Monday, January 17, 2011

Oregon Beach Run Video

Two glorious nights on the beach.  
Tucked inside,
Feeling safe, loved, significant.
The Oregon Rain,
   our background music,
  being carried by the wind,
Covering the earth like a 
cold, wet blanket.
Accompanied by the roaring ocean waves.

A masterpiece.

  fire blazing,
  friends laughing,
  kids smiling and chasing each other 
the stairs,
   Hiding in closets with flash lights,
Dancing to slow songs,
Cuddled up with blankets and their favorite movies 
That they will watch again and again.

Cut off from the computers and phones 
That all too often take so much of our attention.
A relief, 
  Set free.
Just being.  
Loving Every Minute
Of a Quiet weekend away 
Tucked safely inside our favorite beach house
With Friends, Family.  

My Boys on the Beach  



  1. That is really nice. So joyful in your writing and the video. Love the energy.

  2. AMEN! That's some good stuff!
    Memories. It is what it's all about - making the memories :-)

  3. Beautiful! What a special weekend! You are SO happy :)

    (I think I recognize the big rocks in the distance)

  4. Lovely. Really Nice to enjoy the sweet life right?

  5. that is my family's favorite place to be too!! Sweet sweet.

  6. Love it, love it, love it. What a way to do January!

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous time, wind and wet clothing and all. Funny, but every time I've been to the Oregon coast it's been that way too, no matter what season.

  8. Fabulous!! So sweet!!

  9. I love the way you write! That's so awesome! Love the pic of your boys!

  10. I LOVE you guys!!! I love the poem and I love how happy you guys seemed. I love when the video ends it stays on you guys kissing. TOOO cute!!

  11. You are too cute:) Love the video. Beautiful writing as always! So glad you had a nice relaxing weekend! SO important to do that!!

  12. Well, hubby did try to get in the video. Not quick enough, I guess. Great writing Amanda.

  13. I am so mad because I can't watch the video at know what I will be doing first thing when I get home. I am so glad you had such an amazing weekend. It really is so nice to get rid of technology for a few days and just be with your family. Love the picture of your boys...melted my heart!! Have a great day getting back into reality!

  14. OH! I miss the coast up there. SO pretty. I haven't been since MY boy was..gosh...under 2?? Nothing like a quick get away.

  15. Ahh, you are quite the talented writer Amanda! Beautiful video and pic of your boys! :)

  16. You two are an ADORABLE couple!! Loved your energy and how HAPPY you both were. It's awesome you got to run together. Great video! And sweet ending :)

  17. i love how much fun the two of you have running in the rain. so poetic!

  18. Oh my glorious goodness! This video was GREAT. I love your energy.

    See, we WOULD be real life friends!

  19. How beautiful. Thank you for sharing your weekend!

  20. That video is so cute .... and what a prefect Oregon coast day! I've been wanting so much to have a windy, wet coastal day - and it looks like you had it. Fabulous!

  21. Waylon did a great job of being excited about the run. Funny that he spent the entire first half of the day thinking of ways to get out of running.