Thursday, June 9, 2011

You're a Man Mommy!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful and encouraging words about my marathon!  I loved reading every single comment and they all made me smile.  I'm already planning my next race and excited to use what I learned from this one to improve. No matter how many times I've heard people tell me to start off slow and gradually increase speed in order to end the marathon fast and strong, I needed to learn and WANT this for myself!  Now I can't wait to get out there and try out this strategy.  I've never had a race where I experience negative splits like this and I'm eager to try my legs at it.  So thankful for experiences to learn from!
I'm taking this week off from running but I did ask wise Anna Maria for a swim workout that will help me keep my fitness and still give my legs a break.  So last night I hit the pool and did this:
400m warm up. Slow freestyle focused on good form.

 4X25m fast with equal rest in between (so, if it takes you 20 sec/25m, then rest 20 secs).
4X50m fast same as above
4X100m fast same as above
In all of these you want to finish strong, so your last 25 is all out, and the first 25 is your slowest.
100m IM (25 free, 25 breast, 25 fly, 25 back)
400m cool down. Slow freestyle focused on good form.

Thanks friend!  
A few of you have recently asked me what you can be doing while you are injured and can't run.  Swimming is an excellent way to continue to workout and maintain fitness.  Although I don't prefer being in the pool (Such a process!!), I did faithfully do swim workouts several times a week from September to December when I had my hamstring tear.  I was determined to maintain some level of fitness and it helped a lot!  I wish I had a picture or video of me trying to do the butterfly stroke.  Quite ridiculous!  I'm sure the people at the front desk had fun seeing the lone weirdo flopping around in the pool from their security screens.  I just hope they were not monitoring it.  If I worked the front desk, seeing this would have been all the entertainment I needed for the night.  

A few random things:

The awesome folks at Zensah sent me this racerback tank to try out and review.  I wore it today and I'm looking forward to running and racing in it.  I already love how long, loose but yet still fitting fit it has!  

So, we went to my kinder's song fest the other day.  Notice the "welcome" sign below.  Um, I think my husband and I were the only ones who lack maturity because we thought it was pretty funny.  Some of you will understand why but then I'm sure there will be plenty that just don't think like us and that is probably for the good.  Growing up is overrated.  

I took advantage of the SUN coming to visit today and we had an outside "beach" day in the backyard before afternoon kindergarten.  I could only manage sitting around on a blanket for so long before I got distracted and had to do something.  So I decided to take on the overgrown tree/bush by the back bedroom window.  It was blocking all of our "sun" that we don't get anyway.  I took out the appropriate tools from the garage and I went to town on that shrub!  My 6 year old daughter came over and said:

"You're a man mommy!  You're being a man!"

Okay, I guess my lack of desire to EVER do yard work of any kind has my kids thinking that only men do such things as trim trees, mow the grass, etc.  This goes along with gardening, using the BBQ, cleaning the car, etc.  Gosh, I'm lazy!  I really need to remedy this distorted perception of women that my daughters have.  Lots of yard work, mowing, fixing things, and getting off my lazy bum are in order in order.  Honey, if you're reading this on the way home from work, don't get too takes how many days to form a habit?!

I'm always thankful for my husband but I don't think I tell him enough.  Thank you honey!  You really helped to make my marathon weekend so special!

And same to you my dear soul sister Jenny!  Love you!

1.  I'm considering my first triathlon this summer before Hood To Coast.  I was considering an Olympic distance for my first time but now I'm thinking maybe a sprint would be better.  Thoughts on this?  And people in the Portland area, can you recommend a good end of summer or fall triathlon for beginners?  

2.  I posted on Runninghood's facebook this morning that I am ready to try out music in a race.  At least if I ever race another small marathon where I'm alone for miles and miles.  I asked you there but I'll ask again on here:  Will you please share some of your favorite songs on your playlist that would be good for a marathon playlist.  Thanks!!



  1. You'll have to check in with us and let us know if you've formed a yard work habit by the end of the month. :)

    That picture had me snorting with laughter so much that my husband had to find out what I was cackling about. He thought it was pretty funny too.

  2. Growing up is overrated. I honestly can't believe the teacher put that poster up!

    July 30th - Blue Lake

    My husband has done a couple of tris at Blue Lake. What I like, being a spectator, is that all the transitions are in one place. And there is a park right there for the kids to play at while we waited for the bike and run to finish.

    Good luck!

