Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockin' The Bump

I love pregnancy. 
Love it!
I think it is perhaps one of the greatest parts of life that I've experienced.  
The miracle that it is.
A life growing inside of me.
Trying on a decent size rack for a change (but always happy to be done with it when it is over...I like my small boobs).  
Finding out that I'm pregnant,
Feeling my baby move for the first time,
Getting some curves,
Feeling like it is Christmas for 9/10 months and finally opening the main gift!  

I love it!  
Even with the constant urge to pee, the exhaustion, getting fat, my nose growing into the size of a small planet, swollen feet, cankles, mood swings, nauseousness...the list goes on..... Even with these things...
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing!

So when Marjorie from Taking It On shared her pregnancy photos tonight for this Rockin' The Bump link up, I knew how I was going to spend some of my Friday night.  I don't usually do "link ups" but I couldn't resist this one!  

I'm sure there won't be many people who will give a rip about these but this is fun for me...purely self absorbed here.  How many pictures of Amanda's belly can she post in one night?!  Ha!  I've got many.  Can't find any of my second pregnancy on this computer...that was the pregnancy that I got really soft and chubby.  All I wanted to do was sit on my bum and eat cookies.  My third pregnancy was the one that I actually got professional photos taken because I knew it would (should) be my last.  

First pregnancy at 37 weeks

Whose boobs are those??!  

We were just kids here!  

Okay, the following photos are purely to embarrass my husband.  Sorry honey.  This is when the photographer thought we should try one of those sappy poses where the husband looks up adoringly at the wife and we take ourselves too seriously.  My husband just COULDN'T do this!  We were laughing so hard!  Made for a great belly laugh and I love the photos because they capture this fun moment where we both got lost in our laughter.  

Random pregnant thoughts:

  • Some of us like to rub our bellies when we are pregnant.  And then there are some that think this is the most annoying thing ever!
  • What is up with people that just come up to you and touch your belly when you are prego?  I understand if you know me or ask first but random strangers sometimes think that it is okay.  What?! I don't come up and touch your belly.
  • Never ask someone when they are due unless you know FOR SURE that they are prego! 
  • Don't offer your advice about how to raise babies and everything they should do with their labor and pregnancy UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED!  Seriously.  This is so personal.  Don't tell a mother how they should put their child to sleep, whether they should or should not use a binky or bottle, etc.  Why do people do this??  
  • Don't tell a pregnant mother what they will and will not still do when they have their baby!  Don't place your own life experiences and lesson on others and assume that they will fall into the same life patterns.  I couldn't stand it when people at school would tell me how I wouldn't want to read professional literature or take classes anymore once my child was born.  Or how I wouldn't camp or go back backing.  They just had to tell me that my adventurous and ambitious life would be over.  No thank you.  
  • Don't place your own ideas and opinions about labor, breast feeding, etc. on others.  This is a personal thing!  
  • DO Tell a pregnant woman how beautiful she is.
  • DO ask before you touch a pregnant belly.
  • DO offer your advice if they need it (and ask) and let your pregnant friends know that you are there for them.
  • DO give the positives about motherhood and childbirth.  
  • DO take your close friends a meal after their baby is born.  This helps a ton!
  • DO understand that everyone is different with what kind of support they want.  Don't assume that your pregnant friends are like you.  They might NOT want visitors for awhile.  And this is okay!  

1. If you've been prego before, did you like it? Hate it?  Feel indifferent about it?
2. For those 4-5 men that read my blog (Mike, Slomohusky, Chris, Kovas..), what was it like for you to have a pregnant wife (or girlfriend...I don't know your story)?  Did your wife enjoy it?  Was she a happy prego?  
3. Future you look forward to being pregnant?  What do you think you'll like/dislike the most.  


  1. I cannot wait to get pregnant! I know that I am going to love it! You are one hot mama! Those are some gorgeous prego pics!!!

  2. OMG - you are absolutly STUNNING! Love all the photos. I wish we took more photos. I LOVED being preggers. We video'd my belly one night becuase the Dude looked like an alien in my belly SO happy we did that. I was mostly belly and boobs and had 9 ultrasounds because of minor things and didn't mind AT ALL, because I got to see the little guy so much before he was born. Ah - I would do it all over again. The Dude's sister is almost 13 years older than him and I am SO careful to embrace all of the moments and pick him up almost everytime he asks and let him come into our bed in the middle of the night and cuddle with him as much as possible because I know oneday all of that could possibly come to end or very less frequent. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    P.S. I need to email you about the pedals even though I don't have a whole lot of info to pass on.

