Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Current Books in the "Book Stack"! What's On Your Reading List?

I still remember the first time I drove myself to the bookstore to buy a self-help parenting book.  It was about 8:00 p.m and I was pregnant with my second child.  My oldest and only daughter at the time was almost two.  I don't remember the exact series of events but they involved a 
 Twenty-nine year old Me against 20 month old Her.  
She had my number.  
                             And we both knew it.  
She looked me in the eyes and deliberately and willfully threw a glass vase down to the ground to shatter into millions of pieces.  Non-reactive parenting?  What was that?! Because at that moment, she had me reacting all over the place.  Screaming and yelling and acting like...well, the two year old.  She certainly wasn't celebrating her win.  Instead, she looked rather scared shitless.  We were both an emotional mess.  My husband stepped in and sent me to my room to BREATHE and count to 500.  It was at that moment that I was seeing myself react just the way I knew I DID NOT want to be as a parent, that I knew I needed to have a plan so that it wouldn't happen again.  I was going to be in control of this parenting thing!  
Here's the book I bought that night:

From the small amounts of the book that I've read, it really is an excellent book!  I just pulled it off my shelf a few minutes ago and after a thumb through, I'm going to finish reading it.  I even found the notes that I had started taking while reading it.  I love rereading my notes because I end up learning all over again!  Great reminders:

  • Calm my own anxiety, refusing to transfer it over to my children and make the situation worse.  (Gosh, I really needed to reread this one!)
  • In order to be in charge, I need to bring myself under control!
  • Emotional Reactivity doesn't just make things worse; it actually helps produce the very results we're reacting against. 
  • My goals: really notice and comment on the good good things they are doing and Tap deep for my reservoir of calm.

I'm really glad I found this book again and that I kept some of my notes in the book! Hoping to pick it back up again over the next few weeks!

Stacks and Stacks of Books

If any of you are like me, you might have a long list, or in my case, a big stack of books that you are "READING".  Really this means that I've started them all but not getting finished with any of them.  One of my new goals is to really make time for finishing some of the books I've been dappling in or thumbing through with a non-committal agenda.  Especially my parenting book!  Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is fun to have books just scattered around to pick up when the moment strikes me.  Reading small snippets here and there...little nuggets of wisdom to think about throughout the day.  This works well with non-fiction.  

Here are just some of the books you might find by my bedside or in a stack by the couch right now:

Flow in Sports is one that Meg from Meg Runs highly recommended.  So I ordered it.  Grace Based Parenting...Loving it!!

This one was sent to me in the mail as a "just because" gift from a blog friend.  Love it!

A book I saw in a friend's bathroom and said it sounded interesting.  She loaned it to me.  Thanks Cathy!

I hear great things about this and as an educator and mother of a boy, this one is definitely one I will get to!
Oh, and don't let me make you think that I don't enjoy a good fictional book!  In fact, I have book club tonight.  We read all sorts of things ranging from heavy historical fiction to humorous fiction, and yes, I do indulge in the occasional mindless but enjoyable "chick lit" book.  The one we just read for book club is this one below.  Yeah, don't judge! Ha!  Emily Giffin is actually a pretty good author and she nails the chick lit!  

Now, as I finish icing my calf, I'm off to pick up one of these and stick with it! With the help of my foam roller, compression socks, good stretching, and a go get 'em attitude, my calf served me well this morning.  I felt strong on my treadmill workout...short and sweet.  And this gym childcare?!  Score!  My kids love it, I love it, AND I don't have to wait until 7 p.m to get my run on!

What is on your reading list?  Or what books are in your "reading stack"?  Please share!  I love to know this kind of thing.  I might be adding some of your books to my list or stack!



  1. The only thing on my reading list right now is that Kara Goucher book that I plan on winning from you.


    Seriously though. I'm in grad school for English and I'm "readed" out right now. My Gothic literature class this past semester just about did me in, so I am on a break. Next semester is 20th century Lit, so I'll let you know what ends up on the list come August!

    Ahhhh. I bought Scream Free Parenting too.

    Unfortunately, I still scream. Oooops.

