Friday, January 7, 2011

Few Thing "F" Friday

Okay, how is this for jumping on the alliteration title for the day of the week blog wagon?  Or whatever you call it...Three Things Thursday, Wordless Wednesday.  A few others that would be fun:  Fearless Friday (where we share all the things that we would be otherwise fearful to share or we do something that scares us and then write about (and include pictures)...this one could be fun...I mean it could be as simple as confronting someone (stranger or no stranger for those that fear confrontations), getting a picture of it and then wow, what a great post.  Ha, but you might need to have someone like your kid or husband hiding out to get the picture from a distance.  Another one is Small Syllable Saturday...a knock off of Wordless Wednesday really but I think it sounds way cooler.  Manic Monday (where we post pictures of a crazy part of our day). Hmmmm. What about you?  Tell me some good ones that you think up that might be fun to use for those days where you just are not in a conventional blog mood and you're needing a little starter to get your blog flowing.    

Since my post yesterday was kind of about food, I'll start with this one.  It was a trailer for the new documentary called Forks Over Knives.  Worth at least watching the trailer for some food for thought.  I have to say for the record:  
1. I am not vegan or vegetarian.  I can see myself being a vegetarian very soon...the thing that is keeping me from getting there is just laziness.  I need to do my research and find recipes that I can cook that will help me replace my protein with other things.  I don't need or really want to eat much meat.  I wish I liked to cook and read about food ideas but it is just not a passion.
2.  I am not perfect or even near perfect with my diet.  This video was just something I found interesting.  
3.  Huge believer that moderation is everything!  It is all about balance!  
4.  Food is one of the BEST THINGS ABOUT LIFE!!  I LOVE TO EAT!!  Too many wonderfully tasting foods out there for me to be too terribly  healthy all the time.
5. Like Pizza.  A lot of it!
6.  I like to try to eat a lot of veggies and nuts and I'd like to eat more fruit too.  
7.  I eat EGGs almost every day.
8.  We don't drink much milk nor do we give our kids milk (unless in cereal sometimes).  I do not believe that the human diet needs to have Cow's milk as part of it.  Lots of research on this.  Lots. Oh, and my mom raised us on no cow's milk..didn't allow it.  I'm healthy and strong.  But I do not judge.  If you want milk and want to have your kids drink 4 or 5 glasses of Cow's milk a day...go for it!  To each his own.  
9.  I love cheese way too much to give up dairy.  Oh Cheese, I love you.  And paired with wine?  Perfection.  
10.  I'd like to post a post soon about the cost of food, food education, and the way Americans eat and how it is affected by socioeconomic status, education, advertisement, and just plain ol' ignorance.  An issue that makes me sad.  

I'm scared of it but not a much as I used to be.  Just sharing my running goals (time wise) on someone's post yesterday was scary and made me feel pressure but then I reminded myself that they are just goals and they serve a purpose of helping us reach new heights but they are not there to make us feel like a failure if we don't get there!  So here are my time goals for 2011 or 2012:  

1. I want to run my first 5k since college and face this fear.  I hope to finally break that 20 min mark.  My husband will run with me so hopefully having him pull me will be great.  I can't run his 18 min time or maybe I can...see there is that self-doubt creeping in.  
2.  Half Marathon Goal:  break 1:30.  
3. Marathon:  I'd love to run a 3:15 or under.  
There you have it.  Big goals but not too far off what I've run before so I think they are reasonable.  But scary to put out there.  Don't laugh if I fail miserably.  

Need to eat  more of it.

I want to be with running.  I'm glad I wasn't labeled this in HS and College when it came to know Fast and Easy.  

Everyone needs a little freak in them.  In a good funny freak way.

Everyone needs to be told that they are fantastic!  Tell someone today how fantastic they are.  This used to be my favorite word to see on my papers when I was in Elementary School!

Who is Fearless?  

Flippin' Ridiculous!
Yes, this is what kind of madness was going down at my house last night.  Trying to bake chocolate chip cookies, make an awesome spaghetti dinner, give my kids snacks or clean up their snacks, clean the kitchen and put the dishes away AND entertain my kids.  Multitasking madness at its finest!  Yes, my kitchen is gross but the real deal when I try to do too many things at once.  But the cookies and dinner were fabulous!!!

Need them to run.  I also think they can be pretty ugly.

Learning is awesome.  If we don't know something, there are always ways of Finding out the answer.

