Friday, June 17, 2011

A Song That Brings Me Peace

This morning is one of those mornings that I feel like I have something I need to get out but I don't have the time or words to express myself.  I'm feeling a mixed bag of emotions.  In fact, I really shouldn't even be typing right now since it is 9:37 a.m, my kids are not dressed yet, I have not eaten breakfast, I have to leave the house in 15 minutes to go buy presents for a twin birthday party, drive my daughter to the party by 11 and then find something to do with my other two kids for two hours.  This is the last place I should be this morning. 

I'd love the time to write.  If anything, just to process some things.  But now is the time to get out there and enjoy my kiddos, this summer day, and focus on healing from my kidney infection.  And Being Still in mind,body and spirit.  Instead of writing anything, I thought I'd share this song that my friend Jenn shared with me a few weeks ago.  I've found myself listening to it again and again.  It is a song that really brings me peace.  Not just when I'm feeling crazed or emotional but even when I'm perfectly balanced and happy.  I listened to it a few times this morning to help me find some peace with some things.  Thought I'd share since I love it so much. 

Happy Friday!  Hope to respond to so many of you and read some of your posts.  I've had a hard time fitting that in recently.  Again, good luck to you that are competing this weekend.  Jenn, Ana Maria, Julie, Ashley, Samantha....many of you...I'll hopefully get a chance to get around to all of you personally.  

Does Music bring you peace?  Do you have a song that seems to really "speak to you"?  


  1. Kidney infection? did i miss that one?! Are you okay?

  2. Two of my favorite songs ever;

  3. Yes, music brings me peace. As well as meditating and inspirational reading. Can't live without them all.

  4. Music can set a mood for me in all directions. I get a really peaceful feeling from the ukelele version of somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world. I forget the singer's really long hawaiian name :P Glad you are doing some self-care :)

  5. Get better, sweetheart! How are you feeling?
    There are so many songs that bring me peace... norah jones, come away with me, is one song. there are so many others, but I'm drawing a blank. :) Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  6. That is a BEAUTIFUL song- such a clear voice too.

    Sorry you have the birthday part frenzy going on...things never seem to slow down when you have kids! I hope you are getting lots of fluids and sit-down time though.

    Thanks for sharing the song. I like Fernando Ortega & Bebo Norman too :). And Sarah McLaughlin for secular, peaceful/reflective.

    Get better, friend!

  7. Just happened to come across your blog. Love it! I am new to running and blogging. It's been great to get advice, inspiration and make new running friends through blogging. Thanks for sharing you passion!

  8. Oh have a kidney infection? I'm so behind in blogs lately! I'm so sorry! I really hope you feel better soon!!

  9. Can you please have Waylon pic your next song to post?

  10. Music does so much for me. It energizes me, picks me up when I'm feeling down and makes me feel nostalgic. I was running along last Saturday when a song from the movie Yentl came on my MP3. That was the first date Iven and I had - going to the movies - and hearing that song filled my heart and made me feel like a love-sick 20 year old again.

  11. music makes the world go around!

    seriously, it has a huge impact on my life. I love ALL types of music, for running I prefer hip hop/R & B most of the time, but different moods require different genres.

    Recently, I found some super piano music over at Fast Cory's blog

    check out his music website here:
    I think you will like
    Be Still My Soul