  2. I am reading the Kara Goucher book, Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong (I highly recommend it!!), I am trying to read House Rules by Jodi Piccoult, and hope to read a few James Patterson books during my "beach hours" next week: 10th Anniversary and Postcard Killers. Very interested in Grace-based parenting, might have to added it to my list.

    I read Something Borrowed, too! I like to read mindless stuff most of the time, I read to relax...

  3. Just started reading "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana de Rosnay. What a moving story.

  4. Sarah's Key: highly recommend
    The Help also
    One Day
    The kids are all right

    Something borrowed: just talked about that one on my blog yesterday...I did not like it :(

  5. LOVED Sarah's Key!! Great book! Same with The Help!

    Yeah, something borrowed is definitely not an intellectual read or a deep novel...just mindless zone out! ;) With no residue of "thinking" that comes from the heavy stuff.

  6. Have you read Teaching with Love and Logic?? Great for teaching and parenting :) I'm just finishing up re-reading the last Harry POtter before the last movie comes out. I've tried reading Born to Run but coudlnt' get into it- however, my husband and I are going to make it our next "book study" -aka- we will sit by each other, read a few chapters at a time and then talk about it. Also reading Phantom Prey bu John Sanford- he's from MN, so his novels are set here. It's cool to read finctional books that are set in your area where you actually know where things are and can picture it in your head!

  7. I read only nonfiction. Too many 'stories' in my life, if you know what I mean:)
    I read all those running books, of course! I read everything running! Raising Cain is a great book. His got another one about boys, can't remember his name.

  8. I just finished reading Something Borrowed and loved it! Now I'm half way through Running on Faith. Its very inspirational and definitely makes you want to push your body to the limit

  9. On my coffee table is Matt Fitzgerald's Racing Weight. I haven't been reading it though, because I like to eat poorly :-).

  10. I need to read the Scream Free Parenting book.....ugh....tensions have been high lately.

    I have so many books I am reading right now, Hunger Games, The 4 Day Win, and If You Have to Cry, Go Outside.

    I am the slowest reader and will be done with them in December.

  11. When it comes to chick lit, anything Jane Green. It's funny because I can't stand chick flicks.

    I'm currently reading Chi Running and I love it. It's helping me to really tune into my own body.

    Also, because I'm a total nerd, I'm reading the Comma Sutra, by Laurie Rozakis. Yeah, a grammar book.

    Finally, I usually have a David Sedaris or Chuck Klosterman book floating around. I'm looking to start a new fun book for summer.

  12. I loved Something Borrowed when I read it a few years back--can't wait to see the movie! I agree that Emily Giffin is pretty great, although after reading a few more of her books, they all are pretty similar...loved that one though!

    On my stack:
    -Water for Elephants
    -See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers, By Teachers
    -Complete Book of Women's Running
    -The Omnivore's Dilemma
    -Eating Animals

    I'm a bit overwhelmed by my book stack, to tell you the truth...

  13. I'll comment better tomorrow. I am leaving right now to find that screaming one.

    See? I need it.

  14. I currently am reading kara Goucher's new book! There used to be a stack of books on my counter but I got a kindle when I had surgery because I was reading SOOOO much! Love most anything by Jodi Picolt!
    Have you read Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson...kind of sad, but good story.

  15. Well, I'm hoping to win Kara's book (wink wink). For parenting, my favorite is Love and Logic. They teach it to teachers down here for classroom management, but I read the parent version and the early childhood version. It's definitely the crux of my 'discipline' style. That and Positive Discipline, which took bits and pieces from, but not the whole. Loved Born to Run. Waiting for Somethingf Borrowed and Water for Elephants from the library. I just finished The Ape House (by the Water for Elephants lady), which was a good story but I could have done without the sex descriptions. Oh, and I'm thinking about buying Brain Training for my next marathon training cycle (starting next month!).

  16. Oh, and I loved Grace-Based Parenting. Good choice!

  17. I'm reading a total beach read right now b/c I need something in my life to feel LIGHT. It's called Firefly Lane and I'm loving it. Also reading the Triathletes Training Bible, Zen of Running. Love talking books!