I am not a fan of fake.  Fake comments to get me to follow you.  Fake smiles and words that are not truthful (totally transparent).  Telling someone something that isn't true.  My personal preference (not not judging you if you do...totally personal) but I do not want : fake nails, fake boobs, etc. Disclaimer:  I have done and do plenty of things that would be considered fake:  highlighting hair, laughing when you're not funny, being nice to someone when really I just want to eat their face off, oh so many things.  I try to keep things as REAL as possible.  I have work to do...with many things.

Farts always make me laugh.  I don't think I will ever get over this.  They are funny.  The ones that make noise. Even the word makes me laugh.  SUAR posted a video yesterday and if you have not seen it then you should.  Pretty funny.  Especially the Fart part.  

Love them!

The F Word
Sometimes it just feels good to say.  Not always but every once and awhile....ahhh.  Don't judge.

Glorious.  One of the biggest blessings that life has to offer.  I'm so thankful for my friends, high school friends, family friends, neighbor friends, friends everywhere, and blog friends.  I never expected to make real friends through blogging but I feel like I've genuinely found a friend in some of you.  So wonderful.  

Your turn.  Maybe one or none of these questions but I'd love to hear from you.

1.  Tell me one of your few things F things on this Friday.

2.  What is a favorite fart story of yours?  One of the ones that makes me laugh the most (and I have many) was when I ripped one in my 5th grade classroom.  I then started making rap/fart noises with my mouth and pretended that I was just busting out a little song about getting ready for lunch or recess.  I've also blamed it on my shoe before..."Wow, these are some squeaky shoes!"  

3.  Have you ever tried Spin class?  I tried it for the first time ever last night for my cross training Thursdays.  Janae, thanks for the inspiration.  I LOVED it.  Can't believe that I have not done it before.  It got me sweating and working hard.  Yay!  Hoping for every Thursday.

4.  Any fun weekend plans? Nothing too exciting for us.  I just love love love having the family all together to be lazy and do whatever we feel like.  Running of course, registering the kids for gymnastics, going out on a date, eating pizza, family movie night and sleeping in at least one day.  



  1. Fun Post!
    I especially love your Fart and the F word. Love both of those things too! :)

    1. Funky. I need to shower. I worked out from 5:30-7am and it's 11:22.....nuff said.

    2. I laughed hard when one of my kids (3 and 6) farts. Especially my daughter (6) she is too girl for words. Well, not too girly. For Christmas she asked for a gun ( hunting) and a dress!

    3.I teach spin about 4 times a week. I LOVE it. For my first marathon ( I have done 2) I taught Spin 4-5 times a week and ran twice. I ran a 3:54 marathon!

    4. Working on Saturday at a fitness booth at my gym-- I will be praising the benefits of Spin class of course! Running hopefully on Saturday. Hanging out with my hubby and kids both days!

  2. My favorite fart story is from when Mai was 3 years old. She had a horrible tummy ache and was just getting over the stomach flu. She made it through her Christmas program at church (barely) and then when we came home she rolled around in bed crying for 45 minutes straight while Steve and I sat with her trying to take her mind off her pain. Finally she farted. It was the longest, loudest fart I had ever heard...and it was coming out of a 3 year old. When it finally ended. She said "that's better", closed her eyes and completely passed out. She was such a tired little girl.

    Speaking of Mai, she has been breaking out in pimples (she's 6 now) and I think it's the dairy. She eats a lot of yogurt, gogurts, chocolate milk at school and milk with her cereal. The rest of us don't really eat dairy. I've asked her to eliminate it for a week and see if her face clears up. 6 year old acne? YIKES!

  3. 2. Mortifying fart story. I let them rip in front o fmy husband and kids. But none of my in laws do and are very offended by farts. I accidentally let one escape during a wuiet board gmae. Oh the horror.
    3. I love spin class. It is what originally got me doing triathlons.

    Very interesting post today! I like it. (Really...not fake-ly.)
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Fresh
    The cafeteria at school served cinnamon biscuits this morning that looked like they were cooked LAST week. No thank you! I prefer my food somewhat fresh.

    2. I had been sick for about a week so my then boyfriend and I decided to stay at his house and watch movies for the night. His roommates decided they would join us. I still had all the sneezes and coughs...and who would have thought I would sneeze and rip one...with my boyfriend playing the big spoon behing me. AHHHH. SOOO embarassing. I'm still good friends with his other 2 roommates and they remind me of it often.

