Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So Random...It's a Bullet Point Kind of Day

Completely random:

  • I know I'm not alone when I say that I've felt somewhat raw since Friday in hearing about the shooting in Connecticut.  At the same time that my heart hurts, I've been touched deeply by the beautiful demonstrations of loving humanity.  So many have come together, reached out to others in ways they haven't before, and there is an understanding that connects us all.  We hurt.  We hope.  We look ahead with love.
  • Marathon training is starting to pick up.  With that comes more mileage and starting to add some threshold and marathon pace in the mix.  I've done very little of these things.  Next to none actually.  My main focus has been easy running and getting my first 18 miler in.  
  • I was certainly sore after my 18 miler on Sunday.  And I was a big whiner about it as I walked around like a duck yesterday.  My body was just a little irritated with me but it has forgiven me today.  
  • Always learning.  I'm one who really just likes to run without thinking too much about data, heart rate, etc.  It is hard to gage "Easy" pace without analyzing some of the data.  Easy can feel easy but really be too fast for optimal training.  I'm going to try to keep my easy pace just a bit slower than what I might think is easy.  I know, that doesn't make much sense.  But it does to me.  And since I'm really the one that reads and writes this blog, it works.  
  • My feet feel a tad "off".  Could be from running the 18 miles in old Pure Flows.  
  • Today I broke out what I thought would be my very last pair of Brooks Launch, my favorite Brooks shoe.  But then I saw that Brooks is bringing the Launch back!   Great news!  
  • Workout today:  10 miles in 1:20:50.  Mostly easy miles with some threshold miles thrown in there.  Felt great.  4 miles @8:34 to 8:42; mile @7:09; .5 easy; mile @7:09; .5 easy; mile @7:09; .5 easy; mile@7:09; finished until 10.  
  • I was very happy with the way a 7:09 feels right now.  I would have expected it to feel harder.  Especially considering that yesterday my legs were still pretty sore.  
  • With increased mileage and still being a busy mom, things get tricky.  This is especially true with winter break coming up.  2 weeks with kids home all day means very little time for me and I have to be quite creative to fit in my runs.  Oh, and goodbye road...hello treadmill...all of the time except weekend. But, I wouldn't trade any of this for anything else.  I love my life and love that I have the choice to train for a marathon.
  • Obviously , I could choose to get up super early like  5 a.m to run outside and be back by 7 in time for my husband to leave for work.  But, I choose not to make that choice.  Running doesn't take top priority in my life.  Training is actually a ways down the life totem pole right now.  I like sleep and my 6:30 coffee/writing/quiet time way too much to give it up in exchange for running outside in the dark, cold, wet morning.  Kudos to those that do this.  
  •  Marathon training has taken a new place in my life this time around.  You know, a PR would be great but to be so honest, that's isn't what this is about for me at this point in my life.  My training has become so much more of a process for outlet.  It is my "something" to work towards to keep me on track for being my best self.  Yes, race day will hopefully be wonderful.  Fast.  Happy.  A chance to see so many pieces come together.  But no matter what happens on race day, it is this time leading up to race day that really matters to me.  Training gives me more drive for every other area of my life.  
  • Winter with kids while living in a small house can be a little crazy for me.  There aren't a lot of opportunities to go outside and run and play with all the rain we get so a lot of our time is spent trying to be creative with things to do and places to go. I do admit, the television/screen time is used way more often than I prefer.  It still isn't on very often at all but when I have to fit a run in and my kids are going stir crazy, I have that in my back pocket as an option. 
  • There are so many other options that are WAY better than T.V/shows/movies for kids.  Some of our favorites:  stringing beads on pipe cleaner, painting rocks, making forts, READING to and with your kid so that they will want to read by themselves, playing with a tub of rice or beans on the kitchen floor, blocks, legos, drawing, etc. etc.  But gosh, sometimes a mom just gets TIRED and needs a piece of the day without a child making noises, messes, causing fights, asking for snacks, spilling water, or needing you.  
  • Sibling Fighting.  Are my kids the only ones?  Please tell me it isn't so.  Ugggh.  Enough said.  
  • Change.  Lots of changes coming.  Lots of changes already taking place.  Lots of changes this year.  In my heart, how I see things (perspective), where we will live soon, and so many other things.  Good and Bad.  But mostly good.  In the end, even the bad turns out to be good because we learn from experiences.  And wow, I've learned a lot this year. 
  • As the time for our move to Asheville, NC quickly approaches, I am reminding myself to take life one day at a time.  I'm trying to live for the present moments and do what I can when I can on the day I can.  So each day I am trying to tell myself to break it up and focus on :   "Today I Will... "

So even though it is already nearing 5:00 and the day is nearly done, it is still Today and Today I Will:

  • Cook something for dinner.  Probably chicken and quinoa again.  :)  
  • Multi-task while cooking and clean the house up really quick to make it look like I've been slaving away all day.  Ha!  No, really, I have.  
  • Give some very focused and Intentional love to my son who is about to kick his sister's Lincoln Log cabin over and cause any kind of havoc he can because he wants some attention.  Oh, this child of mine.  Love him so much.  But gosh, raising him is the hardest thing I've ever done in life.  But rewarding beyond belief.  What a little fire cracker.  
  • Turn up some favorite music and have the kids dance for me while I cook dinner.  
  • Continue my house and neighborhood search for when we move across the country.  
  • Tell my husband how much I love and appreciate him when he gets home.
  • Write/e-mail 2 to 4 friends or family members who I haven't had contact with in awhile and tell them I love them and what they mean to me.  We aren't doing Christmas cards this year for the first time in 8 years so I'm feeling a definite need for connecting.  
  • Roll my feet out and massage my legs.   
  • Cuddle up with my current novel and a cozy blanket after the kids are in bed. 

