that I'm either way out of the shape I'd like to be or that the elevation did in fact affect me.  Hmmmm.
1 mile easy home before a....

 4 mile hike that involved dust, swatting wildly at stupid mosquitoes and then getting to our proposed  fishing river only to find a raging white Deshutes River.  We had three disappointed kids who were more excited than anything to fish.  There would not only be NO fishing but also no sitting around due to the vicious blood sucking mosquitoes.  I guess the bitchy Amanda came out at this point and my extended family has now labeled me as "Surely NOT an outdoorsy person."  I would beg to differ.  I'm just a girl that likes "controlled outdoor experiences" and knowing what to expect?  Who knows.  I definitely love the outdoors.  But not when it comes to getting my flesh eaten alive while needing food and rest after my morning run.  Hope they still want to travel with me.  Oh wait, they are family...they don't have any choice.  :)

I have to admit, it was heavenly to come back to the vacation house, shower,  cut off another dead toenail and paint over it, slip on a sun dress and pour myself a glass of wine while enjoying "nature" from the deck.

Now off to run and get my husband to his pick up point for the Cascade Lakes Relays.  He's so excited!


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  1. Ha! That photo about the shirt is hilarious. And yes, I admit I admire the view too. ;)
    Good lck to your husband as he runs!!! We are running the haulin aspen half marathon this weekend. Well, walking and running. I saw that it will be cooler in bend than in Portland!!! I don't know if you are looking for a race yourself, but haulin aspen looks and sounds like a fun one.
    Happy anniversary! :) 9 years is great!!!

  2. I prefer looking at the rowers. They are just less publicized and have no endorsements so no one ever sees them on TV.

    Happy Anniversary!!! You two are such a magnificent couple :)

  3. Yes, the swimmers are great eye candy....I don't think they should be allowed to wear shirts, at all.
    Congratulations to you and Waylon for 9 years of wedded bliss. You both look so happy and in love. :-)

  4. Your pace, really? I can't even run those splits when racing. I could give you a butt load of excuses but bottom line.... gah! Dang it! I need to get my rear in gear!

  5. Enjoy your family time! We're heading out tomorrow for some time with both sides of the family, and I'm ready for a little extra help with L... hopefully a little more sleep, a little more play, catching up with friends, and we're taking a short trip to celebrate our 8 year anniversary too!

  6. agree with you about the eye candy :)

    Happy Anniversary!!

  7. Happy Anniversary and good luck to your hubby! I am with you on the "controlled nature" bit. I am not a huge fan of bugs or the like.

  8. Hey you:) Yes, I'm incredibly attracted to the intellectual mind. My fantasies have Dr. Ryan Lochte in them.....

    Sounds like the perfect start to your anniversary! I have never run in elevation but I KNOW it's tough. Honestly, this is really a super workout under those circumstances! Under ANY circumstances! 7 minute pace for 3 miles on no speedwork while still in recovery in a training run! You should be very happy with this. Regardless of your breathing, I really think this pace is super. You have SO much in there, if you are doing this in training now.

    Paragraph following. Laughing out loud. "Controlled outdoor experiences"

    Hope Waylon has a super time this weekend!!

  9. Swatting bugs for 4 miles would totally take the fun out of it for me and I'd be in super bitchy mode too. We don't have a lot of those pesty mosquitoes here in Colorado but now and then I find a few along the creek I run along often. Bleh!

    Great job on the run, you are getting back in there feeling strong - so happy to hear this!

    Hope Waylon's having a great time - woohoo!

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    Hm, I've been watching a ton of men's swimming. I wonder why?

    Laughing bc I have the picture of you in my mind, on Friday night when we had dinner on my deck. No, you do not like mosquitoes, LOL.

    You are running really well, particularly considering the altitude. It's like breathing through a straw over there! Excited to see you work with Ray and get those PRs - when you are ready to make running a priority:)

    Good luck to Waylon this weekend. He has such a super wife to support him through this:)

  11. I have to say, I have enjoyed watching the swimming as much as T&F. Not just aesthetics, but after working amongst the sport and dabbling in it myself, I appreciate it.

    Enjoy the vacay and Happy Anniversary!

  12. Personally I think it's totally healthy to admire beauty in the human form - male or female - regardless of whether you're married or not. From a totally objective standpoint I think the decathletes have some of the most well-developed physiques. And that's being totally objective ;-)

  13. I totally agree with you about mosquitoes. I think of myself as an outdoor person, too, but I have no tolerance for them.

    I like the male runners' bodies better than the swimmers. Skinny and wiry, like my husband! :^)

  14. Longtime Lurker, here....
    Yours was the first running blog I ever started reading, btw. I've finally gotten motivated to try one of my own. Figured I should start letting other bloggers know how much they've inspired me.

    I have similar thoughts about "the great outdoors". I think I enjoyed it a lot more when I was younger, just because I wasn't smart enough to know any better. :)

    Happy Anniversary and have a great week!

  15. Happy Anniversary!! Mosquitoes totally kill the outdoors experience--I heart being outside, but bug-less for sure!

  16. Ooooh coming from sea level elevation is tough for me as well but it's gorgeous where you are - getting all jealous when you mention Cascade Lakes Relay can't believe it's been a year since I did it myself. Loved it!

    Congrats on 9 years of marriage and you still loving each other like that! Great stuff!

  17. happy anniversary! maybe for 10 yrs hubs will buy you matching pj's ;) vacation sounds lovely!

  18. Happy 9 years! We celebrate 10 years next month!