  18. Bathroom book. Ha, one of the best Seinfeld episodes.

    I enjoy the Emily Griffin books too. Great chick lit. I am devouring The Hunger Games book! I unexpectedly LOVE them. Born to Run is on my list for next month.

  19. Well, I'm obviously reading Kara Goucher's book:). My dad just gave me a book "The Papa Prayer" by Larry Crabb. I've just started it but interesting. Run Faster, from which I get my training plan. I just bought 2 copies of "Something Blue" at 2 different stores because I have short term memory loss. I'm also halfway through "Molokai". I love nonfiction or fiction based on nonfiction. I don't read too many parenting or self help books but I should. This is a crappy unflowing comment because I'm still on my Dang phone. Hope you're having a blast at bookclub!

  20. My book pile is almost all fiction with the exception of two biographies and those two biographies keep being shuffled to the bottom of the pile. I can't help it I just love a good novel.

  21. I have several of those books or have read them recently. Run Like A Mother I got from the library and marked the pages then copied them before I gave it back. I cannot cannot cannot recommend highly enough any ANYYYYY of the Dean Karnazes books, he is just hugely inspirational and I have enjoyed each and every one of his books. I just rechecked 50/50 so I can copy all the pages I want but really I might just buy a copy and get to it with a highlighter, that is how good it is. A few other books I am stalking at B&N are the John Bingham books about Penguin Running, and the book about his running Huraki Murakami. I also have read Kara Gouchers book and for a beginner it is a great book and very low key, I started Born to Run but had to turn it back in. I like Matt Fitzgeralds books but he is a little too technical for me at times and I think I may wait until I am further in my training before I pick his up again. I want to read some books by Jeff Gallaway.

  22. My belt actually has 4 bottles and a pouch, so 2 bottles in the front, pouch in the middle on the side (I think you may be able to move it) and then 2 bottles in the back (Fuel Belt Helium).

  23. So many different varieties!
    I'm in the process of reading 3
    Running wise I'm reading "The Long Run"
    Suspense edge of seat- "The Girl who kicked over the hornet's nest" (3rd in series)
    Emotional / Feel good - "Little Bee"

  24. I was surprised by Emily Giffin, too. You must read Something Blue--it's the sequel to Something Borrowed. All of her books are good.

    I have so many stacks to read, plus books on my Nook that I am working on 4 at a time! It's raining all day, so I may just read all day and catch up.

    I've also got Born to Run on my list, too.

  25. My Life On The Run, Running on Empty, The Complete Book of Women's Running, and Thrive. Notice a theme? I don't really get into "shit lit" as my friends refer to it but if its really good I'll pick it up. I really want to read Lotus Eaters, heard good things about it. And I just reread the Hunger Games trilogy, again. SO GOOD.

  26. Hi!
    Good lord you have a lot of books!

    I actually just started running ChiRunning and Natural Running. Both which I love and are reinforcing what i've been taught/teaching so that's always good;-)

  27. Lisa J, Little Bee? Feel Good? Ah, that book is one of the best but most nonfeel good books I've ever read. I was haunted for weeks! So sensitive I am and that book got me!

  28. I always try and read the trashly mindless novels, but I can never really get into them. I am a self help addict. For some reason I just love them!! Thanks by the way for your post on the Kara Goucher book! I am LOVING IT!!!!!!

  29. Just finished Running on Empty and started Run Less, Run Faster. Yes of late I'm on a running book kick. Actually need to find some good reads for the beach....

  30. Hi darling! I have missed you!! I am currently reading 'A Fine Balance'. It's nice and thick, which I love -- because I never want books to end! It is beautifully written and completely heart-wrenching. I only have 100 pages left and am already preparing to say good-bye to this brilliant novel.

    I just read Divisadero which I thought was poetic and intriguing. Just a few suggestions. They are both on the heavy side, however.

    I hope all is well. I have some catching up to do on your life!

  31. Two books I recently enjoyed (though both aren't recent releases): The Hunger Games and The Book Thief. Both are easy to read but not what you'd call 'light fare.'

  32. born to run, kara goucher's book, and something borrowed are on my night stand too. Along with RLRF and "Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet".

  33. I'm excited to read Born to Run! I'll let you know when I start so I have someone to discuss it with.