Friday, July 22, 2011

Hitting Up the Track for Some Speed! Breaking Free From "a Plan" and Loving It!!

Writing this after my speed workout today, it is very clear to me why I've been in such a "funky funk"  the past few weeks.  Duh!  Why I didn't figure it out is beyond me.  I went from pretty solid marathon training to hardly running at all for a few weeks.  Huge drop in endorphin levels!  But after tonight, I'm stocked up again and feeling back to myself!  

Not sure where the inspiration came from today but I was finally excited to RUN again.  And not just run...I wanted to push some limits!  I woke up excited to hit the track and try out my legs for a speed workout.  I think I knew all along that I wouldn't be playing by any rules.  Not Matt Fitzgerald or Jack Daniels or any of the other various plans out there.  I just wanted to run and see what happened.  My Matt Fitzgerald plan that I just started two days ago and plan on following pretty loosely this time, called for:
1 mile warm up
2x 1mile repeats at 10k pace
1 mile cool down

If I was training for something seriously right now (like the Boston or my peak marathon), I'd be sticking to a plan but I really have nothing that I've really got my mind set on training for hard core, so I think I'm all about doing some training Amanda Style!  And I'm excited for it!  What have I got to lose?  

Since college, I never thought I'd say that I was excited to hit the track up but all day today I was looking forward to putting on my tempo shoes and heading off to challenge myself.  Not sure what happened to the old Amanda but the new Amanda is feeling liking pushing the envelope and seeing what can happen.  For maybe the first time in my life, I'm not so scared of putting myself in a little pain. 

After reading The Manly Runner's post this morning about seeing how fast we can run a mile, I started wondering if I could break 6 minutes in the mile right now.  After today's workout, I'm almost certain that it is still there but it didn't quite happen today.  I've got time!  

Today's Workout:
Jillian in the morning

Strapped on these babies that have been completely Addias Adi Zero Manas:

Track workout:

  • 1 mile warm up--sunny and blue skies!  Yay!  
  • Dynamic Stretching...javelin throwers on the track so I was prepared to go around them.  Little did I know that they would start cheering and clapping for me as I passed. Awkward! But sweet!  Since I was using my Garmin, I eventually started going around them since the clapping was uncomfortable.  
  • 1st Attempt at a sub 6 mile.  Help on to a pretty solid pace for the first 800 but by 1k I stopped. 5:40 pace.  Wish I wouldn't have because I'm think I had that sub 6.  Darn it!  
  • 2-3 min recovery
  • 1 mile in 6:16--this felt strong!  I wasn't too tired and I think I could have done another.  
  • 2ish min recovery
  • 400 in 87 seconds
  • 400 recovery
  • 400 in 85 seconds
  • Jogged 2 miles home.  
I'm actually pretty excited to try a 5k again! 

And to answer one set of questions for the Q and A...This is random...

Caroline asked:   
Does your husband read your blog? What does he think of it? Yes.  He enjoys it, says it is funny and he finds inspiration from it.  He might just be telling me this so he can get a piece of ass.  But I really think he enjoys a lot of it.

How old were you when you left home?
18.  When I drove off to Iowa for college.  Didn't look back.  Didn't want to go back.  Even for holidays.  So glad I got to grow up!  

Did you wait to find out the gender of your kids?
For the first one we did.  So wonderful.  Btw, pregnancy and labor...A-freaking-mazing!!

What was your job before you became a mom?  
Teacher!!  Love love love love loved my job!  loved it!  Hard decision to quit.  So hard.  So passionate about it!  But I'm passionate about most things really.  :)  

What about you guys?  When did you leave home? Does your significant other read your blog??  



  1. I just emailed you about that kick ass workout but I will comment again in a public forum to say how AWESOME I think it was!!! I'm so excited to hear you excited! I can't wait to see you try a 5K!!

    Going to come up with a good question I promise!

    Left home at 17 for college. No, Joe does not read my blog and never has. He does know about it and I often reference people I've met through it. He "can't wait" to meet you as you know- ha ha ha!!

  2. Yes YES! 5K!!

    It's good to go a little wild every once in a while :)

    NICE 800!! Nice 1 mile :)

  3. Amanda - this is so exciting! A few weeks ago, and even now to some extent, I found it so awesome to run plan free. Typically, I LOVE a plan and structure, but I do love variety too, so it has been amazing. I'm slowly moving into planning mode again, and looking forward to that as well.

    It's interesting about your quest for a maxed out mile. The Running Artist and I are supposed to give it a whirl this next week, (for a few weeks). Kind of exciting, kind of scary. The mile is MY least favorite of all. I'm sure that means I should be doing it more often.

  4. What an awesome workout! You are super fast!

    I forced my boyfriend to subscribe to my blog so he gets my posts via e-mail. He reads them every day but he can't see the pictures when he reads off his phone. It is SO not the same! But at least he reads...unwillingly! Ha no I think he enjoys it. He gets excited when I post about him and people make comments!

