Sunday, October 9, 2011

Not For Real, Weekly Running, and The Running Blog Community

If it makes you feel better for actually dialing the 1-800-BRA-LESS number for the Bra-Less Running Society, you're not the only one.  Apparently, there were several people that thought I was serious about this special society of runners who let their girls free!  

Yes, my post about taking Minimalistic running to a new level was a joke. I wrote it after returning from a run where I forgot a bra and didn't notice a thing.  I was in a silly mood and had a few minutes on my hands. Your comments were hilarious!  

Although it was a joke, running bra-less really does save on laundry and it is rather comfortable for me.  After running bra-less four times this week, I'm convinced that those of us with a "lack of rack" might be on to something here!  Seriously thinking that all the runners in the itty bitty titty committee really should consider heading up some bra-less running groups!  Or not.  

The first two times I ran bra-less this week, it was an accident.  I woke up in the tank top that I sleep in and I just threw on a t-shirt.  By the time I went running, I just put some shorts on, laced up my running shoes and hit the road.  I assumed I had a running bra on since I usually don't go anywhere without one.  And for those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know, I am a big fan of the Handful bra (padded sports bra) to make me look like I have at least a handful.  It took a few miles before I realized that I not only didn't have a bra on, but I still had my ear plugs in my shirt (I sleep with ear plugs in my shirt just in case my husband's breathing bothers me and I need to just slip them out without rummaging through my drawer).  It made for a good laugh. I looked like I had 4 nipples to anyone that noticed.  

Running This Week
I feel GREAT!  After two weeks of some pretty good mileage, my legs are feeling strong and running is feeling easier and easier.  Makes me wish I wouldn't have slacked off so much this summer.  And there is something to be said about just logging some miles and making them EASY! I'm excited for my half-marathon next week.  My Night Run tonight brought me up to 47.5 or so miles this week.  So close to the 50 miles I was shooting for but NO CIGAR!  

Monday: 4 easy 
Tues: 8.5 jogger stroller miles
Wed:  5 total.  Speed work on TM.  Didn't get through entire workout because my son pissed his pants and the gym daycare wouldn't let me keep him in his wet jeans.  Darn.  
Thursday:  Tired Legs but I needed some redemption from yesterday.  13 miles with friends Nicole and Stephanie.  8:02 or 8:04 average and last mile was sub 7.  Yes!  I'll take that!  
Friday:  Slow jogger stroller 5 while talking to Jenn and laughing about the forgotten bra and hidden earplugs.  
Sat:  8 @ 8:45ish
Sun:  4.5 Garminless.  Felt strong and FREE running under the night sky, breathing in the cool air, and just feeling fast!  And stopping here and there to text Jill, Jenn, and Nicole.  

Races this weekend
There were so many of you that raced this weekend.  I'm impressed with all of you. Some of you are coming back from injury, others have reached a new level in their training or made a PR today, and then there were those that reached for their goals and found that today wasn't the day but they still pressed on and dug deep within themselves.  Whatever your race experiences, thank you for sharing them.  Thank you for putting your heart out there for all of us to see. For writing about your "race residue" (good and bad) so that we don't feel alone.  For letting us celebrate your successful races and wrap our "virtual" arms around you when you find yourself needing support.  The running community is one of the greatest I know.  So much love, support and encouragement to be found here and I'm so lucky to be a part of it!  Race on!  Run Strong!  And Keep Aiming High!  

Did you race this weekend? 
Admit it, did you think the Bra-Less Running Society was a real thing?  (you're not alone)



  1. No races for me this week. But I enjoyed live streaming kona and Chicago. So exciting! And I knew bra-less running was a joke. Although it isn't a joke. I just wish my butt left the building with the boobs! The joke between my hubby and I is it's either boobs or a new tri-bike for my 40th. Seriously, I know which one would make me happier. And there's no recovery time. :). Congrats on the good runs!

  2. Love this post! I am still laughing about the running braless post. brilliant! I am sort of nervous to try it and not sure why b/c I don't have any so why should it matter? good job on the 47.5 chickee!!!! so looking forward to the next 3 mos of easy and then buckling down for the big BM!! xx(no..not a bowel movement)

  3. I did think it was real! Very convincing. You'd be an excellent technical writer. :)

  4. The running bra-less post was especially hilarious for me because, as evidenced in my latest post, I took OFF my sports bra DURING the race because it was so tight!