  3. I am dying at the pictures. Hubs and I would have been laughing our asses off too. No doubt.

    Go for that tri! My husband is getting back into them after a hiatus. He's planning on doing the "Tri Rock" San Diego in September. He's going to do the sprint distance for that one. He's an awesome swimmer, but I think he worries a bit about the bike because that's the hardest leg for him. Getting the long training rides in can be a challenge. So maybe base your decision on your weak link.

    Re: Playlist. My faves right now are...
    Ke$ha: Blow
    Katy Perry: Firework
    J Lo: On the Floor
    Lady Gaga: Judas and Born this Way
    Martin Solveig: Hello
    Flo Rida: Club Can't Handle Me and Right Round
    P!nk: Raise your Glass

  4. Need to go read your recap but wanted to comment on here first.

    That picture the kids made is too funny! I bet the teacher put it up on purpose just to see who would laugh haha. j

    Well pretty much anything Lady Gaga and Britney Spears I love to run to.
    Current Britney Songs are -
    Up n Down
    Till the World Ends
    I Wanna Go
    Drop Dead Beautiful

    S&M by Rihanna
    Dirty Dancer by Enrique Englesias feat Usher

  5. I don't have my playlist in front of me and I am horrible at band names and song titles but I will send you some; I can't even run a mile on my TM w/o tunes distracting me :).

    Hey, I just heard from the front desk at the gym that they made a youtube video of your butterfly stroke and will be released soon - I can't wait to see it!! :)

    Happy Thursday night, chica!! I am in the midst of prepping for a garage sale tomorrow otherwise I'd write more...these things are totally exhausting!!!!

  6. where to begin..
    1) can't remember if i ever got around to commenting after your marathon but if so i will do it again - YOU ARE AMAZING. i know it was a tough race. you are incredibly inspiring.
    2) growing up IS overrated. the sign cracked me up!
    3) go for the tri!! i have never done one but consider it at times. i will just have to get over my fear of the swim portion (i always worry about getting kicked or something!) i am sure you will rock it and i can't wait to read about it.
    4) some of my fave songs: katy perry firework, eminem 'til i collapse, kanye stronger, natasha betingfeild unwritten, pearl jam just breathe (mellow but i love it)...i will think of more and post on FB!
    sorry for the looong response! xxxooo

  7. Okay we are laughing hysterically at that picture here in NH...does it seem weird that she put it up?? LOL!

    I think that I would do the sprint tri first. My friend is training for an olympic and it seems time consuming. will it be harder for you to train with the kiddos home from school??

    playlist, hmmm....
    Lady GaGa...Judas
    Katie Perry...ET
    anything Kanye (I don't know why, I just love to run to his songs?)
    Good luck!

  8. Those kinders totally visited one of my local parks. Because there was, what I'm assuming to be, a castle with those same shapes. Its a pretty massive drawing too. I wished I had gotten a picture before the rain washed it away.

    (Psst - Your IM is inside out and backwards, fly-back-breast-free. How I remembered in high school "fly on your back, while your breasts are free." Yeah, that made me giggle then, and now, totally mature over here.)

  9. Hahahhahahhahha! That welcome sign is PRICELESS! I am tactless and would have made sure all the adults in my vicinty knew why I was laughing :P
    Swimming and a tri…you the MAN fo' sho'! Go, Amanda! Go!
    Playlist…ummmm…i have really unrefined musical tastes, especially when it comes to what motivates me to run. People always make fun of me, so I will share privately :)

  10. Definitely go for a triathlon! You could totally rock it.

    Some things to think about:

    A Sprint triathlon takes most people 1:20 - 2:00, so it is comparably longer than a 10k and potentially as long in time as a half marathon to complete.

    An Olympic is twice that, and most first timers take 2:40 - 4:00. So it is pretty comparable to a marathon in terms of the toll it will take in racing and training.

    When you read the race distances, they never sound that long, but putting them all together is the challenge.

    Given that, I wouldn't do an Olympic distance right before or after Hood to Coast since both can be taxing.

    I agree that Blue Lake is an excellent triathlon course, especially for families. The Sprint course there is quite pretty, with the run on bike trails in the park. The Oly run goes out into a more industrial area and is less scenic. This course is well run and absolutely flat. Perfectly set up and supported for first-time triathletes.

    Hagg Lake is another excellent course near you. Very very pretty but with many more hills on both bike and run. So a more challenging race to train for, but IMHO it's a more lovely course.

