Thursday, June 23, 2011

When the Jewel Fairy Visits! Video and How-To

Jewel Fairy Visits are a pretty special event around our house!  When our Jewel Fairy comes for a visit to deliver her "magic jewels" a.k.a rocks or gems from the craft store or dollar tree, there is a tangible excitement in the air!  She doesn't come often but when she does, it is magic and all my kids still believe!  They ask me often to do my "jewel fairy dance" so she will come and leave her magic jewels for them.  Most of the time I find myself telling them that she doesn't visit very often since she has other kids to visit.  It usually means that I don't have A. The Jewels, B. The Energy, C. The time, or D. All of the above.  Most of the time I pretend to get on The Jewel Fairy website and check to see what her policies are.  I pretend to read things like:

  • The Jewel Fairy only visits once every few months due to the high demand from other children.
  • The Jewel Fairy rarely does doubles (come more than once a day).  
  • Jewels from the jewel fairy are different every time.  
  • Kids must be hiding when their mom or dad does the jewel fairy chant/dance.  
  • Never kick a jewel fairy in the mouth.  Okay, maybe that was the gift horse.  
The Jewel Fairy came today!  She decided that it was a special occasion since our neighbor BFF is leaving for two weeks.  Usually I only do the special jewel fairy dance/chant (which I pull from my ear and is different every time) for such things as playdates, birthday parties, etc. but today was just an ordinary day made extraordinary.  

There was a slight problem to my perfect plan today since the neighbor friend decided to call me out on my "jewel fairy" tricks.  She accused ME of being the jewel fairy of of course my oldest daughter started to be a little skeptic too.  Man, they really had me working it.  But in the end, they still seemed to believe.  They even wrote the jewel fairy a thank-you note and left a gift under the tree.  

This is our Japanese Maple Jewel Fairy Tree where we find our Jewels from the Jewel Fairy!
Here's what they left for the Jewel Fairy today.  It is still there.  Not sure what I'll do for this one.  

How-To Jewel Fairy Visit
You too can have the Jewel Fairy come for a visit!  It's easy, inexpensive and kids LOVE it! Boys and girls alike.  And it makes for a great 4-6 year old birthday party activity! Here's all you need to do.

1. Buy some inexpensive gems or rocks from the dollar store or craft store.  Around Christmas time, we had the Christmas Jewel Fairy come for a visit and she brought these:

2.  If you're hosting a party, sometimes it is nice to have some little bags to use for the kids to collect their jewels in.  Otherwise, we use jewelry boxes, tupperware, plastic baggies, etc.  

3.  Have the kids go to another room to hide.  
4.  Put the jewels where you want them.
5.  Make up a silly song, dance or chant.  Today we said something like "Jewel Fairy, Jewel Fairy come to our house.  Come and leave us something other than a mouse!" Yeah, you'll hear that in the video.  I'd suggest something a little better.  Ha!  
6.  Call the kids out and watch the magic as they find the jewels and collect them. 
7.  Enjoy!

Here's a video from today's Jewel Fairy visit.  Note: I know I sound ridiculous thinking of my Jewel Fairy chant on the fly...give me some credit...I had no idea what I would say until I said it.  

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  1. absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So adorable and sweet!!!! You are a great mom :)

  2. OM GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Oh jah.
    The Jewel fairy thing is cool too :) And I took your advice and did a pirate treasure hunt with the boys- using mardi gras beads in a SMALL CHEST. for matthew's birthday. :)) You are too cool amanda.

  4. You are probably the coolest mom ever. When they are older, your kids are really going to appreciate all the effort you put into this.

    How did you come up with the idea of a jewel fairy?

  5. So cute. And I love the excuses you make as to why the Jewel Fairy can't visit.

    Yes I have 3 boys. Apparently I couldn't produce a girl to save my life - which is weird coming from an all girl family. Sam's the oldest (nearly 24), then Josh (22) then my baby Luke (17).

  6. this is great! You are such a fun mama!! I can't wait to start these kinds of traditions with my family! So cute. We are still in the getting teeth phase, not losing teeth so I have some time to plan this out!

    Oh, and so excited about your bra giveaway!!

  7. This is super cute. You are an awesome mom!

    And can't wait to hear about the bra giveaway... I think I am president of the itty bitty club. :)

    Hey, I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word... I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on right now with over $650 worth of prizes
    Thanks so much!

  8. Precious. Haha. You need to come up with a real chant... Lol. And maybe get your neighbor in on the deal - so you can be doing the chant/dance with the girls while the neighbor dumps the jewels? I'm surprised samuel hasn't blabbed haha.

  9. This is an adorable idea! My daughter loves to build fairy houses in the yard and various places around the neighborhood- this will totally add to her excitement! Thanks for sharing- and great blog by the way! :-)

  10. Aw!! This is cute! Love the numbers still on the kids backs!! Such a great imaginative, inexpensive FUN thing for your kids and others! Off to check out the Handful giveaway:)

  11. Love this video! I was just thinking about this the other day. MUST do this, this summer!!! So fun, amanda. Kate is sitting here and saying, "i want to watch it again!" over and over again!!