    3. I want to try Spin so bad! They don't offer it at the small gym I work out at. Maybe it's time to start finding a new workout home?

    4. Running, of course. then a family get together with distant relatives. FUN! And going to see Country Strong!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on being white. : ) 99.9% of the time I'm ok with it...just sometimes I wish I could get a little dark. No tanning beds for me though.

    And, I have to agree with you on Grey's. It's like I have scheduled a weekly cry every Thursday night. So dramatic.

  5. Fantastic post! :-)
    No really, there was a lot here that I found myself nodding and agreeing with - I think you've got something here with Fearless Friday. Ugh, and I'm definitely not a fan of fake anything! And farts are ALWAYS funny!!!
    My "F" today is Family - my husband had the last three days off and even though we didn't do anything special, it was nice to hang out all together.

  6. Fabulous post! I've never taken a spin class but lots of people speak highly of it. Have a fantastic weekend...I'm not sure how I haven't stumbled into your blog before, but glad I now found you!

  7. I think you are fantastically funny and freakishly fast!! I also think those are great goals... goals are good, I need to set some. I'm desperately trying to come up with a good F word for today but I can't so I think I'll just embrace Friday as my word. Hooray, it's Friday!

  8. I am highly anticipating 'Forks Over Knives'. I watched the trailer awhile back.

    If you are interested in transitioning to a more plant-based diet, I have a great suggestion.

    Have you ever listened to the Vegetarian Food for Thought podcast? It is free to download and it is hosted by Colleen Patrick Goudreau from Compassionate Cooks. She is extremely knowledgable and compassionate and I am willing to bet you will find loads of motivation to make that transition. I learned so much about the slaughter industry, the dairy industry as well as the seafood industry through this podcast. Trust me, you won't regret it.

    I just found your blog and I can't wait to start catching up on previous posts.

  9. 1. The "F" word - I'm a fan, I have to say. I'm not sure why (failure of originality?), but sometimes nothing really says what you mean like it. The "F" word part 2 - in our house, after years of boys wanting everything to be equal (equal meaning more for the one who's complaining, most likely) we call "fair" the f-word.

    2. Fart-not so funny when it's two teenage boys who could rival mustard gas for their toxicity! :) Funny fart story-one of my close friends in high school was an exchange student from Germany. Any time one of us would burp or fart, we'd loudly exclaim, "Sonja, GROSS!" She'd get totally flustered. Every time. :)

    3. Never done spinning. I'd love to, but it's just too hard to try and work into my schedule right now.

    4. Ummm...son's basketball game tonight, 8 mile trail run tomorrow, son's volleyball tournament all day Sunday. So definitely a busy weekend.

    P.S. On food, I read a great book called What to Eat by Marion Nestle. I believe she's trained as a nutritionist...dietician? Ugh, it's been a while since I've read it. Anyway, she goes through the grocery store aisle by aisle and gives recommendations about the best choices for what to buy. Lots of great, unbiased information. For example, all those studies that suggest you need 3 cups of milk a day, dairy helps you lose weight, etc? Funded by the dairy council.

  10. Why did I smile and giggle when you said you like the F word once in a while?? I NEVER said a bad word until I lived in Florida. I swear the F word is almost normal vocabulary over there. It was weird. I can't tell you how many times it was uttered by my friend and I during the Great Urban Race last year! My gays even got me a bracelet with that word all over it. I never wear, but it makes me smile when I see it!

    Now the other F word .... my favorite fart story is more of a collection of memories of my Grandma. She was so funny! I remember clothes shopping once and she just threw herself into reverse back into the dressing room .... because apparently she had to ... ya know. This was very common. She's not with us anymore, but the whole family still gets together and shares stories of Grandma and her gas. I guess she was their alarm clock growing up -- they'd hear her puttering her way down the hall to get coffee!

    I've never tried spin class, but it looks Fun - with a capital F!

    My weekend is going to be Fabulously Fun! My mom and I are going to be dying some wedding veils black tonight, then tomorrow we are going to decorate with rhinestones, feathers, sequins, etc... They are our little headpieces for the Royal Family 5K that we'll be walking together the day before the Princess Half! I'm documenting and making it into a photo blog!