  5. I post my blog to my facebook page and I asked my husband if he reads it, it said "sometimes".

  6. My husband ready mine occasionally. He is suspicious of all things internet and is convinced I am going to get a stalker who will kidnap our kids. So I am not supposed to post pictures of our kids on it anymore even though I have another blog that I have been doing that on for YEARS. my husband hates my running though... :( I think he just needs a hobby of his own.

    Great job on the workout! i left home at 18, went back for two summers during college and then went back for 6 months after college, now I live three miles from my parents. I was pretty lucky and have AWESOME family surrounding me.

  7. Can you be any faster? I think that I might have to try the mile thing....
    I left home for college, but went back in the summers. Move to Louisiana after college (my mom's home state), then to Boston after 2 years and then my husband and I moved to NH and his hometown. We are surrounded by family, and sometimes want to jump off of a bridge, but other wise like it....
    And Travis does not read my's my little thing.

  8. Smoking mom.. that's what you are!

  9. I left home when I was 19 to go to college, about 3 hours away from home. Stayed there for 1 year, then transferred to a college just 45 min away from home, but I still lived away. I loved my independence! And my hubby reads my blog every so often. He's really supportive but he's too busy working on his own blog, hehe.

  10. I start another plan and structure regime on Aug. 1 and am completely enjoying "time off". It's been nice to be able to just enjoy a little time with the kids without having to worry about how I'm going to fit my workout in. Though, last night I couldn't sleep because I was so antsy. I'm guessing that means it's time to get back on the wagon...

  11. Nice job with your track workout! Woohoo! One of the things I love about NOT training for anything is the freedom to just do whatever run/bike ride I want to do.

  12. How fun at the track. There's just something wonderful about a successful track workout, way to go!

    If I don't put up a post in the morning, my husband asks me where my blog post for the day is. I think it's nice when they can be so encouraging.

  13. Ahahahahaha to the "he just wants a piece of ass" comment! Right when I think you're so wholesome, you throw a little gem in there like that. I LOVE IT!!

    Nice work at the track, speedy!

    I left home at 17 for the Naval Academy. Talk about a huge SHOCK.

  14. You for sure have a sub 6 mile in those legs!

    Okay so I don't really like 5k's because they are so dang hard, but I had a lot of fun on my last one. It can be fun seeing how fast your legs can go, and I think that your legs can go faster then you think.

  15. Hubs reads it when I ask him too mostly, but he gets the play by play so it's ok he doesn't read it. I left home around 18 too and went back 2x. My early 20's were not an easy time for me - I had a lot to learn!

  16. Amanda - sub 20 5k and sub 6:00 mile is so in the cards for you. I predict very soon. Seriously.

    Yes, my g.f. reads my Blog and the Comments. I'm glad - shows interest.

  17. That is some incredible track stuff. You are one of the most versatile running bloggers out there - you can do any distance or any workout with ease! I need you to teach me how to get fast!
    BTW thanks for the comment on my date night post, I will take that kind of compliment from anyone for sure, and really girl compliments are the most sincere. You know guys all have, ahem, a motive! Ha!

  18. This post makes me want to go do speed work at a track. Awesome job!! There is a new track coming to a school nearby. I'm super excited because I can run to it from home to get my warm up in!

  19. Hi, got here from SUAR. The video. You know. I'm going without a plan right now, trying to run 3x a week, with some biking and swimming. This is a huge change from the last couple years. I tried some speed a couple weeks ago, and body parts are still complaining.

    Left home at 18, never looked back. My wife reads my blog. Says it's the only way she can keep track of what I'm up to.

  20. Aren't exercising endorphins amazzzzzing!! I have been in such a great mood today and I realized it's because I took a crossfit class this morning and was on cloud 9 all day! love!

  21. There's nothing like running right on the edge to give you that endorphin buzz. I'm so glad it's legal.

  22. I have to say Bud doesn't read my blogs which is ok! He's afraid I will be stalked, too. Very suspicious of the Web.

    I love to just run when I have no plan and don't care about how far I go. Less stress.

  23. Girl, your track work out is inspiring! You have got some speed!

    I left home at 18 for college and have not been back for more than a visit since the summer after my Freshman year. My mom moved to a different state when I was 21, so I don't really feel like I have a home town per se any more. My spouse does read my blog, but he never comments on it.

  24. My husband is extremely irritated by my blog... and sometimes very amused by it.

    Looking forward to seeing how the Amanda Plan shakes out :)

  25. Amazing time on your mile! Great job.

    Went to college at 18 (same city, but lived on campus); moved 6.5 hours away to NJ when I was done with college, at 21. Still here.

    Husband is aware of the blog, not sure how regularly he reads it. I think of it as my outlet for running and weird new food stuff, so I don't talk his ear off.

  26. Great job on your track workout!!!! I left home at 18 for college and never looked back!! Jess reads my blog from time to time. She enjoys it!

  27. I had not seen it !!!!

    I left home at 18 also.
    Bill does not read my blog...what blog? it is top secret...I dont read his work email right?
    I am kidding it is not top secret..he know I follow runners and I talk about them often and he knows he will meet some in Long Beach , I have to prepare him because Chris is one of them!! ha ha!!!!