Thursday, December 20, 2012

Silent Night of a Run and a Vlog

Heartbreak changes us. It makes us see things differently.  We grow.  We shift.  Things take on a new light as we breathe in the world around us.  The past few weeks have been somewhat of a quiet reflection for me as I look back over this year and even the past four or five years. This year has changed me.  I've grown in ways I never expected and come to realize things about life and myself that seem so clear now but that I was so far from seeing before.  And since Friday, so much much more has changed.  In all of us.

But Running seems to be a way to help with making sense of it all.

Tonight was one of those runs that was a gift. A time of meditation and remembrance. Eight slow miles of peace.  Calm. HEALING.  At about mile 3 that I found myself on a path that headed up into the hills of a neighborhood away from the streets and it was then I realized what a gift of a night it really was:

The clouds above me were like a thick blanket,
covering me in peace.
The rain that poured HEAVILY over us all day
Had stopped.
Not one drop.
The air was clear and cool.
Christmas lights peeking through the houses, with their backs to me, as I made my way past them,
Quietly observing.
Dinner time,
Families coming home,
Lights flickering on
in the increasing darkness.
So Quiet.
So Still.
I've never run on such an unusually quiet night. On a night that I expected the exact opposite as I quickly threw on my running clothes in preparation for braving some rain and wind. I had hoped to just "get it over with" but instead I found myself not wanting the run to end.   It was as if the world was taking a moment of silence. And yet continuing on as normal with their family time and coming home from their busy days away.
I was an outsider,
Looking IN.
A run
So simple.
But so healing and happy.
Heartbreak far away.



  1. C'mon were spying! Lol! Great run! Love quiet (and peaceful) runs like that

  2. Okay, ha! Maybe just a little...but only as I was running by...I never actually stopped to spy. ha ha! Only to take the video.

  3. That's why I love running just so much. Those special moments of peace, of calming, of joy - they always seem to happen on a run.

  4. Ahhhh! Loved seeing you tonight :)

    I waited til this evening to run too..I would have had a washout in 33 degree rain, but instead got a nice clear evening on a wet road.

    Love this time of year and how running clears the mind.

  5. You are beautiful!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love this.

    You captured that 'feeling' perfectly!! Love these special moments running brings.

  7. This really makes me want to get out for a run even though I was putting that to the side for a little while. I had a run like this not too long ago when I opted to go while the men of the house were eating dinner. The world just seemed so alive and I was just calmly passing by soaking in a moment in their lives. Awesome.

  8. Beautiful post! I love nights like that, although I usually have them while walking the dog instead of running :P

  9. Ooooh, love this, Amanda! I think I know the path you were on and can picture everything just as you described it. Beautiful, peaceful, quiet and yet so much life inside the houses.

  10. Hey you. Beautiful writing. So glad you had such a peaceful run.

    I could see but not hear the vlog. It wouldn't open on my phone and I have no sound on my computer so I got to see your pretty face talking but couldn't hear you. If Amanda is going to do more Vlogs, Jenn will go buy a new computer;) Thinking of you lots.