Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kid Fort Turned Writer's Retreat. And Getting Unblocked!

 Okay, so I'm blocked up.  Creatively constipated if you will.  Maybe I have too many ideas swirling around in this crazy head at once.  Or maybe there really is nothing good going on upstairs.  Whatever it is, I can't find my words.  And now isn't a good time for the creative BLAHS.  I have a few things that I've been trying to work on and they all happen to be due at the end of this month.  Maybe that's it...too much going on a one time. Or maybe I'm trying too hard. I've tried desperately to take my own advice and reread some of my past blogs.  I've been:

  • Trying to see the world through the eyes of a child.
  • Writing and saying my lists of gratitude
  • Journaling
  • Writing my ideas out in stream of consciousness
  • Smiling often (this is a load of crock.  I've been TRYING.  But more like snarling often).
Last night I realized that I hadn't run for three straight days since my half marathon on Sunday.  Well, duh!  No wonder I can't poop, um, I mean write and get creative.  It has definitely played a part in this creative block.  After my run, things started coming back to me.  I came home feeling full and ready to get cracking with my creative self.  Again, too much going on at once so today I find myself still....STUCK.  

I even tried sitting inside the little fort that my husband recently built for the kids. He was actually building it on Sunday when I came home from my race.  Yes, it is in our living room.  It helped a little.  My son thought it was a game and he sat next to me and played quietly.  In fact, I might just have to make it MY writer's fort.  Maybe I'll even tape up some vision collages and inspirational quotes.  I'll even include some paintings, a throw pillow and a place for books, journals and other writing materials.  Yes!  Who says that mamas can't have their own fort in the living room?  I can even paint a big sign that says "Keep Out!  No Kids Allowed!"  What do you say?  

Help!  What do you do to get your creative juices flowing when they are blocked? How do you break through writer's block when you have a deadline on something?   Usually running, journaling, music, dancing around the house, and spending time getting out with friends does this for me!  But when I'm recovering from a race and I can't just get away with three little kids that need me, I'm feeling a little stuck.

A side note from yesterday's half marathon report:  I am very happy with my race.  :)  I'm owning it!  And as soon as those negative feelings came to me and I started being too hard on myself, I was able to get rid of them and remind myself to celebrate.  It was a great race off of minimal training and I'm proud of myself.  So, no worries...I'm not over here punishing myself and making myself feel bad.  Thank you for your kind and supportive comments.  And for those that haven't given up on my blog even though I'm a horrible blogger right now as far as commenting and responding.  There is just a lot going on so thanks for not "blog dumping" me.  



  1. Start freewriting. That's what I tell my students. For 10 minutes, just dump it out without stopping. Write whatever comes into your mind. Phrases, words, random stuff. Don't pick up your pen from the paper and don't stop.

    Then go back and highlight the things that jump out at you. That can help spark new ideas.

    As for me, in a graduate school writing context, if I can just get my introductory paragraph for any essay, I'm GOLDEN.

  2. I would NEVER blog-dump you!! xoxo.

    You've got something there with that 'Mom's only' fort idea!!

  3. I love the fort. Its soooo cute and your sons boots :) I hope those juices start flowing for you. You will never be dumped. You are far to important and loved! I hope you have a great day.

  4. I hate being blocked! It's always when I've got too much going on, too much spinning around in my mind that wants to come out.

    LOVE the fort!

  5. I"m new to your blog and LOVE it, you have inspired me to start my own running journal, and even add a running collage to it. (I'm so not a freely creative person) all THANKS TO YOU :)
    You rock as a mother/friend/ and ATHLETE!
    Seriously inspiring!

    I love the fort, I hope that writing flows for you soon :)

  6. Ahhh, Wendy, I can't respond because you have no e-mail linked or a blog but THANK you for this. You have inspired me friend! Seriously, the article I'm working on is about my running journal and inspiring the creative athlete....I was beginning to feel really uninspired about the topic but your words made me feel purpose in it. Thank you!

  7. I really want a mom's fort too! That looked so nice and cozy and everyone needs a "no kids allowed" time every now and then. I am not a writer so I have no useful advice on writer's block. I hope it leaves you soon!

  8. That fort rocks! I see the little boots sticking out!

  9. oh man, I so totally want a fort! Of course, since we don't have any little ones, it might look kind of odd in our apartment, lol.

  10. so jealous of that fort! i wish my hubs would build me a fort like that.. i'm practically a kid.. i deserve a fort!

  11. I've got no ideas for you cause I never have a deadline. the only writing I do is here on my blog. What I do know is that you're a truly creative person with lots of great ideas. Just start with the how and why and I'm sure it'll start to form something you can shape.

  12. Love the fort! Don't put so much pressure on yourself about writing. :)

  13. I wished that I had a fort that cool! You are so creative and talented, I am sure that you won't have this writer's block for long.

  14. I love the Christmas lights! I hope it helps give you the writing-runs ;)

    I've been reading, but maybe not closely enough - who won the art contest? (jw!)

  15. I LOVE the {writing} fort!! :) Writer's block/creative blocks aren't very fun. I think since we are both English Majors, the blocks "hurt" even more! :(

  16. love the fort...i'm thinking i need one in my home!

  17. We need a fort at our house! We used to use refrigerator boxes. So FUN.
    Nathan says he wants your fort too :)

    I don't get writer's block because I usually don't try to write anything amazing! If you stop trying, it all comes to you...then you have to find the time to put it on paper (Which I don't usually get to). I admire your commitment to your dream here!!