  3. That photo of your girls and your bump is just beautiful.

  4. What a fun post to read as I'm hanging' out in a port o potty before my race starts!

    You are beautiful. Just BEAUTIFUL! And YES, those are some nice knockers! I liked being prego! I might have to copy this post at some point. With Ryan I gained 45 pounds-ha! With Reese only 11, and Max, probably 25 but I was in the best shape then. Some drastically different looking pictures-ha!

    I will be back to read this better later. Cute post!

  5. I loved being pregnant! Even my 1st when I was on bed rest for 4 months and had a csection. Just wonderful! The last 3 were even better. I am a big mama, but enjoyed it anyway. What a miracle! I can't wait to be done breastfeeding though! My boobs are huge!!! Not just saying that either, Right now I wear a G. I didn't even know that was a size!!!Your pics are beautiful, I love the ones where you and your hubby are laughing. Those are the types of photos that show personality and are way better than cookie cutter images!

  6. You are the cutest little preggo EVER! Talk about someone being all belly.

    Pregnancy is my #1 fear in life--positively terrifying.

  7. You definitely rocked the bump! So cute! I love the one with the flower and then with your little girls hugging your bump! So cute! Glad you joined in!

  8. Lovely pictures. I was huge all over for both of my pregnancies. None of those lovely belly shots for me. ;o)

    I have no desire to have any more kids (and I'm old enough that I can't imagine starting over), but I would love to be pregnant again. I loved the feel of a baby moving and the excitement of seeing the lines on the test. I had an amazing homebirth with Shoo and would absolutely LOVE to do that again. And, heck, I'd love to actually run during pregnancy once. ;o)

  9. My pet peeve: don't tell me to cherish every moment be aide it's going to go by so fast. That may have been true for others, and yes, time does go by fast, but please don't assume I am NOT cherishing my moments with my kids. This one is never ending and goes beyond pregnancy!

    Love your prego pics - that one with you in the blue shirt, holy cow! That's a lot of baby in a little body!

    Insanity is fun - heather peaked my interest (runfastermommy), and a friend of mine is a beachbody
    coach, so she was able to hook me up. Let me know if you try it!

  10. AMAZING PICS!!! Being a mom of 3 those photos definitily give me a lump in my throat :) All 3 of my pregnancies were so different..I loved them all but there were things I didn't love about #1 & #3. My little easy-going Kaylee #2 was a breeze! And she still is to this day xoxo

  11. great post! so fun to see pics of you pregnant -- BEAUTIFUL.
    pregnancy is such an amazing experience and blessing! having done it three times and just having my third baby 4 months ago i look back on that time and can't help but smile. i feel so lucky to have experienced the miracle of life growing inside of me. i know i complained sometimes (i always had horrible headaches and nausea much of my pregnancies) but overall i loved it and especially loved giving birth! the most incredibly exciting days of my life!!!!!

  12. Never been pregnant, but always wondered what it would be like... My sisters have had a variety of pregnancies. One sis like you--loved evey minute. Another was so sick and on anti-nausea meds for the entire time and nearly lost her second.

    As for baby advice, I really try not to say anything unless asked. And I NEVER NEVER touch a belly unless offered!

  13. I absolutely ADORED being pregnant. The sweetest time in a woman's life and in a couple's life. LOVE IT.

  14. Yeah! You totally rocked the bump! Small blog world. I did it too on Monday. I love Shell. I'm going to tweet yours too. See if you were on twitter you would have known sooner. Love you girl!

  15. You looked as lovely pregnant as you do un-pregnant!

    Love the dos and don'ts list!

    As you know, I loved being pregnant :)

  16. Beautiful photos!! You were a lovely pregnant mama! I absolutely loved being pregnant, loved everything about it, the way it made me feel, the way I looked, that connection I had with the baby, everything...I even miss it sometimes.

  17. I hated most people touching my tummy when I was pregnant, but I find it funny now that I find myself touching other preggo bellies without permission. Whoops.

  18. Great pics! For our first, we were both scared. We read the book What To Expect When You're Expecting a bunch of times. My wife took the first pregnancy as a license to eat. She gained a bazillion pounds and looked beautiful and radiant the whole time. I'll never forget when the day we had our daughter and the nurse basically handed me the baby and left. I was like, excuse me, I have no idea what I'm doing here. The nurse was annoyed at my incompetence for sure. Our second was much more relaxed since we new what was going on.

  19. I LOVED being pregnant. I reveled in every minute. We had fertility issues, so to actually get pregnant was truly a miracle. (Thank you, Clomid!) I loved, loved loved it and when it was "over," that new journey began. Wow is all I can say.

  20. You take really good pregnancy photos. I'm not sure it's the era or the part of the country I'm from, but I don't remember women being so public with their bellies in the latter stages. They need to see your photos to see just how beautiful they can be.

