Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marathon Fun Tomorrow!

It was only four weeks ago when I found myself swearing off marathons forever.  I had just finished the Newport Marathon after hitting the proverbial "wall" and the first words out of my lips were "I don't ever want to run a marathon again as long as I live!"  And now here I am on a Sunday night setting out my race outfit and excited as ever to run another marathon tomorrow!

This race tomorrow is the Sauvie Island Marathon.  It is a smaller race and most people sign up to run the half marathon course. In fact, I am hoping to meet a few of you tomorrow! This race will be a fun race.  I use "fun" and "race" lightly because I'm certain I won't be thinking it is too terribly fun as I near the end and I don't have any plans of "racing" this like I would a peak race that I have specifically trained for.  However, I DO plan on enjoying this experience, putting no pressure on myself, and making my overall goals being to:
*  Try for a progressive race where I start slow and finish strong.  I've only run three marathons but I've never experienced one where I feel strong at the end. I will try to start at an 8:15 pace instead of the 7:20ish pace I took off at in my last marathon (stupid stupid).  We will try to run slower and relaxed until mile 6 and then pick it up only if we feel like it.
* Enjoy the process!  Have fun!

A few things about tomorrow:
  1. This will be my husband's first marathon!  And he isn't officially trained.  He got inspired and dropped his half marathon and 5k plans and decided to hop in this marathon with me.  I believe that he has the potential to Boston Qualify IF he was trained.  Since he has never run over 18 miles in his life and his longest run in a year has only been 13 miles, I think this will be an interesting experience for him and it is probably best for him to just run with me and not try for the 3:10.
  2. This will be my first time running in a race with music!  I have my ipod loaded and ready to use if I need it.  This is a small race so I'm sure I'll enjoy some tunes when we are running through strawberry fields with only a few people in sight.  
  3. I'm going to try some gradual fueling where I hold the gel packet in my hand and take a little at a time.  I'm either going to take it 1/3 at a time or 1/2 at a time starting with mile 5 or 6 and taking a little every two miles. And then starting another between miles 12-15 and taking bits a time. This makes sense to me.  My husband will be using the gummy blocks (not sure of the specific name).  
  4. We will both be racing with a hydration belt this time.  My husband took my Nathan's trail belt so I will be using my Nathan's racing series belt that has a place for four containers.  I will only use two of them because the belt is annoying with all four of them.  I am mostly taking the belt along so that I can wash my gel down when I feel like it and not only at the water stops.  
  5. The water stops will have water, Nuun, and Hammer Gels.  I will surely try out this Nuun along with the water!  
  6. Since my last marathon four weeks ago, I have taken plenty of time off of running, tried out cycling, done a swim workout, gotten a kidney infection and the flu, and the longest run I've gon has been 10 miles.  I am realistic about these things.  I am running this marathon for the right reasons. It will be like a long progressive run hopefully.  I am definitely being honest with you in saying that I am NOT trying for a second chance at that 3:15.  That will be for another day.  
  7. This is my first time racing a marathon for fun!  I love the feeling!
Who says you can't enjoy a pint of good beer on the day before your race?  I've got water too!  And notice my bum kids sitting on the city sidewalks trying to grab up all the sunshine! 

Carbo Loading with some pasta at Rock Bottom Brewery!

I may have NO boobs but I sure do have some super hero mojo!  Fly with infinity and beyond!  Or just to Sauvie Island!  

Good luck hat from Boston Marathon 2004

Our hydration belts

My sweet man listening to his marathon playlist!  Good luck Waylon!!  I love you!

Good luck to those racing tomorrow!  Raina, I just know that the 10k is going to be a race you are so strong in!  Good luck tomorrow.  Even though it isn't a peak race for you and it is BEFORE your official training, I just know you will be strong!  And go Jenn and Reese!  Reese (Jenn's daughter) is only 10 and she's already running a 22 something 5k and that is without training!  Watch out Minnesota!

Oh, and Jill, mile 13 is for you and I will especially be thinking of you at 13.1 since you ran 13.1 recently!  Huge hugs!  So glad you are inspired...this inspires us too!



  1. Good luck tomorrow, to both of you. What a fun way to start the 4th!

    Oh, and love the Rock Bottom Brewery...

  2. Hope it is all you are wanting it to be :) Have a GREAT time!

  3. Have a fun race tomorrow!!!

    LOVE me some nuun. I have become a total convert since I started drinking it few weeks back on my long runs (instead of sports drink). Hope you like it too!