    Late in the season if you don't mind traveling, the Black Diamond race series (everything from Sprint to Half-Ironman) near Enumclaw, WA is very beautiful and one of my fall favorites. Mild rolling hills and excellent scenery, plus a pretty run finish on a trail around the lake make this a really nice course.

    The City of Portland triathlon is absolutely awesome, but too close to Hood To Coast.

  11. Oh my gosh that sign is hilarious! And I would totally put it up in my classroom and laugh every time I looked at it.

    Yea for you on the swimming. I just did my first swim workout with the tri club tonight. It was a sad spectacle to be sure. One more thing to go from terrible to mediocre at. :)

  12. that swim workout looks awesome! always a nice break for the legs

  13. I agree, that sign is a hoot!! The teacher probably put it up to give herself a laugh! Love all of your pics, I hate yard work as well. There is more grass in my garden than anything else!
    I went swimming today, but it wasn't laps, more like a splash and play! :)

  14. Rev3 in July in Portland - Olympic distance and the event is SUPER friendly. They have the 1/2 IM distance. I would totally go with Olympic distance - a sprint could potentially hurt really bad - lol, so could any of them depending on how hard you go. If you can swim, do the olympic.
    Love, love, love the pics!

  15. You would be great in a tri! What your daughter said is too funny!

  16. OK-that is seriously the funniest F&^$K#ng picture I've ever seen. I would seriously have a seizure if I walked into that welcome sign!!!

    ROCKSTAR on the swimming. Yes, it is a process. I honestly don't even hate the swimming. Once I'm in the pool, it's all good, just the process! My sister is a swimmer! ALWAYS trying to talk me into at least a sprint tri. Good luck with that! I imagine you would be just a superb all around athlete who would do quite fantastic in tri's!

    OK-one thing we don't have in common for sure. I like skinny jeans and heels as much as the next girl, but I LOVE LOVE yard work and I like to do EVERYTHING myself. We fight over who gets to mow around here!!!

    When I get a chance I will go through my playlist! Seriously pumped about this next race you may or may not be planning!

    Oh-and once again-great to hear your voice:)

  17. ummm...that welcome sign.....uuuuhhhh...what was the TEACHER thinking when she saw it? LOL...I would have died! Steve and I would have been rolling with's not just you.
    a tri would be fabulous for you! it's on my wish list...but much further down the road. I LOVE swimming but again..too much time to go, get changed etc etc etc. blah. I have considered sneaking into our outdoor pool at 6am and doing water running? no one would notice right? except I might FREEZE.
    would love to hear your thoughts on the next race and what you plan to do? I am feeling extra heart broken about not being able to run the half. boo.

  18. Oh, the innocence of babes! I would have laughed too.

    I admire your desire to try a triathalon! The swimming part freaks me out--I am not much of a swimmer.

    Sometime this summer I hope to get the courage up to go to the pool at the Y and get in some exercise.

  19. I absolutely LOVE those last 2 pictures!!!

  20. You have to decide what kind of playlist(s) you want for the marathon. I almost never listen to music, and it's usually punk when I do, but sometimes a nice, long run just needs classical or opera or something else mellow for you younger folks.

  21. If you're comfortable in the water then I think you could totally skip to an olympic. However, tri's are a different beast than running.

    I would highly recommend the all women's one at the end of july at blue lake. Racing with all women is certainly preferable, in my experience. Plus, at that particular race there seems to be a nice mix of folks (aka those racing and those completing their first tri).

  22. OMG that welcome picture had me laughing hysterically! What the?

    Love your update and love your pictures on the beach. Congrats again on your marathon! I am shooting for a 3:30 tomorrow and am taking your advice on starting out slow. It is sooo hard for me but I can do it!

  23. I love swimming, but some how I always forget that. It's my FAV. pregnant workout. I need/want to start adding it into my workout schedule more, I've noticed my knees are pretty sore lately from running. It IS such a process, but I really do love it!

    Oh, I say go for it with a triathalon! It would be great cross training.

  24. I would have giggled at the welcome sign too. And at my age I should know better.

  25. Hahaha. Welcome indeed!! And way to be a man! I avoid house-things like the plague...

  26. just found this I LOVE that sign. So funny!

    go and do a tri. have some fun doing something where you put no pressure on yourself - enjoy!

