Friday, March 23, 2012

These are the Days

Okay, I promise, no fake pooping or pretend cooking shows with weird voices today. But thanks for your comments and support on my last post.  It would really be an honor and joy to get the opportunity to run with the Nuun team for Hood to Coast 2012!  

Instead of shooting vlogs and odd videos to share, I'm just going to share a bit from my journal on this beautiful Friday morning.  Thankful for the time I had to drink my coffee and have journal time with my kiddos (they have their own journal but they also helped with mine today).  Love my Fridays this year! 

"  3/23/12....Slowing myself down just a bit on this Friday morning in March.  Knowing that these days are numbered.  My time at home with my two younger kids without anywhere to go and everywhere a POSSIBILITY is precious!  I love my Fridays with my sweet kids.  The promise of family movie night, pizza and ice cream, and a Saturday morning to wake up late is just one of the many things that keeps me smiling today.  And an easier day of Boston training today after an incredibly awesome peak week!  Reminders everywhere that LIFE is RICH...a gift to savor.  Even the toys scattered on the floor and the spilled cereal and milk on the table next to a pile of stinky clothes waiting to be washed are a reminder of this wonderful life to be lived.  THANKFUL!  A few highlights of gratitude today:
  • Journal time with my sweet girl.
  • Awesome week of training.  6x1ks were SOLID
  • New possibilities with life, running, motherhood
  • Family Night tonight
  • Some very special running girlfriends (and non running girlfriends) that Encourage and LOVE me.  
  • Healthy kids
  • Reminders to be in the Present before I miss out.  So easy to get sucked into the "EVERYWHERE ELSE".  
  • Opportunities to use my gifts
  • Ever loving husband and love of my life.  
  • Boston Marathon so close!  A bit sad about one of my dearest friends who won't be there due to injury.  She's provided so much love, strength and encouragement to me over the last couple years.  I love her dearly and I've finally just accepted that she will be with me in spirit and heart.  So much of my 26.2 in Boston will be run for and "with" her in my mind.  I love you Jenn."  (Still thinking of bringing you in blow up form just for kicks and good blog opportunities).  
  • 22 miles with Nicole on Sunday!  Last really long run before Boston!  So nice to have a compatible running partner for these runs.  
Thanks for letting me share my life with you.  Thankful for you.  And great to meet some of you last night at the book reading for Train Like a Mother.  Always nice to put faces with names.  However, a little odd meeting people that seem to know everything about me (fake poops, skin stretching, motherhood stories, training, etc.) when I know very little about them.  Ha!  Felt a little naked last night.  

Happy Friday!  We are off to the Children's Museum to slurp up some sick germs.  Isn't that what ends up happening at places like that??!  Let's hope NOT! What makes your Friday special?  Any fun weekend plans?  



  1. Enjoy your Friday! I love those moments too, with nowhere you have to go, but lots of possibilities for the day. You do have so much to be thankful for, I love that your kids can participate in the journal with you and see you modeling gratitude!

  2. Happy Friday my dear friend! Glad you had a peaceful morning. Yes, your cup overfloweth. So much to be thankful for! I am seriously brought to tears thinking of not being in Boston but I promise you, I will know where you are on that course EVERY minute and I will definitely be with you in both heart and spirit. Hope you have a wonderful family night!! I am so looking forward to some of these at some point, some day-ha! Love you.

  3. You must have read my last comment. So cool.

  4. Wonderful thoughts this Friday Amanda. I really really appreciate your reflection because it makes me stop and reflect on my own life. Something I rarely slow down enough to do.

    Thanks for the inspiration and good luck with your run Sunday.

  5. Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

  6. I promise I will have some version of Jenn - inflatable doll, framed photo, drawing for you on the course! You can hold me to it!

    Glad you had some time with your journal. Things are going super for you and I am so excited to see you a couple of weeks. Last push this week and then...taper!

  7. Have fun at the children's museum. My kids LOVE that place...The weather is nice down here! Hope you are enjoying some outdoor time too :)

    Back for another comment later. Love ya!

  8. Nice to meet you at the TLAM event last night. Good luck in your final weeks until Boston.

  9. Wow, just can't believe that the last long run for Boston is upon you. You're going to nail that 22 miler and how fun you get to do it with your friend :).

    I know you're bummed about Jenn (was going to email you back about that...but here will work, too). She's such a great lady, I've been lucky enough to meet her in person (and you, too - yay!!)....but one day (and I bet soon) your paths will cross and you'll get to have a grand time together. But Boston is about you girl and this is your race. Run your heart out and have the time of your life - for you! :)

    I know I'm horrible at keeping in touch via email - it's not you, I just struggle with words many days. But I love ya nevertheless and very excited for your race here soon! :)

    Hope the Nuun team picks you - you would make a great addition to their team!

  10. Great post! I am looking forward to Sunday too! we are So blessed, aren't we? and YES..only 3 more weeks!!!! AAAAHHHHH! we're actually going to do this dude?! good or bad, it will be an experience to remember and i'm so happy you will be there with me! LOVE YOU!

  11. Make sure you keep all those journals to hand down to your kids and their kids. They'll have such a wonderful time getting to know the real you - your thoughts, your dreams and your feelings, how it was when they were little and how much you love being a Mom. That's such a precious legacy.

  12. As always I really love your writing and expressions of gratitude. I too have been feeling very thankful and hyper aware that these precious moments with my littles will be gone, I had this realization sitting on their bedroom floor cleaning up three sets of blocks. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. I think we were on the same wavelength yesterday in focusing on family and appreciating these times with our kids. I've got mine again today (my husband is on a much-needed hike with his buddies, and I'm so happy for him I'm not jealous at all--rare for me! :^) ), and we're going to a b-day party and out to dinner.

    I hope your weekend is as wonderful as that journal of yours--how much fun is it going to be for you someday to go back and re-read that? And I went to the TLAM reading in Denver on Thursday night--fun book!

  14. Love your thoughts. Small moments are what make the big ones worthwhile!

  15. You're AMAZING.. that is all :)

  16. Are you getting nervous for Boston? I would at least be getting anxious. Hope you're at your peak.