  21. Wow - about the pic in the mountains with the blue shirt. You look great and that is an amazing belly.

    I have been preggers five times. I shunned pics for the first one and now I wish I hadn't. I weighed no more than 120 when I got knocked up and the baby weighed ten pounds at birth... I a sure I looked ridiculous. Now I am regretting not having a pic.

    I love babies, I do not love pregnancy. I was in pain. I was so cranky I scared my friends. There was a shortage of cinnamon rolls. I was in pain...I am sorry..did I already mention that??

    But I do love the outcome.

  22. I love these pics.
    Well I did not like being pregnant one bit. after 2 weeks I was done.
    I have very pictures of me pregnant. I was in pain most of my pregnancies. My pelvis broke both times, bed rest both times. no fun. but I love the results!

  23. You are the cutest pregnant woman EVER! I would have loved it too if I looked like you! ;-)

    Eh, I could have taken pregnancy or left it. Very novel the first time... not so much by #3.

  24. My pregnancies were all so different. My first (very unplanned at age 19) I was so, so sick. And big. When I was at the hospital, I remember the nurse telling me she'd never seen stretch marks so bad. Uhhhh...thanks? My second was also semi-unplanned (yeah, it took me two pregnancies to figure out we'd better be a lot more careful) and I was sick a lot, but not constantly like the first time.

    My third pregnancy was completely planned (although you'd laugh at how many people assume he was the "accident" because there are 9 years between him and his closest brother) and WONDERFUL. I felt great, I revelled in maternity clothes (which I could finally afford), I absolutely loved being pregnant. No morning sickness at all, which my husband attributes entirely to (finally!) choosing the right guy to be the father.

    I loved feeling the babies move, but it really bothered me when people would touch my stomach without asking. I knew it was well-intentioned, but it was creepy. I was a little freaked out, too, by how big my chest got. My husband, he didn't complain. :)

  25. These are great pics! I loved being preggo. Loved my temp. BOOBS and feeling my babies move! Always got harder towards the end but feel BLESSED to have experienced it!

  26. What great pictures! I loved being pregnant and can't wait to do it again. Having boobs for the first was definitely a plus.

  27. I love these photos, you look stunning in all of them.

  28. You really do look beautiful!!! Love these pictures!

    I loved loved loved being pregnant!!

  29. I already know that I will want to strangle a couple co-workers whenever I finally get pregnant. One is one of those that is just too nosy and doesn't respect things as being personal. The other will tell me everything to do because she knows all ... but will also be negative and tell me I'll never run again and yada yada yada.

    Okay - mini vent time .... she clearly has issues with bladder things. (I suspect it is because of her insane camel toe every day. I mean that can't be healthy?) She always tells me I won't be able to run when I'm "her age" - she is only in her mid 50's - because when you are "her age" your bladder leaks so you can't run. Yeah? Try telling that to those women in their 70s and 80s that are still running in races and not having a problem! Phew - thanks. It felt good to get it out!

    You are seriously the cutest pregnant woman ever! I loved the photos of you two laughing together!

  30. You are such an adortable pregnant woman!!!

    I have not had kids yet and am pretty much not looking forward to any part of being pregnant - which is proabbly why it hasn't happened yet :)

  31. Preggo right now with my third (shocked still!) and I'm craving BLTs....uh-oh...just bought 4 packs of bacon, sorry ;-)

    All I can hope is that I can get back into running after this one and I can regain my body like you have!!

    You looked awesome pregnant btw!

  32. Ahhhhhh!!! Love this post! The whole process is AMAZING! I love all your preggo pics. I've only ever "known" you as Amanda the-awesomely-in shape-runner so seeing you pregnant brings out the mommy side of you even more! ;-) I love baby bump pictures too. Good, good memories. Glad to be done with that part of my life but I have MANY wonderful memories of carrying my little ones inside me.

  33. I loved that you took so many pregnant pictures. I think I only have a few pictures from both my pregnancies. With my first one, I was so sick for most of it and didn't show until I was 7 months along, so I didn't really embrace it like I should have. And with my 2nd, I was on pelvic rest for the whole 2nd half, so I was so sexually frustrated that I didn't enjoy it either. Plus, I was so worried about what my neurosurgeon had told me about being pregnant after back surgery that I couldn't just "be pregnant". I loved when the boys were babies, but I didn't enjoy the pregnancy part of it.

  34. I love this post Amanda. I love how you embraced pregnancy. I need to learn that lesson from you. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Oh my goodness! You are such a beautiful, pregnant woman! I have probably mentioned this to you before, but I am so excited to be pregnant one day! I don't even know for sure that it will happen, but I think about it almost daily. I can't wait to grow a little human inside of me, to give birth and to breast feed that little baby. It is all so beautiful and amazing to me. I've had the joy of being present during two births (one was my sister and the other was a friend) and it both instances were some of the best moments of my life.

    Pregnant women are stunning! Especially you!