  4. Good luck tomorrow to you and your husband. Enjoy the miles. Looking forward to hearing how it went. Happy 4th!!

  5. Good luck girlie! Thinking of you of course!

    Love the super coordinated race attire! You look great, therefore you run fast-my motto:) Hmmmm.... I think my motto failed my last race-no looking great there-ha!

    Really though, I'm proud of you for having the perfect attitude about this race! So excited to hear how it goes for you! Sleep tight!

    Oh-and I will show Reese the little shoutout here in the morning. I KNOW it will make her smile:)

  6. I hope you both have a truly enjoyable race! Happy 4th!

  7. What a great way to spend the holiday. Have FUN!!!!!!

  8. can't wait to see you in the morning and snap some pics of you and Waylon running together!!! It will be so fun for you to have those photos!!! have FUN and run Strong girlie!! someday I want to run one just for fun too:):)


  9. I am so touched that you would even be thinking of me as you are getting ready for this long progressive unrace marathon! :) Thank you, Amanda. Hoping the VERY best for you & the hubs tomorrow...and for cool breezes over strawberry fields.

    Enjoy some shortcake for me and I will have a slice of watermelon for you. NO BIG plans tomorrow- even left part of my planned superhero outfit at home- but hoping to come in with just a PR since it's almost a year old. I'll be looking for your finish time as soon as I can afterwards!!!

    BEST WISHES for a SUPER DUPER FUN race!! I don't think the beer will hurt any :)

    Loved the photos!!

  10. Good luck girl!! So awesome you're going a marathon with your man.

  11. Good luck! Hope you enjoy it (if it's pssible to enjoy 26.2 miles!). Good luck to your husband too.

  12. Good luck to you both but especially to Waylon. A long run of 13 miles? He has no idea of what's ahead. But having said that when I did my first 30k run I did think to myself that I may as well keep going and do the 42.2 that day because it was so close.

  13. Have a great race and best running wishes to you both!

  14. Good luck to both of you! It's so exciting that you're going to run it together! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  15. have fun, Amanda! I think this is wonderful and hope you will find the experience of running the marathon in this way just as enjoyable (or more so!) as racing it for a time goal. soak it up, girl! have a great time!!

  16. Can't wait to hear about it Amanda. Let me know how you liked those Nuun...hearing a lot about them!

  17. Good luck to both of you tomorrow!!! Have fun! I can't wait to hear....rather read all about it!

  18. I like your plan! May just turn out to be your best marathon ever. Good luck to you and the hubs!

  19. The day should be fantastic and I can't wait to hear about it. I've run a few marathons for fun and I LOVED it! Hope you loved it too.

  20. I love that you are running this marathon and going into it to have a good time and enjoy it all. I believe you will do better than you think because you have taken all the stress away from your thinking. That is so awesome that you get to run with your hubby. Good Luck to the two of you. You two are going to rock this marathon. At least with no boobs you wont get a black eye. ha ha. Have a great holiday weekend

  21. I had wine at the bloggy dinner meet-up before my first half marathon down in Eugene and I rocked it!! Of course, so did the girls who just drank water...but I'm just sayin' - maybe a little booze is what's right for Me!...and you too :D

    You're going to have some sticky fingers.

    ROCK IT, GIRL!! Have a blast!...and enjoy that sun!

  22. Amanda, have fun--I know you will enjoy this race with your hubby at your side, some great tunes, and the mindset of just enjoying the moment.

    Looking forward to seeing the results.

    And Nuun is yummy.

  23. That is so cool you are running a race with your husband. Good luck to both of you, enjoy it (the best you can running a crazy distance :-))!

  24. Goodluck! I lost your blog! It was bookmarked on my work computer and then I left to have baby #2 (3 weeks yesterday!) and finally have a moment with my head above water and decided to find your blog and check up on your marathon status.

    Perfect timing. I didn't miss your marathon! Best of luck. Running a marathon for FUN is the best. I did that in 2008 after my daughter was born ... low and behold I PR'd that race too! Goodluck to your hubby too!

  25. Good luck! I hope it is a wonderful and fun experience for you and for your hubby. How cool!!

    Word of caution - be careful with Nuun. the first ingredient is Sorbitol, which is used in laxatives. Lots of people have no problems with it, but it really bugs me in a bad way.

    Can't wait to hear the race report!!! Happy Fourth!

  26. Good luck to both you and your husband!! wow! what an awesome way to celebrate the 4th!