Monday, December 6, 2010


I have 3 kids. I am happy. I love our family with all the chaos included.  We are sleeping well again.  Our house is just big enough for all of us and we could probably get by with living here forever.  I'm running again and I don't have to share my body with anyone (if I don't want to).  No nursing, carrying a baby in my womb, no waking up in the night to pee 3 or 4 times (or more).  My husband and I are actually getting regular date nights and we are able to hang out and make plans to start traveling more often and going on family back packing trips.  We are able to do things that were just too much work for us with babies.  I'm even ready to race competitively again like I did before kids...actually like I have never done before.  I'm ready to push my body to limits I have never dreamed up.  If my hamstring cooperates with me (tonight it really kind of hurts), then I think I'm ready to see what this running body can do.  Really, life is great.  Wouldn't want to change a thing. 



Do I...



Yes, that's right folks!  I'm one of those crazy women that LOVES being pregnant!  Of course, I love the end result too.  I love everything it means to have a big family.  Yes, kids are so much work!  They suck the life out of you.  But they also give so much life to you.  They make our life rich in so many ways.  I know that with 3 kids, I have more than most and I'm already getting the eye rolls from people who think people shouldn't have more than two.  I also know that we are probably done having kids.  There is just a big part of me (a crazy part) that would love to do it one more time!  I definitely feel like I have room in my heart for another child even if I don't get to be pregnant again. Perhaps we'll even adopt.  Will this feeling of wanting another eventually just go away? 

What about you moms out there....Did you like being pregnant?  Or were you one of those moms that would rather poke your eye out?  What were your favorite parts of pregnancy?
I'm going to steal Hungry Runner Girl's idea and answer my own questions.  Thanks Janae.  :)  I love the miracle of having a child grow inside of me.  I love feeling the kicks and the hiccups.  I love watching my belly grow and get HUGE!  I love the anticipation.  It is like a 9 month long Christmas and then I finally get the greatest gift on the planet! 

Did you run while you were pregnant? 
With my first and third child I ran up until about 5 or 6 months and then I just walked daily.  I could have continued running but I felt content without it.  My hormones were so different and just didn't need running to feel balanced like I do now.  With my second pregnancy I had a hard time running because she was sooo low and put too much pressure on my bladder.  However, I had marathon cookie eating sessions every night! 

How long did it take you to get back into running again after you had your baby?
With my first and second I was back to running right away.  Maybe even as soon as 3 least jogging.  I also had Mastitis (breast infections) six times with both of them.  I finally wised up by my third and realized that running was part of the problem...I am just not one of those women that can run and nurse. Perhaps it has something to do with these really small boobs trying to hold enough milk to feed a child.  It is one or the other with me...running or nursing.  I can't have them both.

Would love to hear your stories and answers to these questions. 



  1. You're such a cute preggo!
    I liked being pg just fine but was considered very high risk so I was a bed rester and the whole thing was more terrifying than anything. I wasn't a runner after my first but got back to running quickly after my second.

  2. You were adorable! I felt really frumpish when I was pregnant. I Never felt that pregnancy cuteness I wanted. I always say that if there was one thing I would do differently when I was pregnant it would be to enjoy it more. I was too anxious to get those babies out and into my arms.

    I didn't really work out before or during my first pregnancy, but then started running and miscarried my second pregnancy, which devastated me. It probably had nothing to do with running, but you couldn't convince me. I did lift weights all through my third pregnancy and I was BUFF. Seriously. I should post a picture.

    I started running again at 6 weeks post partum and then went on to run my first marathon a year later.

  3. You were so cute pregnant!

    For me, my first two pregnancies were very difficult. I was young (19 & 21), and I had morning sickness 24/7 for the majority of both pregnancies. I loved being pregnant the last time. I loved the feeling of closeness with the baby, feeling him move, and the fact that I was SUPPOSED to be round! :)

    I didnt start running til this April, so it wasn't a factor during any pregnancy. And I'm still working on losing that baby weight! :P

    I'm 37, my kids are 18, 16, and 7, and it's only been in the last year or so that I was comfortably done with having kids.

  4. You are so cute pregnant... look at that belly! I was really sick with the first two and I didn't run at all. My second two I ran and swam throughout the pregnancies and didn't seem quite as sick, I think the working out helped me a lot. With the last two I was so anxious to get running again and was doing it within a month.

    I originally had always wanted 5 kids, but after having my 4th I really feel like our family is complete and I am okay with that.

  5. Those are awesome prego pics!! I actually liked being pregnant too. My favorite thing about being pregnant was being able to actually feel where my baby's foot was. I loved feeling his movement inside my belly and having my husband put his hand on my belly to feel it too! That is an amazing feeling!
    I did not run while I was pregnant, but I wish I would have. I gained quite a bit of weight when I was pregnant...I have no idea how long it took me to lose, but it was awhile!

  6. Yes, you were a very cute pregnant momma! I too LOVED being pregnant! I worked out with all of them, teaching classes and lifting right up until I had them. I had fall babies so was always pregnant in the summer and lived in my swimsuit, it was great! We have 3 and I've thought MANY times about having another one, but I think we are done. I was always anxious to increase the intensity of my workouts after birth, so it was usually at 6 weeks I started running again.

  7. You look like you would like another one! but...I also feel like I should be willing to adopt. I just don't want to go throught the yo-yo of pregnancy again and am really enjoying having my body back. I realize that sounds selfish and it makes me sad :( but it's the truth.
    I ran with my first pregnancy, but just for fitness- not competitively. I also developed preecalmpsia and had a misunderstanding with my midwife (PE not a result of running, but running with PE is not good for your blood pressure). I should have stopped sooner than 8 months that time.

    In my second I just did tae bo :). Oddly, I was in better shape than with #1.

    I started running again when he was a year old and got my self to respectable first half-marathon shape in about 4 months after that. Then I got PG with number 3. I was angry with God. I didn't want to lose everything I had worked for, or the baby; I was working toward a goal of a full marathon and I would be 8 months pregnant. I kept running (reduced mileage) through the pregnancy , determined to stay in shape and averaged about 25 MPW until I was 36 weeks PG. I ran a 10K in just under an hour. A week later I couldn't hardly walk because the baby had dropped.
    I was anxious to run again after the birth of my son, but was told, strictly, by my midwife to hold off until bleeding had stopped and it took for-ev-er. I finally could begin again steadily at 4 weeks PP.
    I BFd early in the a.m. and ran right after. I got mastitis once, (probably due to a poorly fitting sports bra on a D cup normally A.) Running with mastitis STINKS! I was highly motivated and ran a 10K at 10 weeks PP. I got first female overall in a small race and it was a huge boost/reward for the work I had put in while pregnant.

    I am SO glad I had #3. SO glad. I think that will pay off much more in the long run (as a blessing) than any of this racing business will!

    Sorry for the super-long post! a little embarrassed about it. Heh.

  8. Your pregnancy pictures are beautiful!!!! Good for you for running while pregnant. Many women use it as an excuse to become a lot more lax on their exercise routines.

  9. You look amazingly lovely AND soooooo happy! This was so fun to read! I could have written something very much like it :)