  11. That sounds like a perfect weekend for me too. I hope you enjoy the dickens out of yours!

  12. This is such a fun post! First, I love that one of your labels at the bottom of the post is farts:) Too funny! And I love the "keeping it real" picture of your kitchen! That is usually what my kitchen looks like when I am in baking mode!

  13. 1. Tell me one of your few things F things on this Friday.

    Food. I have leftover chicken soup and leftover lamb curry in the fridge, but I also have a bag of buffalo jerky on my desk. I want to eat them all, but my stomach wouldn't be able to handle it. I can't figure out what to eat first.

    2. What is a favorite fart story of yours?
    I'm pretty sure my whole life is a fart story. My husband once woke himself up because a fart of his smelled THAT bad. EWWWW. We did not know each other at the time, thankfully.

    3. Have you ever tried Spin class?
    When I first started going to the gym years ago I took a spin class. It was HARD, and I was not ready to be pushed hard, so I never went back. Now that I'm great at pushing myself I should try again.

    4. Any fun weekend plans?
    This weekend is full of exercise plans. I have a solo run, a group trail run, a Bar Method class, and hopefully a yoga class. Normally I sit on my ass and watch tv on the weekends. I have no idea how this happened.

  14. This is AWESOME! I LOVE it! OK-from the top!

    Food-I don't drink milk either. Haven't had a glass since 4th grade. Not a vegetarian-don't eat much meat other than fish but if I want it, I eat it. Actually, all 10 of these, very similar.

    Nice goals! I think big things are in store for you. You'll make them happen!!!

    Fast and Easy-Baahh! Fake-not sure I wouldn't take fake boobs. Not big but maybe just enough-ha!

    F-word. As a rule, I hate swearing. I think it sounds ignorant-ok that's judging. That being said, I generally mutter this word under my breath at least once a day:) I have a whole load of other words that I string in silent sentences with this word when things are not going my way....

    I go to spin once a week. It has totally grown on me!

    My weekend -the usual-hockey rinks:) Hope you have a great one!

  15. Love your take on fake. Thanks for saying it for me. Oh, and add to that faked race times:)

    I love your goals. They are almost identical to mine, except I put a sub 3 h marathon there, just to make it clear that these are my dream goals:) 3:15, totally doable for both of us:)

    Some F words for you.... fair (I strive!), famished (I am, gotta get some lunch), five (my son!). Have a fabulous Friday!

  16. 1- F Word. Flurries, it might snow in Middle Georgia this weekend! It never snows here.

    2- Farts : ) I still laugh at my fiance's farts. Cracks me up. When he does it he says a duck is following him. Stupid, but it cracks me up anyway.

    3- I taught spin class for about a year. It's alright. Not my favorite. I'd rather ride the road bike outside!

    4- This weekend me, my fiance, and a group of friends will be running 8 miles. Our last weekend run before a big local Half Marathon next weekend.

    Enjoyed your blog. Thanks!

  17. You are fantastic! This is a wonderful post! We go through 5 doz eggs a week. Between breakfast and baking. I was eating vegan for awhile and then vegetarian but I can't keep weight on when I do that... I got way skinny... like a strung-out junkie chick. I think I have the metabolism of a rat and there aren't enough hours in the day for me to eat enough calories when vegan. And I wasn't even getting any exercise at that point.

    Remove the word "failure" from your vocab list. Replace it with "learning moment". Doesn't that feel better?

    1. My 'f' word... freezing! It is sooooo cold here today! Like 41 or some such nonsense! And I had to do carpool duty at the school... and I forgot a jacket ... and wasn't wearing socks! Frosty! Yes, I am a weather wimp :)

    2. I have lots of favorite fart stories... none quite as funny as some of these... there are lots of farters in our home. My baby talks about her farts. She is 22 months old. "Oh, gas." "No poop, mommy. Just gas." "Dat's a biiigggggg fart!"

    3. I have never spun.

    4. We have nothing interesting planned for the weekend. I am sure my husband will want to clean the house (groan). I am hoping to get a nice run in.

  18. My Friday as FRANTIC! Yes I love spinning, but live too far from civilization to take one. One note about your milk.. try non homogonized milk. This process renders it difficult for people to digest not to mention it contributes to heart disease. Nothing planned for the weekend except RUNNING!!!

