Monday, August 20, 2012


This will be a quick...unedited...and sloppy post as I'm trying to dash out the door....

Today... perfect day in light of what I needed.  Quiet.  Kids were content playing with friends.  And I got some much needed self time to process.  I threw myself a little mini-emotional-like-pity-frustration party and now I'm thinking I got it all out...all those emotions are...hopefully.... OVER.  I'm pretty sure that in light of my post this morning, and really for most of the month of July,  that I'm:
  • Overreacting
  • OVERemotional
  • OVERanalyzing
  • OVERwhelmed
  • OVERtired
  • OVEReating to make up for OVERwhelmed
  • OVERlyanxious
  • OVERdoing things
  • OVERthinking
  • OVERLY angry at the nurse/cipro incident
  • Oh, and in going with the theme for today and obviously being OVERsensitive,  I might...just might have overreacted to the last comment on my prior post. Instead of waiting until I was calm (obvious from the many typos/grammar errors), I responded out of first reaction (something I try not to do)...but really? I think I would have responded the same way no matter what. Sad to hear a nurse say that the patient is the "only one" responsible for their health.  
Hoping that after some good sleep tonight, resting my body, not running for another day or so, perhaps another big cry for no reason other than the fact that I feel like it (but pretty sure I'm OVER that crying crap), I'll be ready and packed and on a plane Wednesday to kick off Nunn Hood to Coast celebrations in Seattle.

And then, by Friday night, I'm certain that this 33 year old girl will be...

               OVER the moon happy to be running her big heart out.  Bring IT Mother of all Relays!  

I'm so OVER being OVER_______.  Ha! Whatever is going on with me emotionally, I think it is a mixed bag...tweaked muscles, end of summer, possible move, processing some things I haven't talked about, two big trips planned in two weeks that involve traveling away from my kids for 4 plus days, getting geared up for another school year, soccer season starting for two of my kids....You know....LIFE!  And I love it. However it comes.

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  1. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed sitting down to a good cry is the best way to cope. That's a lot of stuff on your plate! Run it out!

    1. Yes yes, so true. :) Cleansing really. Oh, and breathing is a good thing too. :)

  2. having HTC to look forward to.....I'm jealous! Can't wait to read all about it after you get back.....have a GREAT time!

    1. Thanks Bill. I'm sure you all will be SICK of hearing about it by the time it is over. ha! A bunch of bloggers together'll be sure to hear about it. :)

  3. I just went back and read the NP's comment on your last post. That is utterly ridiculous. But as sad as it is, it's damn near the truth. It pretty much IS up to us to be responsible for our own health care. The medical field is only interested in our $. (Just like she said--see more patients in less time.) They couldn't give a flip less about our health.

    1. Thanks Pam. I agree. To the nurses credit, I think she meant well. I can see her side to in defending her profession and taking it personally. Although I stand by my opinions on this matter and am SO SO disappointed in that nurse, I still have hope that someone out there cares. If I hadn't had a discussion about the fact that I am a marathon runner and knew that she knew what my activity level was, I probably wouldn't be so angry at her negligence. But yes, I don't entirely trust the health care profession and I will most definitely question them extensively from now on. And glad I did stand up for myself instead of just continue taking this nasty drug.

    2. I mean to the nurse's credit...:)

  4. I learned the hard way the value of a second opinion. Unfortunately, you shouldn't need one when getting a script for a kidney infection. I would have done the same as you. You were tired, hurting, and wanting relief. I am sure the last thing you thought about was the side effects. At that point, anything is better than how you are feeling. Who knew there could be side effects for an active person?! I am glad you told your story so we can be aware of this drug.

  5. I hear you, I'm so OVER_____ too lately :) Hang in there, it will get better very soon.