Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Vlog, Brief Book Talk, and Happy Hour Follow-up!

This is really just a follow-up to my last post about creating my own happy hour and sunshine experience despite the gloom here in Portland and lack of babysitters.  Now it is the next day and the computers on on but going right back off in a bit!   Plus the SUNSHINE is out and yes, wait for it.....WE HAVE BLUE SKIES!!

I thought that I'd try out a VLOG for a change. It was last night and after two glasses of can see that in my eyes.  Quick gist of it for those of you that don't want to watch four minutes of Amanda talk to you while just sitting and doing no tricks of any kind:

  1. Here's what happened and didn't happen according to my hot happy hour date plans.  
  2. Born to Run...must read!  Ann Trason is a bad ass!  Inspired by the book.  Keep reading if you can't get into it.  I was the same way.  Inspired my husband to fall in love with running.  He is now officially calling himself a "Runner".  Yes!  Perfect sport to share as a married couple.  
  3. Then just some no make-up, no hot dress, but wine-induced happy hour blah blah blahing.  Some will watch and some won't but whatever. 
  4. Announcement of our race on Monday (very end of video at 3:46 or so).  Not sure exactly why I wasn't telling everyone until now. A mixed-bag of reasons there. Probably mostly because I had to make this decision for myself and I didn't want a ton of naysayers, Opinionated Penelopes (what, who is opinionated Penelope?), and people giving me reasons they they think I might be doing it.  I had to make the best decision for ME.  And I think I did.  It is for fun.  No pressure.  And my husband will be running it with me!  Yep, and not trained specifically.  It was that dang Born To Run book.  I tell you all about it.  

Giveaways to check out if you have not:
1. The ART of Runninghood
The New ART of Runninghood!  Thanks for the great response so far! Makes me so happy!

2.  The Handful Bra Giveaway.  Last weekend to enter and share.

Happy Weekend to you!  What are your plans?



  1. Love it!! I need to get my husband to read that book :) I have my favorite marathon was the one I decided to run the day before. there was no pressure and I felt great the whole time and finished strong. There is so much to be said about running for fun. Excited for you and your husband, should be a great day. Part of me wishes that had not set a goal for myself for this one, not sure I am feeling it. We will see on Monday, see you there :)

  2. You are a freaking rockstar!! I can't believe your running a marathon on Monday!! Eeeee how exciting.

    Good luck to you and the hubs. I am beyond excited for both of you to enjoy the journey together. How great is that.

    You better be wearing red & blue too! :)

  3. I loved your vlog! So great!! I am still in shock that you are wearing a fleece in July?!? Crazy! Anyway, hope you and your hubby have fun with your race. I am trying to convince my hubby to run a 5k with me so maybe I need to see if he likes the book.

  4. You are so adorable and amazing! I can't believe you are going to just go run a marathon for fun! So inspirational.
    Keep the Vlogs coming. SO FUN! :) Great luck to you both on Monday and can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. So after hearing from like 20 different people how GREAT that book is, I finally downloaded it on my iPhone. For a long time, I didn't want to read it because I had that nagging knee injury and reading about running would've been salt in the wounds. I'll start it tonight!

    Cute vlog. And GOOD LUCK in your race! You'll do great.

  6. I added that book to my list of books to read, but I appreciate the warning that it starts dry. I don't do well with books like that. It will sit on my shelf with a bookmark for years.

    Also, good luck to you and the Hubs! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have wonderful running weather.

  7. I am addicted to your VLOG! Loved it! So real and cute and excited for your fun run with your hubby!

    Looking forward to meeting at Girlfriends Half and possibly see you at a little HTC action!

  8. fun! I am in the process of reading Born to Run AND I am running the Foot Traffic Flat Half (Sauvie Island Half). Good luck to you and your husband!!

  9. Totally cute. I love these vlog things. Good luck on Monday - I am so curious to see how a marathon goes when you are in good shape, but haven't trained. He'll probaby do amazing.

  10. GREAT Vlog and yes I need to get my husband to read it too...but he won't ...he read non stop for 8yrs in school and now he hates reading:(:( but we'll see. I love that you are running for fun...someday I want to run a marathon for fun b/c I think that would be my favorite one.....My BEST long runs and most ENJOYABLE long runs have been the progression runs.....such a great feeling to feel alive at the end and not half dead! I pray WAylon will be able to walk the next day too he will do great!! this will be a GREAT memory for you two and probably inspire MANY MORE marathons together!! loves to you both!

  11. YAY! So glad you put this back up so I could see it! Love it! Both you and Waylon, so much fun to be around I bet! Wish I could have been the third wheel in your little happy hour celebration there! One day...but I will bring a fourth wheel too-AND a babysitter-ha!

    Best of luck to you on Monday although I will likely talk to you several times before then! I'm behind on my signage this week but I'm hoping to throw out a quick shoutout video on my blog. Hoping you and Waylon just have an awesome experience together. Maybe Joe and I will try to knock out a few miles of my next marathon together. We'll see! Shoot! Still have to enter the Runninghood Art Giveaway! I will do that tomorrow for sure! That is one prize I would LOVE to win!!

    OK-this is rambling and unorganized. Off to make you a video:)

  12. Happy 4th to you and happy Marathon!

    I am racing but just a 5k...I wish it was a 10 but it's ok!

    that book...I tried...I stopped
    maybe I should try again

  13. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! I am your newest follower!!

    I am a hat wearer too and always have hat hair. You have good hat hair though!! I so need to read that book. Maybe that's what will get me to my first marathon.!!:)

    A marathon on Monday!?! That is wonderful! And so fun to run it with your husband! I hope you have the greatest time! Good Luck!

  14. FINALLY!!!! I can get a chance to get on here and view the video!
    This is so RAD! I am loving seeing your bright shiny, wine-relaxed face on here :)

    You and your hubby are going to have the BEST race on Monday. SO excited for you both. And i am going to dance up and down if your untrained marathoning hubby goes sub 3 in this little "fun run".

    I love that you barely panned over the little tikes yard toys. haha...that is our life right now!

    I'll be looking for your finish time shortly after I cross my much shorter finish line :))

    What else is on the books for your holiday weekend??

    Have a great weekend!!!

  15. You are the cutest EVER!!!! HOw freaking creative to implement YOUR OWN HH! HH can mean so many things to different people--it doesn't have to be at a restaurant, though Spence and I just hit that up!

    Please tell the hubs great videography--especially the wine glass up close as he is taking a drink!!