  19. Ok, how "bad" am I when the first thing I thought of your F day was, "I hope she says the "F" word now and then..." We are true pals! I rarely say it but sometimes there's just not another word that just FITS better! I almost said it to the financial aid office today when they have mysteriously LOST part of my daughter's student loan! Last semester, they FORGOT a 0 on her scholarship money and instead of giving her $11,000 and gave her $1100 and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just pay the extra $9900 until they figured out the problem. Bahaha, I said a few F words then and wanted to today when suddently, they lost her loan.

    When I was the queen of cross training, I went to spin class a lot. I should actually get my butt on a bike before next weekend's 2nd DU...why o why have I bot been on a bike since last month's?!?!?

    Have a great weekend, Chica!!! I would love to get caught up on my life...but I have a feeling I won't ;).

  20. I can't spell today either, apparently. *suddenly! :)

  21. ahhh Milk. I found your blog today and I love it. I will be the first to scream it format he mountain tops that I am a milk addict. I should go to AA meetings for milk. "my name is Heather and I am officially a milk addict from way back." No joke. I drink a gallon of skim milk every 2 days. My husband drinks rice milk, and my boys don't really drink any milk, but prefer yogurt and cheese as their calcium source. So, there you have it, you have "met" a milk addict. Have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Get ready for a really long comment, I have a lot to say to you:) I am SO glad you liked spin and my lady parts hurt for at least the first 8 classes....but it is totally worth it ha!! I am so glad you and the girls' loved the cookies, um, yours look better, boo! Second, I admire you that you had your first child natural, you are my inspiration. That is hilarious you wear ear plugs at night! I don't know too much about the saucony kinvaras but I think that the lighter the shoe the better for marathons!! (For every extra ounce your shoe is it is like you are hauling 40 extra lbs per mile!!)
    Avacado with a spoon....brilliant!
    Thank you for the advice and the sweet comments!
    Okay, now on to the most awesomest post 'Few things F Friday." LOVE it and I really loved your multi-tasking picture!
    Woman, we are so alike I would go vegetarian but I am lazy, love cheese, farting is hilarious, i love pizza and I am excited about your food education post. Girl, you are going to SMASH those goals. When is the Newport marathon again.....if you would like someone to pace you I am yours....okay, I am really looking for ways to meet you in real life!! Hope you don't fall asleep reading my post! Have an amazing weekend!

  23. what a great post! I like all the F's! I don't believe we need cow's milk either. But I love raw cheese or goat cheese....especially with wine.
    Your fast goals are amazing. Can you give me some of that speed?
    I teach spin, I love it. And as for farting, I grew up with 3 brother, enough said.

  24. i love that you have your computer on the counter in your kitchen. that's how i cook every day. i use it for all my recipes and/or to watch friends, the office, or something else while i'm cleaning. it's my kitchen staple. i'm trying to convince my husband that i need an ipad mounted in my kitchen so that i don't knock over my computer or spill something on it....

    i love your goals! i am always TERRIFIED to actually say what i want to achieve out loud because then i feel more bound by it. i hate not being able to follow through on what i challenging goals are hard for me to share. so i'm super proud of you to put it out there and risk sharing these with us :)

    i believe in you!

  25. love the post! I just went to spin yesterday, I started spin in the spring. I usually love it but it really depends on the instructor. Now I use it as bike interval training, not really sure if it counts but whatever. Happy weekend =)

  26. Hilarious girl! I loved every minute of your post, and your cookies look absolutely DIVINE. We could all do Sleepy Sundays and take pictures of us in our beds :) I'm all over that. I'm sure we'd get some great bedhead shots.
    Your running goals are AMAZING. I have no doubt you're going to rock them. GOOD LUCK!!! Love your blog! ;)

  27. your goals are awesome. a 3:15 marathon? you are a rockstar.

  28. *Wine & Cheese? We could be best friends on this topic.
    *Nice when you want to eat their face off, is Freak'n hilarious.
    *I think you are super Fantastic.
    *Some of the day starter topics I have used: Thoughtful Thursday, Tuesday Tidbit, Monday Motivation, Saturday Sampler for some radomness or you can place SUPER in front of either Saturday or Sunday and on, and on, and on

    Ok one answer to one of your questions: Fun Plans? Sunday I am running a 10K, I am under trained, but like a truly ambitious person, I am still hoping to PR.

    Love your blog and I am not faking.

  29. Oh my gosh, you make me laugh!!!

    1. I know it's Saturday but I'll make my response geared toward yesterday:
    The F Word: FFFFFFFFFFFF it was a long week!
    Friendship: My best friends all live far away and it makes me sad.

