Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunshine, Long Run on an Island, Photography, and ART!

Beautiful Oregon morning!  
Blue Skies,
French doors open,
Kids playing happily in the backyard while we have our morning coffee!
Happy 2nd Birthday yesterday to this little guy:

All That Jazz Photography
Going on a 10-11 mile run with my husband (no kids) on Sauvie Island here in Portland.  
Feeling strong! 
Fresh legs,
Healthy Body,
Ready for another race really soon!

Excited to share lots of things in a post soon.  Products, another giveaway, my Zensah racerback tank review....
two of my very favorite artists, 
a Photographer
a Painter!  

When Talent and Passion come together, it is a beautiful thing!  These two artists are obviously gifted at what they do and it makes me so happy to see how much passion they bring to their work.  I'll write more about them later but in the meantime....

My favorite local artist just came out with some new work that I LOVE. The cool thing about art is that what resonates with one person might not make the slightest impression on another.  But this artist always creates works that "speak" to me!  Her bright colors, funky movement and shape, the meaning behind every painting....just makes me feel
happy and alive!

Here is just a taste of some her new funky runners:

Cher Odum Art

And my Photographer Jen at All That Jazz Photography....
I can't wait to sing her praises!  Seriously a gifted and passionate person.  I admire her so much for being true to herself and doing what she loves and obviously has a gift for.  The art that she creates (her photography) is authentic and joyful.  She truly connects with my kids every time and she is able to capture a true picture of them and not just a fake sit and pose type pictures.  She gets them doing what they do best....playing, bugging each other, smiling, picking their noses, laughing, and loving life!  Love you All That Jazz!  

Here are just a few of her shots from yesterday:

Happy Sunday!  Any fun adventures this weekend?


  1. I love your posts! Always so positive and uplifting. Thank you for that. Happy birthday to your little guy yesterday he is adorable.

    Enjoy your long run with your hubby! :)

  2. Super awesome pics Amanda. What a beautiful family you have. I hope you and Waylon have/had a great run today. Sounds really nice.

    Happy Bday to the little guy too.

  3. Oh my gosh! Your family is GORGEOUS! Love, love, love the pictures and the new look to your blog. I'm inspired to get some new family portraits now (as soon as the weather cools off so we don't DIE during the photo shoot).

    Happy B-day to your sweet baby boy!

  4. Your new header is beautiful, and so is your family. Such sweet faces. Happy birthday to the little man.

  5. The photos of your family are beautiful!

    Hope you had a great run. :)

  6. Oh, those pictures are amazing. You have such a fantastic looking family. I love the "Running Mama" collection too... very cool stuff. :)

  7. I love the photographs of the family, beautiful! It was a wonderful morning. Went for a 3.5 mile run (not quite the 11 miler) but I loved every moment of the running with blue skies and sun instead of rain and gray skies. (I'm in Vancouver, Wa)

  8. wow wow wow wow~~~~
    I love the new look of the blog! Beautiful header!
    Lovely pictures of your family!
    One of your daughter looks just like you!!!!

  9. The photos are great, so natural. They really seem to show the personality of your family - the love between the family members, the energy and the fun.

  10. Great header! Awesome new look! Happy birthday to your two-year old :)

  11. Love your new header, Amanda! Your kiddos are pretty dang cute too!

  12. I love your new header! It looks amazing.

    And I hope the giveaway includes some of those funky runners. I could imagine a little collage of them on my wall above the couch!

  13. Those are GREAT family pictures! Wow, did she do a wonderful job. :) I really like the new header, too. Way to bring the motherhood and running together.

  14. You already know how much I love these pictures!! Such a beautiful family you have!!! I feel like I know your kid's personalities, hear their voices but haven't heard them speak! Your oldest, so much like you, even her arm looks like yours!!

    Hope the run went well! So nice to be out on a sunny day with the person that you love:)

    Both of your favorite artists, obviously extremely talented. Great photographer!! Such a gift to really be able to capture more than just faces. I've browsed through your mom's art site SO many times! BIG wishlist there!!

    Happy happy Sunday! Send your sunshine our way!!!

  15. The family pictures are wonderful--what a great family :)

    Love the new look to the blog, too. Have a wonderful week, kiddo!

  16. Happy birthday to your little boy. And what great photographs - I like how you reworked your masthead. Very nice. May the rest of your week go as well as your weekend.

  17. What great pictures of the kids and the whole family! And love your new header.

    Happy birthday to the little guy in your life!

  18. Your new blog looks fantastic! Way to incorporate all the many facets of your life.

    Gonna go find you on Twitter! You'll love it once you get going with it.

  19. I love the new look to your blog!! Very cute and awesome!

  20. Those pictures are just sooooo fantastic - what a very lovely family you have! Happy belated bday to the little guy and wow, that one daughter could be your twin - what a cutie!! :)

    Hope the long run turned out great...and I heard you got a little run coming up here soon!! Good luck :).

  21. Oh, Amanda! Beautiful, Beautiful photos!!!

    I love these- and you all look positively glowing :) I agree with Jenn...those kids take after each of you in their own ways.

    Your Mom has such a talent. Very cool stuff!

    Sounds like a V nice run on Sauvie IS...looking forward to that race:)

    Happy birthday, Handsome Little Man!!

  22. Love the new Blog header too!

  23. Your header looks amazing! it embodies your blog so well Amanda! Love it!

    Beautiful family and beautiful pics. thanks for sharing these.

  24. so
    loved the photos!

    10 mioles in Sauvie Island ?!?!? Sooooooooooooooooo? did you decide? It's amazing right?!

  25. Great pictures! Your family is beautiful!