Now, how about that dinner...

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Nice job on the run, Chica:) You're doing super.

    Excited about the Launch coming back although I'm starting to really like the Cadence which I've just started wearing this week. You know for my 4.2 miles that I've run so far-ha ha! Jumping in on January 1st though:)

    Yes, good for you for keeping running in it's place in your life!! I think your early morning time before the kids wake up is really important for you! I wasn't super fond of the early morning runs until I got out there but I was even less fond of the 10 pm runs which were often my only options.

    Yes, throw your kids in front of the TV every now and again for a break:) You're a great mom and you're always so creative with your kids! I've loved and shared so many of your ideas. I gave Max a bag of pretzels and a package of almond bark to melt and let him dip them and put sprinkles on them and lay them out on wax paper. So simple but required very little work for me and it took him 2 hours and he loved doing it. Much better than a video game except now I have to stare at them on my counter.....

    Your chicken and quinoa looked really good the other day. I love food like this! I could live on this.

    I did Christmas cards but unfortunately this means I also have to address envelopes and mail them....LATE.

    Comment way too long already so I'll stop. Have a relaxing night!! XO

  2. All I am going to say is that I have a 3 year old and an 18 month old and if one isn't pulling the other's hair, or knocking her over, or stealing her books, or sitting on her, then the world would just end.

    In our house, sibling fighting is a daily (and sometimes non-stop) occurence. We're working with them on how to deal with it based on their unique personalities.

  3. I think that whining after an 18 mile run is compulsory. How else will people know how amazing and committed a runner you are?

    My kids don't fight. Does that make you feel like a failure? Well don't - they used to fight plenty but they grow out of it eventually.

  4. I was really against Pintrest for awhile, thinking it was yet ANOTHER social media that was likely to overwhelm me. However, I have found it is the GREATEST place to find craft ideas for kids. (Lots of recipes and organization ideas, too!) I did some holiday crafts with my students and all the ideas came from Pintrest.

    I'll be thinking of you in your upcoming move. You are SUCH an outgoing person; I'm sure you will have no trouble at all fitting right into a new place.

  5. Random bullets are awesome!
    Sounds like your running/training is going great!!!
    I liked some of your last plans - especially (re)connecting with a couple of people and telling your husband how much you love and appreciate him (I sometimes take mine for granted - and I don't want to!!).

  6. I do the same thing, prioritizing my sleep over running.. the run gets done, it just makes it a little more difficult to squeeze in, but I am not a good mom when I'm tired and grumpy!
    We started doing a Christmas newsletter, and emailing it out so it saves some time, but we still get to update people on our world, and then I send a few personalized notes as well. Helps with the chaos this time of year!

  7. I love reading your posts. I must have missed something though - why are you moving the NC? I love OR, but also think NC is a beautiful place to live!!!
    Great news on the Brooks Launch. I switch between the Launch and the Pure Flow so was happy to hear I would not be losing my Launches!!!

  8. *My heart is still hurting
    *My kids fight like nobody's business
    *I need a workout like that so I'm not so afraid of 7 min miles
    *Merry Christmas my beautiful friend!!!

  9. That 10 mile run sounds like fun! I'm doing a 10 mile progression run on Saturday morning and am hoping the weather cooperates. :) Did you do it on the treadmill? Do you ever change the incline to compensate for the fact that you are on a 'mill? I never do (lazy) but paces always feel easier on a treadmill. I'm also stuck inside for many of my runs over Christmas break and had to do 800's on the treadmill yesterday. They felt much easier than they would have felt outside, that's for sure...

    I think I'm using the TV too much this week in order to get things cooking, cleaning or catching up on email. But I make sure we do something special/fun every day so that helps a little with the guilt. ;)

    Sounds like you are gearing up for a fun Christmas with your adorable family!!

  10. Great job on the 18, girl! It's okay to be sore; it's just our bodies telling us that we worked it hard and this is it's reward. You'll adapt, as always, and what a glorious feeling that will become!!

    I bet Christmas is a very exciting time around your house; your kiddos are at that perfect age to be so excited.

    A very, Merry Christmas to you, my friend. Hope our paths cross "live" again soon!

  11. As soon as I heard that Brooks was bringing back the Launch you were the first person I thought of. :-)

  12. You amaze me and inspire me to get my butt in gear when I don't want to go run. You have way more on your plate and get yours in and I am queen of excuses!

  13. I love your non-tv ideas! Great job on the 18 miler!