Monday, May 16, 2011

Runninghood on Facebook

I have not seen any reason to really have a facebook page for Runninghood until recently.  I've realized that my personal facebook world is slowly turning into a mix of virtual friends from Blog land and friends and family from my personal life.  This is fine really.  It has been fun getting to know so many new people.  The thing is that I find myself being increasingly more hesitant to accept friend requests only because it is nice to have my personal facebook as a place where I can share more personal information that I might not want someone I have not met knowing.  You know, like my kids' pictures, names, school events, places I am at, etc. This doesn't mean that I'm not thankful for the opportunity that I've had to become closer to some of you on facebook and that I'm not going to keep accepting you requests as I get to know you through your blog/comments, etc.  It is just a way for me to give Runninghood a place of its own on FB!  It's time and I'm excited for the new space.  It is also going to be nice for all of my personal friends and family who don't give two hoots about my blog, races or workouts and have probably "hidden" me a LOOOONG time ago!  

So, please, come along with me and "LIKE" me on Facebook. But only if you really want to read some more up to the stats from my life.  Some things you might get updates on:  

*  Crazy Motherhood Moments that I might be too embarrassed to share from people that know me.  Like about my almost 2 year old son pinching the old lady who walked by our cart in Costco today.  She stopped and said "Did you pinch me little man?" and he looked at her and screamed and said "Stop It! Stop It!"  I about died.  

*  Random parts about my life that again, I might not share on my real page.  Like about when the bird pooped in my hair on my run and I figured that it was all good if I scraped it out and just went to bed without washing my hair because I was too lazy to go through the full motions of wash, dry, comb.  I just wanted to rinse off.  My husband about died and made me wash my hair.  He was shocked that I would even consider sharing such a disgusting thing.  

*  Workouts, Runs, Food, sweaty and enlightening moments of running...

*  Interesting things I've read about motherhood, fitness, parenting, art, creations, etc. 

Here it is :  Runninghood on Facebook!  You can also click like in the top right hand corner of my blog!   

Don't forget my Hot Sexy Guy Cookbook Giveaway that I posted today!  Like Quinton J said,  he'd eat what this guy is cooking too so it isn't just for those that enjoy looking at hot men!  Looks like a great cookbook and I'm excited to get mine!


  1. When I get off work and go home I will be more than excited to go "like" you!

  2. Gonna go click on like. I need to do the same one of these days!

  3. Ha ha on the pinch!! Kids! Reese once told the checkout lady at the grocery store "You're hair looks like a pigpen today" I seriously almost belted her upside the head with 50 witnesses. SO embarrassing! (OK-to clarify-I don't belt my children)

    You're liked:)

  4. I set up a Facebook account to spy on my teenager as a condition of letting her have a FB account (we also have her password). I keep trying to avoid getting sucked into the FB abyss - the blogosphere is bad enough sometimes.

  5. OK, I find it is my duty to let new Facebook Fanpage owners know that they need to go register their name. You have over 25 "Likes" so it is time to go snag:

    Just go here:

    Just make sure your set it for your page and not your personal profile if you haven't set a username for your personal profile yet.

    Sorry for the training session :)

    I just like to help when I can :)

  6. I recently started a Runnersbug FB page for the exact same reasons as you. I find it much easier to write a quick note on there than posting to the blog. Now I just need to get it out there so more people read it.