Friday, July 8, 2011

Zensah Racerback Tank Review

When the peeps at Zensah contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try out one of their new seamess racerback tanks I of course said yes because um, who doesn't love free athletic gear?!  Honestly, I had only heard of Zensah for their rad compression socks but after checking out their site, I realize they make some other equally rad stuff!  So, sure send one on over in the color blue please!  Size small!

When I got my blue Zensah tank in the mail, the first thing I noticed was the feel of the fabric and even the look of it.  I don't have another tank like it.  I tried it on expecting a short fit which is the one things that drives me crazy about t-shirts and tanks for women...when they are NOT long enough.  This is why I've loved Lululemon so much.  They make their tanks long enough so the shirt doesn't ride up over the belly, you can wear it with jeans, shorts, running shorts, etc. and have it fit nicely.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this tank was a perfect length and not only looked great with my casual cargo shorts but also my running shorts. Some other  "first impression" reactions is that I also loved that this tank didn't have a built in bra and it wasn't skin tight!  I put it back in the back in the box until I could test it out.  I was also secretly plotting this next marathon on July 4th so I figured that would be a perfect time to really put it to the test!

And put it to the test I did!  Since receiving my Zensah tank I've worn it:

  • For running in around my neighborhood
  • To the gym
  • As a normal tank with my favorite cargo shorts
  • And I wore it in my Sauvie Island Marathon!  
This tank is NEVER clean. I wear it a lot.  Here are some of the things I love the most about it:
  • Looser fit.  At first I thought that this loose fit would be too loose.  I mean, hey, I like my clothes to be flattering as well as be comfortable to wear.  It is the "just right" fit as far as loose goes.  I can eat a little too much that weekend and still put on this tank and not feel like my stomach is on display for the universe. I also feel free to move and be active without feeling like the tank is too tight or cutting into my skin.
  • Light
  • No built-in bra!  Some people might like the built in bra but as president of the IBTC, I am not one of those people that can just use a built-in bra.  I need my own bra.  And not for the support reasons that some of you talk know, to strap the ladies in.  Nope, I need my Handful bra and with this tank I can do that without feeling the double layers of wearing my own bra under a tank that already has that built in bra.  So thank you for no BUILT INS! 
  • Looks Great.  I feel good wearing this tank.  And not just for working out.  I often wear it with my shorts or even capris.  It is a great color and a fit that makes me feel comfortable but still sexy.
  • Great color.  I have the blue one but this tank also comes in black, purple, and pink.    
  • The Fabric Keeps Me Dry!  Seriously here.  I am amazed by how well this moisture wicking fabric does its job! Even running in it for 26.2 miles!  See, I'm all smiles wearing it here at mile 26.1:

 Here are some of Zensah's own words about their racerback tank that you can read on their website:
"Zensah has come out with a new women’s racerback tank. This loose fitting women's racerback tank is made of the innovative Zensah fabric you have come to love in our other products. Not only does each racerback tank look great, the racerback tank is moisture wicking, meaning during runs, bike rides, or any of your hard training, your shirt will stay light and free of perspiration.

The racerback tank is long and loose fit, allowing for unrestricted range of motion while running, cycling, training, or gym classes. The racerback tank is seamless, preventing chafing and other irritation found with other racerback tanks - making it the best racerback tank for women.

The new Zensah Racerback Tank is made in Italy of the highest quality material."

You can read more about this awesome Zensah product and their other products on their website.  Here is the direct Link to their Racerback Tank.   The only suggestion I would make if you are going to order is to go down a size from what they suggest.  On their website they say:
Racerback Tank Sizing:
Bust/Chest Size
XS/S: 28”-32”
M/L: 32”-38”

I have never worn a Medium before but according to this sizing chart I would have been.  I explained that to them and they sent a small and it fit perfectly even though I am a 34".

Note: Zensah did ask me to include pictures so I asked my 6 year old to take some shots.  I showed the front and back and really in a rush so didn't have time to make sure I cleaned my house first.  I may or may not have been flexing in one of them.

I'd highly recommend this tank if you are looking for something to run in, race in or for the daily "sporty and casual wear" look that so many of us prefer.  I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to try one!

And go check out this Rockit Fuel Giveaway and Review at Women's Endurance Gear.


  1. I love that tank top! Im going to check out the website right now!

  2. That tank top looks AWESOME! I've been looking for good tanks. I prefer ones without built-in bras too. I will definitely have to try Zensah. I just tested out a pair of their compression socks and will be posting my review tomorrow or Sunday. Their products definitely rock though!!

  3. Ohhh, I love that tank and it looks AWESOME on you! Zensah makes great products!

  4. Love that tank! Thanks for the review. Now if only you could donate me your body to go with the tank?

    Seriously you are just gorgeous even at mile 26.1!

  5. wait... you're not asian?!?! haha
    I LOVE tanks with wicking fabric!
    I have a hard time with sizing (some tanks Im large, others XL due to long torso) so I'm happy to hear that Zensah does make longer shirts. Thanks for the review!

  6. Ha ha LIsa! I forgot I included the other picture of someone else so at first I got your message in my inbox and was like What? What is she talking about with the Asian comment?!! ah ha.

  7. Looks great - I've been looking for a new tank!

    Thanks for the Rokit Fuel shout out:)

  8. Great review! Like giveaways, I don't usually read reviews either-ha! This one was really good though!! I'm loving the little looser fit. I ALSO don't like built in Sportsbras which is why I wear Lulu a lot.

    You look great as usual! May or may not-ha!!

  9. Nice! Will have to try this one.

    Holy back muscles too! Damn girl! You look awesome.

  10. So will they send me your arms if I buy the tank!? It looks awesome! I'll have to check it out!

  11. Looking good, Amanda, and happy:) I am not into tops without a bras, but this one looks cool.

  12. That tank top looks and sounds awesome!

  13. Holy guns, Amanda! The tank looks really comfy. Gonna go check it...

  14. The colour's gorgeous. I'm partial to blue.

  15. I will totally buy this tank if it makes my back look like yours. You are ripped girl!

  16. That is a cute tank/ singlet! I hate built-ins too...

  17. Amanda, for the record, I read your posts on home schooling, but I honestly have no opinion one way or the other. Socrates said he was the smartest man in the world because he knew when he didn't know. I respect your position in this area though.

    I have no comment on the tank review, but thought your pics were cute.

  18. I wonder if the tank top is as loose fitting when you're well endowed? If it is, I'm sold!

  19. Looks amazing on your killer body! And, I love the color!

  20. The color looks really nice on you, very pretty girl in that top! :)

    I love tanks with the built ins - knock out two birds with one worries for a separate bra. But if you don't like them, and like form-fitting, this looks like a great one :).

  21. Wow I love that tank, and hello Mommy Muscles! I have never tried any Zensah products, great review and I think I shall have to go and check them out. I would feel weird about going with a medium also according to their sizing so it is good to know we are the same size and if I get one I should order SMALL :) I also hate built in bras because I will be wearing my Handful bra anyway I don't need a built in one that is going to make it feel too tight!

  22. Looks like a great top! With wicked wicking abilities. I must say by the way, you've got a lot of muscles!

  23. Hooray for no built-in bra! Gee whiz, you have amazing muscles!

  24. k…your back is ridiculous. The good kind of ridiculous.