  5. so funny - I could join that society, for sure!

    No race for me this weekend, but I volunteered at the pdx marathon and was so inspired by all the runners!

  6. Heck, even with a running bra on, the girls still hurt like hell after a really long run. I'd be thrilled to run without a bra and have no ill effects.

    No race for me this weekend: mine is a month away!

  7. I was outgraged when they made me run braless for a stress test earlier this year until I realized it didn't make one damn bit of difference. Nice mileage girl!

  8. I totally thought the BRS was real! Clever!! No racing for me - but I did a 5 mile slow cruise that was pain free and ah-maze-ing. :) Slapped my Runninghood sticker on the kid-hauler, thanks so much!

  9. lol I have enjoyed being able to get away with a tank with a shelf bra in in and no sports bra during yoga or cross training, so maybe I'll try it while running too?

    the girls have definitely sized down a bit since I started running... at first I thought I'd be sad (thanks to our "big-breast-obsessed" society), but honestly, small boobs rock! You can wear cute clothes and not worry about popping out of them, finding bras is easier, and you don't have to constantly fiddle with your bathing suit tops LOL

  10. 4 nipples, huh? Now that would totally be something I would do...but I would show up someplace more public, like the gym, to get the full embarrassment factor - I'm just unlucky like that ;p

  11. I suppose as thefounder of Bra-Less Running you should set up that hotline. Your name will go down in the record books for women's freedoms, right after Susan B. Anthony ;)

  12. haha! hilarious! I think it's funny that some people actually dialed the number lol...

  13. Haha, I missed that post but it is really funny! I didn't race but did some good training.

  14. I bet you still looked good with 4 nipples:)

    This bra-less stuff has just cracked me up. It's like free ballin', or going commando. For fun dial 1-800-Free Ball and see what you get:)

    I am not well-endowed in the rack department but I will NOT be seen running without a sportsbra:) Pride first, doing laundry or environmental concerns about water usage a very distant second-ha! I also don't look nearly as good braless as the text you sent me last night:)

    Great running week!!! You're doing SO well. I can't wait for your race this weekend. I know it's not necessarily a goal race but I still think you have it in you to do big things for you at this point!!! I will be so anxious to hear!

    Very encouraging in your last paragraph there!!!! Well written. So important to have an outlet and a community to help process both good and bad! I feel so fortunate to have that even though my blog is not necessarily where I always lay it out there. I've said before, you are an amazing, encouraging friend to many! A true blessing.

  15. ha ha so funny about the bra-less runs. I am not sure I could pull that off.

    Great job on your workouts. You are right where you need to be. I could not agree more about running just to run. Forget about pace and just feel that joy of running. ahhh I love it so much!

  16. I was pretty sure that the BRS was a joke, though in the back of my mind there was always that possiblity that it was real.

    I did a 7 mi trail race on Saturday, but I ran it as a recovery run and just had fun hanging out with my friend as we ran.

    Nice job on all those miles this week! That's a lot when we all know how much life (and wet pants) can get in the way of training. :)

  17. The bra less society is so funny. But when you dont have nothing up top why spend money for something you dont need. Ha.

    I'm running my 2nd marathon Sunday Oct 16.

  18. I see I need to go back a post!

    Braless? It could work these days, not in the 8 weeks after baby running phase.

    I wear a sports bra to appear to have something as well..perhaps a few nursing pads in there during a rain shower might be more effective. These are the things I think about while running. :)

  19. Oh! Forgot to say, GREAT miles!!

  20. It sounds like you had a great training week. I laughed a little when I read about your son at daycare. I am sure you weren't laughing at the time, but now you probably can laugh about it.

  21. I've been kind of lurking on your blog off and on this year. You are an inspiration to me. I ran the LB 1/2 marathon this weekend, and it did not turn out to be the race I had hoped for. However, as with any other race, I have learned from this one and hopefully I'll be able to use what I learn to improve on my next race.

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