  27. i guess my mom was definitely the man then because she did all the yard work growing up.

    great call on the swimming. It will keep you in shape for when you are ready to run without the joint pounding. you are much smarter than most of us!!

  28. First, I love your posts. Very inspirational. I too have kids (4 and 2), and it is a priority to me to exercise as well.

    In regards to your triathlon, I think you should at least start with a sprint triathlon, just for your own comfort level with the transition. Even if it is a very small one. It will make you more comfortable. I have done a couple sprint triathlons and I think they are a great distance to train for. We do not have a lap pool any where nearby, so I do not train for the swimming part...but, I still think a sprint tri is the way to start.

    About music, I love music during a race. I always have a fresh marathon playlist for my races, if I do not need it I take the ear pieces out and attach to my tank top during the race, but most of the time I leave both in and either turn the volume down if necessary or remove just one ear piece.

    Songs that I LOVE (some of these are a little bizarre...but since you were talking about God in one of your other posts I will add a few of my faves because sometimes hearing something uplifting really helps me in races):

    Children of God
    When God Ran
    Adele (21 album)
    Lady Antebellum
    Pink (Greatest far)
    Wonderful, merciful savior
    You never let go
    Fight like a girl
    You are my all in all
    Awesome God
    Sweet Caroline
    Glee...i know?!?!
    E.T. (katy perry)
    S and M

    Those are just a few....but I have so many songs that I just randomly select songs to fill up 4 hours on a playlist and then i either hit shuffle or play in order and have inspirational music at the end!

  29. great pics on the beach! a tri sounds daunting but I know you would rock it! do you already have a bike?? did you apply for Hood to Coast..would be so much fun to be teammates! HUGS!

  30. great pics on the beach! a tri sounds daunting but I know you would rock it! do you already have a bike?? did you apply for Hood to Coast..would be so much fun to be teammates! HUGS!

  31. That tank top is so cute!!! I love it! I love that welcome sign. At first I was looking closely to figure out why you laughed and then I saw them. Awesome. I think you can absolutely do a triathlon. I'd suggest doing a sprint if you want to put your all into Hood to Coast. Really just depends on your goals!

  32. Amanda! Gina M posted a link to your blog during that cirlce of moms thing, and I have loved reading it! I have two thoughts for you:
    1. I get really tired of the same music over and over, so if you have a smart phone
    (iphone or whatever) you can download the pandora app and start a station like Lady Gaga or whoever and then it plays like music.
    2. a great triathalon to do is the Deschutes Dash in Bend. It is mid July but if you did the spring distance it may give you a good taste before an olympic distance in the fall. It is super fun and I loved the course!

  33. Ahhhhhmaaanda!

    You are awesome :) ..Trimming bushes for marathon recovery :))
    I love to mow...favorite thing ever. but on a rider, preferably. I am not opposed to cutting blackberries and spraying poison oak either- we have tons.

    Not sure on the tri thing. It just hasn't bit me yet. There's one down here about 30 minutes from me (sutherlin) on labor day weekend. I would come cheer for you!!

    Music-- I think it's great for certain races, the right playlist depends on what you like! :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  34. LOVE the WELCOME sign! TOO funny. We would have laughed at it too!
    I'm starting my summer swim stuff at the end of June. I've found some great workouts with beginner swim drills after googling "Beginning Swim Workouts!" I have found so many things to help me out. I'm sure you're way more experienced than I am but hey, some of those drills and workouts are pretty fun and they switch them up a lot!
    Have a great week! When are your kids out of school?

  35. I found your blog from hungry runner girl, and I'm so glad! I love anything Gaga and often put embarrassing stuff like Justin Bieber, Billy Ocean, and even Aqua on there to keep me going... anything to put a smile on your face! Deadmau5 is also amazing for a steady beat :)

  36. I would have been cracking up at the welcome phallic sign too! bahahaha!

    You are such a great mama--I feel like you are always being active and creative with your kiddos. How exciting that you are going after a tri! I totally can see you doing it. You are so freaking fit!!

    And, sometimes you have to learn (experience) the lesson on your own don't you? You are still amazing in my books. I'm light years from ever running in the 3:30's!

  37. Oh my! I was wondering why you would be called a man by one of your children. What a cute story!

  38. Love that welcome sign...hopefully it mean's the teacher has a sense of humor too :)

    I second the previous mentions of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kanye. I also have some Rihanna, Far East Movement, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy -- anything upbeat!