Friday, December 14, 2012

There Are No Words Great Enough...and Yet We Try. It's What We Have.

There are no words for today's news.  There are no words that can possibly express the full grief and pain that has washed over all of us with the news of what has happened in Connecticut. If you use any kind of social media at all, you can't help but notice the outpouring of voices.  Crying out. The moms, dads, grandparents, teenagers...the people, like you and me, that have had their breathe taken away today.  Yes, there are no words that can possibly explain such devastation and heartbreak.  Such senseless violence.  No words big enough.  No words strong enough.  But yet, words are what we have. Words are what seems to bring so much of us some sort of comfort or connectedness. I'm thankful for the words that do come.  I'm thankful for the words that give us words when he don't have any.  For the words that wash over me like an embrace and a kiss on the cheek when I'm thinking of my own children, my own kinder who is at the school behind my house.  For the words.

The words from you,

That made me 

There are no words great enough.  And yet we try.  It's what we have.  

I'll end this post with the words from a good friend.  His words weren't easy for him to write..showing a side of himself so raw. But his words gave us words today and I was thankful for them in addition to so many others that gave my weeping heart a voice.  

"As I sit here with my arms wrapped around my 3 year old and 8 month old grand girls, watching the unfolding news from Connecticut, I am filled with unspeakable sadness and despair. My heart goes out to those parents, Grandparents, families who are experiencing such senseless and profound loss. I find myself weeping, not able to explain to my grandchildren why grandpa has tears. At the same time I
am consumed with an astounding anger. If I were in the presence of the killer(s), I would beat them senseless. Without hesitation, without remorse, I would kill them with my bare hands... Then my brain and my heart meet where the tear traces down the cheek and I chose to love, to be in control, to live by a moral code that allows us to live together in community, seeking both justice and reconciliation ..."

My heart goes out to all of us who are hurting.  Especially the people who have lost a child today.  The teachers and school staff that lost beautiful shining souls of students. The surrounding communities close and far that grieve and feel fear and loss.  There are no words.  But yet, we try. And this brings comfort.   


After note:  Just as my friend quoted above had no words for his grandchildren at being caught off guard by what he saw on t.v, I'm sure many of you have been caught off guard as well.  During this time, I think it is so important for us to remember that our children are...children.  They are young, fragile, sensitive and they don't need to know the details that even we are having a hard time with.  Our anxiety and the way we talk in front of them certainly affects them in more ways than we realize.   So, t.v is off and I'm keeping this topic under wraps.  I think it is okay for our kids to hear that we are sad about something in this world...for them to see our tears...but I do keep reminding myself just how young my little ones are.  A helpful link on what to tell our kids:  Connecticut School Shooting: What to Tell Your Kids.


  1. I think what your friend says basically sums up exactly how so many of us feel. Such a tragedy but it does us no good to look back, to judge, or to be angry. Instead we must pull together and support, sympathize, love, and rebuild.

    We have no control over Tragedies like what happened today but we can control how we choose to respond to these tragedies. God bless that little community and all of those innocent victims and their families.

  2. I feel like each time this happens, we lose a little piece of ourselves. I don't have children, but I worry about my many nieces and my friend's 7 year old daughter. It never happens in our little part of the universe..until it does.

    I echo the anger sentiment. I'm beside myself as I can't tear myself away from what I'm hearing and seeing on TV. I know there are many heros today too, so hopefully that reinstates some hope in humanity.

  3. I just don't understand. How can this keep happening over and over? Why does someone choose to kill randomly without remorse? Why are guns so freely available?

    We in Australia have very strict rules about guns. We don't believe that we have a right to bear arms. And we don't have anywhere near the number of mass shootings that happen in the U.S. Why is the gun lobby so strong that common sense doesn't prevail?

    It's an incredibly tragic event and I feel heart-broken for those families who are mourning.