    2. Haha this one always makes me laugh now but used to embarass me so much as a kid. When I was in 6th grade I got poison ivy REALLY badly (I still have scars from it) and eventually had to go to the ER. The doctors kept bringing more doctors in because they'd never seen it so bad. It was really starting to make me nervous and scared. They told me it was time to get a shot to take away some of the pain and they gave me a shot in the bum and I farted. My mom was in there and started cracking up. I started to cry. Hahahaha.
    3. Still haven't tried spin yet but I want to!!
    4. Weekend... well this morning I saw 4 clients, the 5th was a no show, then I went to the gym. Making dinner tonight with DW. Long run and family time tomorrow. Full day off work = heaven.

  30. Oh and thank you for the great comments, they are always appreciated!! The caffeine thing is more of me not wanting to rely on it. If I don't have caffeine by like 10am my head hurts and I don't like that. I actually wish I liked coffee (because it's warm!) but I don't. It's really weird. We can definitely chat about the B.S. (haha BS) sometime!!

  31. I am so glad you posted your goals!

    I love them and that your husband is that fast that he can pull you in a 5K. My Hubby says he wants to run a 5K this year. This is a completely new development. He used to be pretty fast at the mile and has had knee surgery since. We'll see how this goes :)

    I hope to be able to come watch Newport this year, so hopefully I can cheer you on to a PR!!

    No F's- i think all the good ones are used up. I really appreciate what you said about fake, though. I can be pretty sharp with my words at times and am trying to more carefully choose what i say these days. I don't want to ever be fake, though.

    The cookies look delicious!! Messiness is a sure sign of creativity =D

  32. Hmmm....I have to say that FARTS do not make me laugh. They make me want to gag and then scream! The hubs thinks it's funny and every time he farts, he looks at me to see my reaction. Sometimes, I won't even look up (but can see him in my peripheral) and say, STOP LOOKING AT ME!

    So not funny! :) But it kind of is! Don't tell him.


  33. Just found my way to your blog. I started Filmic Friday a few weeks ago, because really, alliterations does make everything better :)

  34. Just found your blog and love it! I'm thinking about implementing a personal Time Test Tuesday blip where I run a mile as fast as I can each week trying to improve my time. I need speed motivation.

  35. I tagged you in my latest post with a "Stylish Blogger Award." You don't have to play, but part of the rules is me letting you know that I've enjoyed finding and reading you're blog, and I think you're awesome.

  36. *your

    Looks like I need to go back to grammar school. Whoops.

  37. I came across your blog when I was reading the hungry runner girl's blog and I love your blog! I ran cross country/track in college too and after having my first child last year, have found the need to get back into running again. Anyway, loved your openness about your fear of failure. I was thinking about this on my run this morning as I sometimes am scared of trying to even publicize or create a goal time because of the fear of failure. But, I'm hoping by blogging and reading other runner's/mom success stories to have confidence in myself and my goals!! And if we fall short, at least we reached for the stars!

  38. oh, where do I start? I wanted to comment on almost everything you said! I don't drink milk either. Have you ever read the Body by God book? After reading that I stopped drinking it even though I have never been a big milk person. My kids still drink it though because my husband grew up drinking a lot of milk and he insists on them drinking it. Also I eat a ton of eggs too!

    I'm the farter in our family, LOL! Especially when I'm prepping for a show. The kids have a farting app on their ipods that they never seem to get bored with. :)

    I started up a blog for my choose to lose team at work, and I have Menu Monday where I post a recipe, Tell it to Me Tuesday, where they have to tell me something about their week, and Workout wednesday where I give them a workout I want them to do over the next week. I've also heard of people doing "flaunt it Friday" and blogging about something they like about themselves.

  39. Hey Amanda! I nominated you for a *stylish* blogger award over on my site! Check it out. :)

  40. I found myself nodding at your entire list, but especially the Food list! Vegetarian--I flat out need to research it more. I don't miss meat; fish, yes. But, not meat.

    F things:
    -"Food, INC." Have you seen it?
    -I own a remote controlled Fart Machine. I'm over 30.
    -Fairy dust - I may need some magic on my long run tomorrow!

    I want you to run a 5k again speed demon!!!

  41. My personal trainer that I found on interestingly enough thinks its funnier than I do when people fart, and I think it's pretty freaking hilarious.